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Developers / Re: Nokia 770 Orbiter
« on: August 15, 2007, 12:08:50 am »
Yes, I'll re-flash again. I've already done this, but since others are getting this to work I must have missed something, and since I don't really have any data on it yet it won't hurt to try. I downloaded the Orbiter package for OS2007. I did use the OS2006 dependency packages that you created, when the package wasn't available in the repositories.

On a side note, when I ran this on OS2006 I still had issues with dependencies, I can't remember exactly which one's, but hid was one of them. I found that odd as the packages were built for OS2006... In that case I just rebuilt the dependencies (including hid) and copied them over manually. I didn't bother with a package as it was only a test. As previously stated it worked fine after this.

It saying DCERouter login: and nothing else is normal. That is the console login screen and it doesn't have anything after that because you haven't entered a user name or anything yet. You only want to use that console if you really know what you're doing or if X died...

I also remember getting the black screen when the orbiter loads. I ended up switching to UI1 just to get it to work, so I can fix other issues first. That was with the beta though. With the current version I have even stranger issues. On first install it worked fine, but no transapency. Then, without changing anything else, I changed out the monitor and rebooted. That caused my X configuration to be overwritten and transparency got enabled... This would be a good thing except the transparency isn't working right (uses all CPU power just to sit there) and I can't seem to disable it...

Users / Re: Presentation of media
« on: August 14, 2007, 01:01:16 am »
I did this on accident for some of my videos, so it may work for your MP3's.

You can go to Files & Media -> Media Files Sync and navigate to the folder above the folder you want to change in the tree view on the left pane. This should display the folder in question (as well as other folders and/or media) in the right pane. You can then click on that folder in the right pane to adjust it's info (add the picture). New select the folder from the tree view on the left pane to display the folder contents in the right pane. Then remove the picture from each of those files.

That's a lot of work to be sure, but it might get the job done. Personally, I issued a lot of mass update SQL commands to get most of my data set correctly for my media. It was just much easier and faster that way.

Developers / Re: Nokia 770 Orbiter
« on: August 14, 2007, 12:51:39 am »
I don't have any customizations other than some apps (basic apps like Xterm and dropbear) installed from the maemo repositories. I know where the packages are, I even downloaded them manually after adding the repository didn't work. When I try to install it manually it says the package is incompatible.

I said I might have to re-build some of the other dependencies, because if some of them won't install it's usually a safe bet that some that did install won't actually run because it was compiled against different libraries. A straight package conflict would be fairly easy to fix and it should display in the problems tab. If I remember correctly it saying that the package is incompatible means there is a deep dependency problem relating to the system (usually libc or other main shared library), this is why I'm thinking about rebuilding.

Users / Re: Absolute positioning in videos
« on: August 13, 2007, 11:53:40 pm »
When I move the mouse while F6 is held down, it works for me. It took a little getting used to though.

Users / X, Transparency, and CPU Usage
« on: August 13, 2007, 11:33:49 pm »
Eventually, I got the Orbiter to work with UI2. The only problem was that I couldn't turn on alpha blending even though DRI and composite was all working fine. Still, I was willing to live with this.

However, when I first installed the core it was using another monitor and when I connected the monitor it was going to use for good it recreated the xorg.conf and enabled transparency. I'm really not sure why it did this, but now the CPU usage for the X process gets progressively higher until it reaches around 100% (takes about 5 minutes) and makes the system useless. Note that it only does this when the Orbiter is drawing on the screen, otherwise the X process has normal CPU usage. I've tried disabling the composite extension in xorg.conf, but then then Orbiter get stuck in an endless loop saying that it couldn't enable transparency. I also tried changing the orbiter UI to not use transparency, but the admin site doesn't allow me to change those options.

At this point the Media Director is unusable, so any help would be much appreciated. I'm running an AMD X2 4200+ on a ASUS A8V-MX motherboard with an Nvidia 6200 AGP video card.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I also tried updating the Nvidia drivers to 100.14, but it didn't have any effect.

Developers / Re: Nokia 770 Orbiter
« on: August 12, 2007, 03:07:13 pm »
I do have the bora repository, but the package is marked as incompatible. The version for 2006 is also marked as incompatible... The three packages that I need to install is libxmu6, libhid0, and libxt6. libxmu6 and libxt6 are marked as incompatible and libhid0 depends on libusb, which is marked as incompatible. The fact that I'm afraid I'm going to have to face is that even if I do get this installed by rebuilding the packages above using version 3.0 of the dev kit (the version Hacker Edition uses) I will still probably have to re-build some of the other dependencies that I manually installed.

The stability problems is the main reason that I went to Hacker Edition. Many people report stability issues in 2006 and that those issues went away when Hacker Edition was installed. I can also testify to this, especially with the web browser. I also like the fact that 2007 automatically connects to WiFi; it was just annoying having to connect manually in 2006.

P.S. The Core re-install isn't going as well as I'd hoped, so I'm probably going to have to put this part of the project on hold until I get the core fully functional. Hopefully this won't take longer then 1 or 2 weeks (the whole day job thing usually means weekends only for me)...

Developers / Re: Nokia 770 Orbiter
« on: August 11, 2007, 03:59:55 am »
I'm sorry it took so long to reply. I've been busy with my day job...

I did get it to work on the standard install of the Nokia 770 on OS 2006. I should note, however, that I had already built all the dependencies (manually copied over, no packages), so I only used your pre-compiled version of the Orbiter and shared libraries. I did have some stability issues (it crashes randomly and unexpectedly).

I use OS 2007 Hacker Edition on my Nokia 770, though, and that failed because of some deps.  I was planning on building the missing, or non-working deps, but I think I'll start with using your newly created package and work from there.

Right now, however, I'm going to install LinuxMCE 0704 on my Core. I'll have to take care of the Orbiters afterwards.

Developers / Re: Nokia 770 Orbiter
« on: July 25, 2007, 12:04:17 pm »
Wow thanks. That makes things much easier for me!!

BTW, I did get past that one error. I just had to ignore the advise in the wiki to remove the hid dependency. It did fail later on though. Still, doesn't matter as this has already been done. Thanks again!

Developers / Nokia 770 Orbiter
« on: July 25, 2007, 08:50:19 am »
I have been working on building the orbiter for the Nokia 770. I got most of the way there, but I got stuck at a build error while building the orbiter bin.

First thing I noticed is that the build instructions in the Wiki is woefully out of date. Despite that, I did some google-ing, built the environment and the dependencies that aren't available as packages (SDL_gfx, libXmu, libhid, mysql[just the libs], and xextproto). I then built the Orbiter shared libraries, which built fine. Finally once I got to last step of the build process, which is to build the orbiter bin, I received the following build time error:

Code: [Select]
g++ -c -I.. -I../DCE -I/usr/include/mysql -DDEBUG -DTHREAD_LOG -DLOG_ALL_QUERIES -I/opt/libxine1-pluto/include -I/opt/libsdl1.2-1.2.7+1.2.8cvs20041007/include -I/opt/libsdl1.2-1.2.7+1.2.8cvs20041007/include/SDL -I/usr/include/SDL -DORBITER -DCACHE_IMAGES -DENABLE_MOUSE_BEHAVIOR -I../Splitter -I../OrbiterGen -I../SDL_Helpers -I/usr/X11R6/include -I/usr/include/glib-2.0 -I/usr/lib/glib-2.0/include -Wall -fPIC -ggdb3 -g -O0 Linux/HIDInterface.cpp -o Linux/HIDInterface.o
In file included from Linux/../OrbiterData.h:32,
                 from Linux/../Orbiter.h:39,
                 from Linux/HIDInterface.cpp:35:
Linux/../DesignObj_Orbiter.h: In member function `void DesignObj_Orbiter::m_GraphicToDisplay_set(std::string, int, bool, bool)':
Linux/../DesignObj_Orbiter.h:79: warning: unused variable 'k'
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp: In constructor `PlutoHIDInterface::PlutoHIDInterface(DCE::Orbiter*)':
Linux/../Orbiter.h:460: error: `pthread_mutexattr_t DCE::Orbiter::m_MutexAttr' is protected
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp:55: error: within this context
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp: In member function `void PlutoHIDInterface::ProcessHIDEvents()':
Linux/../Orbiter.h:427: error: `OrbiterFileBrowser_Collection*DCE::Orbiter::m_pOrbiterFileBrowser_Collection' is protected
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp:144: error: within this context
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp:79: warning: unused variable 'c'
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp:79: warning: unused variable 'i'
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp:79: warning: unused variable 'a'
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp: In member function `bool PlutoHIDInterface::ProcessBindRequest(char*)':
Linux/../Orbiter.h:427: error: `OrbiterFileBrowser_Collection*DCE::Orbiter::m_pOrbiterFileBrowser_Collection' is protected
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp:181: error: within this context
Linux/../Orbiter.h:427: error: `OrbiterFileBrowser_Collection*DCE::Orbiter::m_pOrbiterFileBrowser_Collection' is protected
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp:193: error: within this context
Linux/../Orbiter.h:427: error: `OrbiterFileBrowser_Collection*DCE::Orbiter::m_pOrbiterFileBrowser_Collection' is protected
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp:194: error: within this context
Linux/../Orbiter.h:427: error: `OrbiterFileBrowser_Collection*DCE::Orbiter::m_pOrbiterFileBrowser_Collection' is protected
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp:197: error: within this context
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp: In member function `bool PlutoHIDInterface::SetActiveRemote(int, bool)':
Linux/../Orbiter.h:427: error: `OrbiterFileBrowser_Collection*DCE::Orbiter::m_pOrbiterFileBrowser_Collection' is protected
Linux/HIDInterface.cpp:293: error: within this context
make: *** [Linux/HIDInterface.o] Error 1

Any thoughts on how to proceed would be much appreciated.

Developers / Re: XBMC linux port...
« on: July 25, 2007, 04:28:39 am »
XBMC isn't Linux. Theoretically, you can get this working on the XBox, but it would require you to install linux on it with a 2.6 kernel. Unfortunately the 2.6 kernel can't safely see the xfat file system, which is what the xbox uses. This mean if you do this you will have to install Linux in native mode (formating your xbox hard drive and rendering it useless for gaming).

Users / Re: Asterisk and Sipura SPA-2000
« on: June 29, 2007, 12:51:25 pm »
Shortly after I sent this I figured out that I could use AMP found at Advanced->Configuration->Phone Setup to setup the multiple phone lines and adapters. This, however, did not setup the phone devices in the Wizard and also seemed to removed the Phone Lines entries in the Wizard.

Since it's really late I can't do much more testing on the phone lines. I was , however, able to verify that outbound calling is working, but inbound is not. For some reason Asterisk is detecting the wrong phone number. This did not happen with the standalone asterisk using the exact same register string... I'll work on it some more tomorrow...

Users / Asterisk and Sipura SPA-2000
« on: June 29, 2007, 11:31:59 am »
How do you set up this sip to analog phone adapter to work with linuxmce? I got it to work with Asterisk all by itself, but linuxmce requires you to setup you phones and extensions through its admin website and I don't see an option for this.

Also I have two incoming phone numbers with two different broadvoice accounts. When I set up these as two phone lines it will only except one phone number. It will add both phone lines, but it will only allow one of those phone lines to have a phone number. When I add the number to the second line it wipes out the first number for the first line. Is this a bug? I can't believe that linuxmce only supports 1 phone number!

I'm almost at the point of just disabling all phone functionalities from the core and just running asterisk desperately. I know I'll be loosing a lot of functionality, but I've been without a phone for a while because of this and I need some that works...

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