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Users / Re: WiFi and net booting MDs - possible?
« on: December 11, 2007, 12:14:34 am »
like teedge77 said, you would need a wireless AP with an ethernet port such as the
Linksys WET54G

Such devices are externally powered, so they connect to the wireless network on power up (or remain connected to the wifi network if never powered down) based on the settings you provide on the web interface.
Then you plug in the linuxmce MD to the WET54G using ethernet and it doesn't know that it is going over wireless.

There should be similar devices for 802.11N.

Same situation here.

Hitting Ctrl-Alt-Backspace reloads X and everything seems to work.

Probing deeper, I've discovered that The videos/flickr pictures are indeed playing, but on another "desktop"
What I did to find them is:

1. click KDE Desktop in Advanced menu
2. press Ctrl-Alt-Left, or Ctrl-Alt-Right to switch desktops

So the videos/pictures are playing, just not on the same desktop as the UI.

Hope this helps anyone who would know what is going on here.

using Nvidia drivers on geforce 6xxx
using UI2 with alpha

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