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Installation issues / Re: New 1004 Installer Testing
« on: October 13, 2011, 07:11:11 pm »

I'll open up a ticket

php5-cli is missing from the latest installer package list. 
The following packages need  it to be configured.


Users / Re: Cannot install Orbiter on N800 Chinook
« on: June 05, 2009, 02:33:55 pm »
Thanks.  I'll reflash and try again

Users / Re: Cannot install Orbiter on N800 Chinook
« on: June 05, 2009, 05:04:10 am »
nite_man, do you know if the 0710 Orbiter on the latest Diablo will work with the 0810 beta?  I have all orbiter installed on the 5.2008.43-7 update but it never connects.

Which build are you using your n800 with and what version are you running?

Users / Re: Reconsidering Linuxmce
« on: May 26, 2009, 07:56:36 am »
Day 2.5 was pretty successful.  I figured out the kernel image problem and made ticket #122. 

The AVWizard appeared on my media director with the nvidia card by changing the card to standard/xv (even though I don't have sound at the moment).  The Ati card media director never even loaded X.

I have a couple of major milestones to cross and I replace my Misterhouse/Mythtv/Vera/Asterisk/Squeezecenter/Modulated TV Solution

  • Live HD via Comcast to Linuxmce Overlay with automatic input switching like on the Linuxmce video from a few years back
  • Adding my security system as a Generic Serial Device
  • Importing my mythtv recordings database
  • Figuring out how to get cover art for all my movies and mythtv recordings on my NAS
  • Controlling my Roku Media Player via ip or ir and having it available from any Media Director
  • Follow me audio/video on my media director and squeezeboxes.
  • Testing voip calls on the media directors
  • Linuxmce becoming a secondary controller to my Micasaverde

The diagram didn't change much other than there is now a core on the main switch.  The main connection to the broadband router has been severed and it is only available via the external interface.  I've added Belkin Wireless Access Point to the switch as well.  In the words of Belkin
The router can be configured to act strictly as an access point, bypassing all of the routing and firewall functions
Which was exactly what I was looking for; mac filtering, and wpa2 authentication and dhcp and dns is handled by the core.

It's a Belkin F5D7234-4 v3 for those who care and it's only $29 at Walmart.

I was using mythtv, two cable boxes, and 10 distributed tuners to accomplish what I really wanted with Linuxmce with just one cable box and maybe 4 tuners and a hdhomerun.  Yes I'm recording that much tv.   With Linuxmce I will be able to have guest to use the orbiters or future webpads to watch tv, listen to music without me doing alot of magic, input switching, and turning off the mythbackend so the cable box wouldn't change the current channel being watched every 2 hours or so.

Users / Re: Reconsidering Linuxmce
« on: May 25, 2009, 03:52:12 am »

Thanks for the responses to the overwhelming post.

I've just finished re-installing alpha2 on one of my spare servers.  I'm going at the setup on 2 nics.  I'm having some static routing and dns problems on my router once dhcp is turned off, working on that.

I'm documenting all of this on my blog below

I've updated my diagram for a bit more clarity.  I've been looking at tschak909's youtube videos and his setup is pretty much how I should be using mine with orbiters, squeezeboxes, and voip. I hope to get everything setup so I can use my Roku player on all my Media Directors.

Users / Re: Dealing with cdc_acm usb devices
« on: May 25, 2009, 12:54:21 am »
The resolution was to ditch the cheap usb serial adapters.  The belkin adapters restore normal functionality.

# model no. of remote control: Hauppauge A415-HPG
# devices being controlled by this remote: PVR-350

begin remote

  name  Hauppauge_350

If you run irw check to see if your A415-HPG Remote reports as Hauppauge_350, that looks like the current name for the remote.

I also need to pm you about your kernel upgrade and the hvr-1600s.  Once I get my alpha2 setup stable I'm going to install on my main automation server with my hvr-1600s. 

Users / Reconsidering Linuxmce
« on: May 19, 2009, 07:59:03 am »

Now that the kernel for linuxmce is more stable and I have a core2 duo to spare I'm reconsidering Linuxmce again. I have a few question below, but I will describe my setup below to give you an idea of what I'm doing and a simple diagram of my setup

I have a Micasaverde Vera so I'm excited about dce communication.

For Zwave I Have: Wayne Dalton Z-Wave Thermostat, Appliance controller for Fan in my server room, 3-In-1 Multi-sensor (Turns on Fan when temp on the gets to high and detects motion and brightness)
For X10 I Have: Tons of Motion Sensors, Light Switches/Dimmers, Appliance Modules,Lamp Modules and other Stuff
Security: DSC 5401 for DSC 832 Security Sensor, X10 Motion Sensors, Zwave Motion Sensor, Analog, Composite Security Camera, Wifi Video Cameras, Dedicated Modulated Security Channel
Media: 2 TB of Movies, Music, and Recorded TV, Roku Media Player, Logitech Squeezecenter, Firefly Media Server on the Nas
Tuners: Hauppauge PVR-350,Hdhomerun, 2 Hauppauge HVR-1600s, 2 Pinnacle HD Pro Sticks, 3 Pinnacle 800e PCI Tuners, Motorola DCT-3416 via firewire,Moto DCP501 Tuner controlled via serial (always modulated to Channel 122, pvr-350 tuned to channel 122 and serial controlled to change channel on tuner via mythtv)   

Storage: 2TB Promise Nas
Possible Core:   Former Master Backend
Possible Media Directors:  Slave Backends/Front End #2,#3

Questions that I know have:

*Can I have text to speech(incoming calls/announcements) pause media directors/squeezeboxes playing, finish announcement, resume playing music?
*Can I accept voip calls over a bluetooth headset?
*Can I accept voip calls on a orbiter/voip phone and have sound piped to rooms and speakers of my choice? Also can other rooms/microphones/media directors/orbiters/voip phones conferenced in?
*Voip video chat over media directors with cameras?
*Can I import my current mythtv recording database? I don't care about the tuners, I can always readd them in the order and priority that I want.  I will mount my nas via nfs to access all the recorded tv shows.
*Is Linuxmce capable of all the conditions (date/time/dawn/dusk), and conditions I currently have in misterhouse? Like turning X10 controlled Christmas lights on after thanksgiving and before new years eve, and lights on/off at dusk.
*Can I turn off dhcp on the core, mount pxe images on my linksys router running dhcp via a nfs share on the core?  and then manaully configure the wifi cams, orbiters, squeezeboxes, hdhomerun?
Reason being. I've had one of the nics on the core conk out and I lost access to my entire lan.
*Remote access to the core from the outside?
*Has the firewall page on the core been updated?  It was very difficult to setup before
*Can you run on just one NIC instead of 2?

The setup that I dreamed of was this:
*Music, tv, movies always follow me with bluetooth or rfid proximity detection.
*I could take phone calls from anywhere. Music and movies would pause if a vip call my cell or one of the voip lines and simultaneously announce who the caller was.  If not a vip have the callerid overlayed on a mythtv live or recorded show or over a movie/video being watched on one of the media directors.
*When someone rang the doorbell; I could get a Picture in picture display of who was at the door and possibly speak to them if I chose to thru mic/speakers or an outdoor voip phone.
*Take the headache from visitors trying to figure out how to Switch inputs on my tv via my universal remote and watch live tv on a free tuner and not change the channels of the Comcast Box while it is recording.
*Queue up movies, kids tv, and select kids movies on the Roku players for my nephews to keep them occupied.

I can almost do what I need to do via mythtv, misterhouse, vera, and Squeezecenter except the text to speech announcements.  I can do partial whole house audio and video via the DCP501 because its  a dvd player, FM Radio, and Cable Tuner all in one.  Motorola would make a killing if they made a current hd model.

Developers / Re: Discussion on true Multi-room Solution (continued)
« on: May 19, 2009, 06:02:18 am »

great news indeed.

Now, why not replacing xine as our audio player with softsqueeze?

That way, we might get near perfect sync more easily.

I don't think that xine can perform multicast streaming.  To my knowledge only vlc and maybe mplayer can do that.

VLC could probably offer uni/multicasting of audio/video and simultaneous streaming to a mp3 that a squeezebox can tune into

Posde idea is to replace the Xine for audio media playback with Softsqueeze...therefore moving all audio streaming clients to the same player software. this would automatically get us sync'd audio on the MD's and Squeezeboxes. Sounds like a very compelling proposition to me ;-)


How would that work?

Xine plays media and streams
         | Media directors tune in to the stream
         | Squeezeboxes listen to stream via mms, rtsp, mp3?

I've been away from linuxmce for quite some time.

And yes squeezeslave works well.  I use it now to sync music from squeezecenter to my fm radios where I do not have squeezeboxes.

Developers / Re: Discussion on true Multi-room Solution (continued)
« on: May 18, 2009, 05:13:24 am »

great news indeed.

Now, why not replacing xine as our audio player with softsqueeze?

That way, we might get near perfect sync more easily.

I don't think that xine can perform multicast streaming.  To my knowledge only vlc and maybe mplayer can do that.

VLC could probably offer uni/multicasting of audio/video and simultaneous streaming to a mp3 that a squeezebox can tune into

Users / Re: firewall/port forwarding issue (??)
« on: April 12, 2008, 10:48:47 pm »
I was unable to get it to work after much tweaking.  I would suggest to the developers to check out the webmin linux firewall module page and consider rewriting the firewall portion adding remote assistance in the mix, denying everything that is not explicitly  added.

Users / Re: ATT Callvantage with LinuxMCE
« on: April 12, 2008, 10:22:38 pm »
You'd need to get an FXO card like the X100P.  Callvantage is not a real SIP voip provider like others.  Until AT&T  stops it's quest for world domination you'll never be able to connect using a username, password, and host using asterisk without their ATA somewhere in he middle.

Feature requests & roadmap / Livedvd/livecd for Linuxmce 804
« on: April 11, 2008, 02:09:45 am »
Do you know if it will be possible to build a livedvd or livecd to test drivers (video, audio, automation, capture cards, network) and other software/hardware related issues without a full install?

Users / Re: Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H Looks HOT!
« on: March 29, 2008, 06:53:26 pm »
Ladies and Gents,

I haven't been to thrilled with my past 2 Gigabyte MicroATX Motherboards.  Over the past month I've had so many problems with sound, and continual sata controller resets that could only be resolved by rebooting the box.  A new hard drive and new sata cables did not remedy the problem. If I can't utilize the hard drive then I can't use Linuxmce.

I used the old hard drive successfully with Fedora Core 7 on the new motherboard without problems.  I have made several discoveries.  Let's start with the Kernel:

2.6.22-14 (Kubuntu)
*No sound with the nvidia sound card. Brute force method I posted earlier had to be applied to get it to work.
*Belkin F5D5005 Gigabit Desktop Adapter receives i/o error every 2 - 6 hours where all traffic stops and the machine has to be rebooted.
*Prolific USB to Serial Adapters did not work at all.  I only have one serial port so that meant no W800RF or DSC 5401 on my system
*nVida Serial ATA Controller had resets ever few hours (Fedora 8 )
Brief note on this kernel from the Fedora Website
2.6.24 includes CPU "group scheduling", memory fragmentation avoidance, tickless support for x86-64/ppc and other architectures, many new wireless drivers and a new wireless configuration interface, SPI/SDIO MMC support, USB authorization, per-device dirty memory thresholds, support for PID and network namespaces, support for static probe markers, read-only bind mounts, SELinux performance improvements, SATA link power management and port multiplier support, Large Receive Offload in network devices, memory hot-remove support, a new framework for controlling the idle processor power management, CIFS ACLs support, many new drivers and many other features and fixes.
*Sound out of the box - even with digital out
*Belkin F5D5005 Gigabit Desktop Adapter worked great
*Prolific USB to Serial Adapters work out of the box.  W800RF and DSC5401 amongst others now work on my box.
*Zwave USB Device was the only working usb device other than my usb drive.
*nVida Serial ATA Controller is solid

Iptables + The linuxmce  firewall gui = disaster.
I've used iptables in a dual nic setup for the past 7 years or so in this configuration for email and web on a sever and remote access on other

# - Interface eth1 is the internet interface
# - Interface eth0 is the private network interface
external_ip="`ifconfig $external_int | grep 'inet addr' | awk '{print $2}' | sed -e 's/.*://'`"
/sbin/iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp -i eth1 -o eth0 -d --dport 80 --sport 1024:65535 -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT
/sbin/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i eth1 -d $external_ip --dport 5900 --sport 1024:65535 -j DNAT --to

Iptables no longer functions the same even after allowing all traffic to and from both interfaces.  I'm still only able to access my server from behind the LAN, never from the WAN.

With all that being said, If a newer Ubuntu Kernel and modules could be used then I believe that the experience would be much better.
Hardy Heron 8.04 will be out before Linuxmce 7.10 is out of the oven.  I'd be glad to come back to using Linuxmce when the Ubuntu Kernel gets a little better.  As it stands, my hard drive won't work more than a day then I have to reboot.

Currently I'm back to Fedora Core 8 and using Misterhouse for my Home Automation and Mythtv for my pvr. My front/end backends are all connect to TVs or monitors so TV and Movies can be watched from any of them.  I lack sending video to all frontends at once, but I can use the video out on my PVR-350 to an unmodulated cable channel and sound over speakers using a cheap stereo fm transmitter.  Ugly but it works. 

Linuxmce staff and developers let me know if I can do anything to help you achieve a rock solid product.

Users / Re: Weird dhcp/routing issue
« on: March 07, 2008, 10:59:35 pm »
orionsune, Admins and power users:

What functionality would I miss out on if I turned off the dhcp functionality of the core other than automatic device discovery and pxe?

There appears to be a script that checks all the ips on the subnet, would that replace some of the device discovery?

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