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I just reported this as a bug, but I figured I'd post it here as well to see if anyone here has any thoughts:

I'm not entirely certain that installing the HDHomeRun caused it, but that's when I started seeing the issue (during the install process). The HDHomeRun still isn't completely setup as I had to hard reset in order to to regain control. Now after every boot Ushare starts and eats all the memory very quickly.

I should note that this is a brand new install (0710b3 64bit) and the Core/Hybrid was only running for a day prior to the install of the HDHomeRun. It was, however, running without issue up to that point.

I am currently working around this by quickly killing the ushare process after boot.

I'm not sure what other information would be pertinent as I have never actually used ushare before...

Users / Re: Kubuntu Desktop resolution....
« on: February 05, 2008, 03:51:35 am »
I guess I was wrong. I assumed (incorrectly) that the AVWizard would adjust the ModeLine. Adjusting just the UI would prove more compatible and be much easier to program, so I understand why it was done that way. However, since LinuxMCE is moving more to the Desktop arena it should be changed, which is what the mantis bug is about no doubt... I'll have to actually read it now  :-[

In order to do this you'll have to first, back up your xorg.conf, re-run the AVWizard and select any resolution that works (it's unimportant which one) and be sure when it ask about the zoom stuff do not change anything (just leave it zoomed in). Now go to the admin page and change the MD and Onscreen Orbiter devices to the 1080i resolution, reload router, regen the Orbiter and adjust the xorg.conf to your 1080i resolution from the xorg.conf that you backed up, and reboot. Now you can tweak the Modeline using the guide in my previous post (again, I do not envy this process). Once you got that set back up that modeline! Then change the MD and Onscreen Orbiter devices to the true resolution you selected after all the modeline tweaking (only if it really changed and keep the tv standard setting), reload, regen, then edit your Xorg.conf to use that Modeline and reboot.


After thinking about it more, what you really need to do is look at the Handlers property listed for the device in /proc/bus/input/devices and change KERNEL=="event[0-3]*" to match it.

Users / Re: Kubuntu Desktop resolution....
« on: February 04, 2008, 08:33:20 am »
The zoom feature on the AVwizard seems to only effect the linuxmce interface, unfortunately not the KDE desktop....

If it's working that way for you then that would be a bug. The zoom feature is supposed to zoom X itself by selecting the correct modeline and resolution. At least that's what it did for me... though I only had to use that once...

so is there any way to correct the overscan from within LMCE/Kubuntu?

You would have to manually find and select the modeline and edit the xorg.conf file. There are tools out there that will help with this, but I can't remember off the top of my head what the X tool is. I usually just use fbset in the console and run fbset -X to get the X modeline. I only do that when I'm in a bind and that's not really the recommended method though. Do a google search on X modeline overscan. There are actually a lot of Blogs, Wiki's, etc. that explain this. This Wiki entry would be a good start:

I honestly wish you the best of luck as I know doing this manually is in no way fun...

Users / Re: Kubuntu Desktop resolution....
« on: February 03, 2008, 11:14:06 am »
It sounds like you're having overscan issues. It's not LinuxMCE that overscans, it's the TV. Most TV's do this, but many video cards can correct this. The AVWizard does have a page that allows you to "zoom out" and move the display a bit. Of course that working is very dependent on the video card and the TV.

Users / Re: Kubuntu Desktop resolution....
« on: February 03, 2008, 04:46:37 am »
You need to use the AVWizard to select a better resolution. A very thorough guide is in the wiki.

I haven't used a device like this before, so I could be mistaken, but it looks like the new kernel version renamed the device node. It seems before it was called event*, whereas now it's called input*. Also, it's input4 which is outside of your range of [0-3].

Try this:
Code: [Select]
BUS=="usb", KERNEL=="input[0-6]*", SYSFS{product}=="GeneralTouch USB Touchscreen", SYMLINK=="input/gtouch"

Installation issues / Re: Kubuntu 0710 Live CD
« on: February 02, 2008, 09:08:07 am »
This was incredibly easy to find.

Installation issues / Re: Adding the Via Unichrome Pro drivers
« on: February 02, 2008, 08:37:33 am »
I know this is a really old post and really related to 0704, but my question relates to 0710.

1) Was there any luck in getting UI2 to work with the openchrome drivers (without the transparency)?
     a) I thought that there wouldn't be any issues getting it to work until I re-read this post (it's been a while)
2) Will there be any issues trying to compile the openchrome drivers for 0710?
     a) I'm sure there wouldn't be and really I can figure this one out myself, I'd just thought I'd ask for everyones benefit
3) If the openchrome drivers don't work at all in 0710, then are there too many changes in 0710 to use the old 0704 disk images for the Fiire box?
     a) I'm assuming yes, but I figured I'd ask anyhow...

I remember reading a post by totallymaxed a while ago stating that the via drivers weren't working in 0710, but I'm not sure if he meant not working out of the box (completely expected) or simply not working at all.

Users / Re: Just venting general frustration.
« on: February 02, 2008, 06:23:40 am »
Two things:

Fiire can only pre-install if you buy a Core with the MD. I bought only the MD's and remotes, so I had the same problem. Of course this was also the same time that the DVD's weren't available either. They should have shipped you one though. It would actually seriously piss me off if they didn't as they told me they would fix the problem that I encountered by shipping the non-standard DVD installs with the MD's. I bought the things in early September, but I wasn't able to even boot one of them until sometime in November... the other wouldn't work at all, but that might have been an unrelated hardware issue...

Also, the Fiire special drivers SUCK. Now that I have to re-install anyhow I plan on just using UI2 without the compositing, so I can use a standard MD image. Honestly I don't really care for the transparency anyhow... I think it makes things harder to read... I'm not even sure if the special/non-standard stuff would work in 0710... (Again since I have to re-install anyhow) I'm going to go with the 0710 AMD64 DVD.

If I sound bitter against Fiire... It's because I AM! I'm sure you're thinking the same thing I was: I bought these things so I don't have to deal with this BS and so it would just work! Of course, I've been using Linux for many years, so I was able to troubleshoot the problems fairly easily, but that doesn't really change my perception of Fiire.

Users / Re: Seeders for LinuxMCE Install CDs for AMD64 - 0710 Beta 3
« on: February 02, 2008, 06:01:09 am »
I count 30 seeds and 34 peers. That's not bad, especially considering I'm downloading at an average of about 115 KB/s...

You should check your network settings.

Developers / Re: MAME Plugin Progress Thread
« on: January 28, 2008, 09:16:22 am »
Wow, that's just F'n awesome :) and reading about all the work and frustrations you had to endure to get this makes it just that much more impressive!

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Can 1366x768 be added to the AVWizard?
« on: December 29, 2007, 10:56:49 pm »
You will also need to add the resolution to the database. It's actually not all that hard though. You have to do the same thing to get the N770 and N800 going (or at least you did). You should check the Nokia orbiter documentation and do some searching on the forum. I posted how I got a non-standard resolution to be accepted by LinuxMCE in the User forum. Although, I did have other issues... probably unrelated...

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Better Media Organization / Browser
« on: December 28, 2007, 02:19:10 am »
The only people who get pissed off by these posts are complete morons or just haven't had their cup of coffee yet! This is actually a very old thread. When I re-read it I realized some of the people that were opposed to changing the UI are now they same people who are actively involved in doing just that... there is now a plan to change up the UI (actually build a whole new one) after the release of 0710.

You make some very valid points, most of which I completely agree with.

1. Mythtv be running in background so that going to TV is quicker and you do not see the "prescaling theme images"
2. Mythtv theme be chosen which looks more like LMCE
3. Would suggest recordings button take you back to videos page but as there are some problems with this I would not recommend at the moment (e.g. in progress recording is not visible on LMCE videos page)

I agree with this one, and I think I've even mentioned your suggestions before, however, the new UI is going to try to better integrate into MythTV and VDR. This would eleminate the need for the MythFrontend entirely as the new UI would simply request what it needs from the MythBackend. I first suggested that we just extend the proven MythFrontend, but the addition of VDR (provides similar dvr functionality) would make this unrealistic. The new UI will now have to seamlessly work with both platforms.

1. Show subtitle in small text under the title, or merge into title with a colon (:) inbetween. e.g. "Heroes: The Beginning". If people are opposed to this then implementing point 4 would pretty much fix this useability issue.
2. In the submenu for Play/Close/Delete make the cursor hover over play or close by default so I can do something useful with my first button/keypress. Also make these buttons bigger/move to a more obvious place.
3. Not sure where all the "1001_20071212162003.mpg" videos come from?
4. Once you are in the play/close/delete submenu you should be able to cycle through the videos using (obvious) up and down buttons while staying in that view. There is no sense going back to the previous screen if you are just browsing.
5. There should be a disable cover art button/option for the main list which presents media in a table - e.g. Title | Episode | Length | Director etc (fields configurable). There would be space for a small thumbnail

This is one of my biggest frustrations as I pointed out on the first page of this thread. I still think my suggestion of a rolodex type of display, or sub-menus, would be better here (see my original post for details). The "1001_20071212162003.mpg" files are MythTV recordings that for one reason or another have lost there information. This one actually alludes to a problem with your setup. Either a the database got corrupted at some point and it had to remove some entries to repair it, or LinuxMCE hasn't re-scanned the MythTV database after a re-install, or you re-installed without backing up the MythTV database. All the scenarios have actually happened to me while testing. I really love your idea on point 4. That just makes sense...

1. An ok button at the top right of the options screen should take you back to the list with your filters applied
2. The search button should be under that
3. Consider having search populated with all results before you start searching. Can understand there are arguments both ways here. If point 1 was implemented this would not be necessary anyway
4. Add a search box to top of list on main page. Will search within all videos, or within filtered results if filters have been applied.
5. LMCE should set media type to tv show when saving mythtv recordings (doesn't seem to have for mine)

1. Album/Artist/Genre buttons at the top or side which change the list type
2. Search box at top of main list
3. Make changes to filters page as suggested for videos
4. Search results in a table form e.g. Track | Artist | Album
5. Table form view also an option for the main screen? e.g. a disable cover art button/option. Fields could be user configurable (e.g. option of track, artist, album, genre, time, year, track no, etc top be visible)

I don't really have anything to add to these, other than you are right and your ideas should be kept in mind when designing the new UI.

P.S. Just because you don't program in C doesn't mean you can't contribute, which you have. Believe me your posts are read by developers and when they are typed in an intelligent manner they are taken to heart and discussed. I invite you to read the following rather large threads: (be mindful that this one is in the developers forum, but as a developer yourself you are welcome to give input [even if you don't program in C, which isn't uncommon and has been discussed in there too]) and (starting at the relevant post).

Users / Re: Keep running /usr/pluto/bin ./LMCEUpdate and nothing happens
« on: December 21, 2007, 01:29:54 am »
Don't hammer the update server. When the release is ready it will be anounced...

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