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Installation issues / Re: Orbiter on N800 (OS2008)
« on: January 10, 2008, 06:57:52 am »

My wife wants to say a big THANK YOU!  She hates using the gyro mouse and this is a fantastic replacement!

Setup was a breeze with just a couple of minor hiccups.  I had to add the temporary maemo extra repository to get libxmu6 and libsdl-ttf.  Adding these to the dependency files would be nice.

It took me a while to find the directions for adding the orbiter to linuxmce.  It wasn't too bad but a little more hand holding for a noob would be nice.  Having messed up my system previously playing with linuxmce admin has made me a little gun shy.   :)

Finding and playing videos is sweet.  The filters seem broke but I think that is a 0710B2 issue.

I was really surprised and impressed when the DVD menu showed up on the N800.  Very Cool!

The first time connection to the linuxmce took a while.  A text message like "Retrieving screens from the core, this may take a few minutes" would be nice.

I experienced the orbiter lock up problem when switching to the N800 desktop then attempting to resume the orbiter that was previously mentioned.

Orbiter wake is taking about 20 seconds sometimes.  A black display with a pointer appears after first tap.  I did a second tap about 15-20 seconds later and the display appears.  Sorry for not being precise, I've only watched one movie and observed this behavior when I tried to pause about an hour into it and again when the movie was over.

Finally decided to try controlling the web bookmark feature.  I'm assuming that the mouse table area should map to MD screen.  What I observed is that only the lower right quadrant moves the pointer.  Clicking at the very bottom right of the tablet causes the MD pointer to move to a point about 1/3 horizontally from the left edge and about half way from the top.  Also did not get any response on the MD to clicking any of the keyboard keys (ok, the key colors changed from blue to greenish and stayed the new color even after clicking other keys).

Again, Thank You!

Installation issues / 704 RC1 comments
« on: July 31, 2007, 12:13:15 am »

I installed 704 RC1 last night and have a few comments.

First, well done!  Much better than 1.1 B2.

OK, my learning curve was on 1.1 B2, where I had a partially functional system.  Part of the learning curve was finding the right hardware, i.e. nvidia 6/7 series video and 2 ethernet ports.  I've just ordered two usbuirt so can not comment on controlling external devices yet.
Display is SVGA TV.  No secondary monitor this time.

I followed the instructions for 1.1 B2 using iso files instead of CDROMs.

Fresh install of kubuntu, no issues except display with nv drivers has bad flickers.

I'd really appreciate if the iso names and the prompts in the installer would match.  I.e., where the installer requests disk 1 & 2, that the naming match the iso names (packages, cache), or even a partial match, ex: linuxmce-1.1-packages-disk1.iso, linuxmce-1.1-cache-disk2.iso.

LinuxMCE installer detected nvidia 7600 GS video and prompted for installing nvidia proprietary drivers.  Said yes, installed, rebooted, reran installer.  Smooth process.  Thank you!  I will forgo commenting on how many hows that took the last time with B2.

The video tests worked like a champ.  Selected UI2.

Decided to try having the system as an MD instead of Desktop.  Seems to have worked this time.  Whoop!

The config wizard has some issues.

I had left the system installing overnight and this morning it was on the video and sound, press next when you can hear and see me.  I let it cycle a few times but never heard audio.  Some feedback on what it is trying or even just a trying combination i of N would be nice.  I got bored and told it to go on to next, figured I'd work the audio issue later.

The main config with the user, room, a/v devices... Is actually pretty good if you are already familiar with the web interface.  Directions for a noob seems lacking.  Also the steps in the left hand column might ought to be disabled as push buttons.  I noticed that if you fill in an entry, then click on the next step in the left hand column, you lose what you just entered.  The wizard is expecting you to click the next button.  Also I was unable to add a new device, in this case an Onkyo DV-SP501.  I could type in the name, but there was no "accept" type button.

Overall the best install experience yet.  Now on to seeing how much of the system I can get working...

Users / Video/DVD Issues
« on: July 11, 2007, 07:54:16 am »

I'm just started actually using linuxMCE 1.1B2 a couple days ago (Whoop!) and have a few issues.

The first is in video playback.  Is there an easy way to pause when using the Gyration mouse?  The two ways I've found is to navigate to the "Menu".  To resume, then select the episode or play.  The second method that I found is to small left button click to the track/position arrows, choose right arrow, then don't move the mouse (being careful if you sit it down as the optical can move it).  To resume is simple main left button click.

Ideally I'd like to a "pause/play" toggle button on the playback menu (left most).

The second issue is with DVD ripping.  The first disk to rip always finds the disk info.  But later rips (usually between 2 and 5) will not find the info leaving an "unknown" title.  Once in this "mode" it will never find the disk info until the MD is restarted.  To be fair, this might be because I've been having ISP network issues which might be failing the info fetch.

Maybe a "fetch info" button would be helpful on the rip page.

The third issue is again with DVD ripping.  The title "editor" only allows accepting as is or replacing the entire title.  This is a pain when ripping a series where each disk finds the same title so need to manually replace the title with one that includes the disk number.

Ideally being able to edit and maybe having the option to specify disk number (via a spin control) that would be appended to the title would help.

This kind of segues into the forth issue in that there is no way to edit the title of a ripped dvd that I could find.  Renaming the file on disk  causes the cover art to vanish.  Cover art scanning throws and exception (I've seen the patch in the forums, just need to apply it).

Now on to the positive issues.  :-)

UI2 with alpha blending works nicely (ok a few glitches here and there, but acceptable for Beta s/w)

DVD play works nicely.  HDD play works nicely.  Can't tell the difference.

DVD ripping works nicely.

Thank you!

Installation issues / Re: Need to set/reset Web Admin user/password
« on: July 02, 2007, 07:59:05 am »
That did it.  Thank you!

Installation issues / Need to set/reset Web Admin user/password
« on: July 01, 2007, 10:58:14 pm »

After much struggle I have finally got 1.1B2 installed in hybrid single NIC
with fglrx drivers.  But I can't log into the web admin page, I've tried every
account permutation I can think of to no avail.  Is there a default user
account?  If not, any idea how I can reset or add an account?


Same problem (text screen, blank, repeat) on Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H with 690G chipset running xorg vesa driver.  I didn't have sshd installed so only recovery was to reinstall kubuntu.  Time for install attempt #2...

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