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Users / mceusb2 ready to go for ir transmitter?????? in 0710 Beta 3
« on: February 11, 2008, 06:36:38 pm »

Is the mceusb2 compatible now use it as ir transmitter in 07010 beta3.
Because i have to off those and i really like to use them.
thnx in advance

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to play within linuxmce an ppt or pps file from Impress, beacause i know that you can start Openoffice Impress ( open source powerpoint ) in kiosk mode ( full screen ), does someone has some experience with this or maybe want to help me.

Thnx in advance,


Users / mythtv-backend in 0704 & 0710 crashing or having problems
« on: December 31, 2007, 01:55:05 am »

Just a small question, does someone has problems with analog or maybe even with digital tuner cards the problem that when you're switching from one channel to antoher that the mythtv-backend  crashes or even dies? So what i did to test something and maybe someone has an better idea then me, i just killed ( just for testing purposes ) the mythtv-backend proccess, and just in my terminal connected to my laptop ( to see whats happening ) spawned mythbackend ( so not mythtv-backend --> its only a wrapper and ads some logging to /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log and a pid number to kill it in my case ) and just what i thought and i really don't why but it rapidly speeds up mythtv and for sure switching channels with my hauppage pvr-500, and the most important thing off all -----> i switched back and forth with my channels for nearly then minutes and it didn't crashed a single time.

Hope that someone also found this and can tell us more about it ( maybe some scripting )

Happy to share stuff



Is there a way or maybe in the near future that we can change the font size of the gui, this because i'm using it on my crt television and it is not really readable when i for example are scrolling throught my music collection of 350 gb.

I hiope to hear from someone,


Users / Click On / Click Off ( Klik Aan / Klik Uit --> Dutch )
« on: December 16, 2007, 12:46:50 am »

Ihave question, does someone know if you can you this on linuxmce Click On / Click Off ( Klik Aan / Klik Uit --> Dutch )

I hope someone is using this already, i don't know if it's x10 s10 RF or something else, i hope to hear from someone.

With kind regards,


Users / Dutch language
« on: December 01, 2007, 12:57:31 am »
Hi Everyone,

For those dutch people and maybe for the developers. ( for next release or maybe an update )

Shortly i will finish the translation of linuxmce from English to the Dutch language ( Netherlands ) , so if anybody is interested, i'm glad to share it with linuxmce user!!!

With kind regard, ( Met vriendelijke groet, )


Hello everyone,

I'm searching for a long time now to take advantage of the Microsoft mce usb ir transmitter  i got from a friend, to be more precise -->

This remote comes with a mce ir reciever / transmitter with on the back 2 x 0,3 mm jack ir-emitters, i wanna use this usb transmitter under linuxMCE to control my AV gear. I tried about anything but with no luck under linuxmce, on the otherhand i was using mythbuntu for a while and there under the great gutsy version ( yes i know different OS different version ) there is according to this threat in the mythbuntu forum

a possiblity to send ir codes via the usb transmitter from M#@#@#@S*ft

So my question __ does someone know how to manage this in linuxMCE. PLEASE HELP ME !!!

With kind regards,



Hello linuxmce users,

I have one core/hybrid in my livingroom, and two diskless mediadirectors with ui2, the only thing i really don't understand about this config is that the mythtv player and plugin of linuxmce are slave backends, so in other words the mythtv "players"are so configures they expect an tuner card in the diskless media directors. For me this really no option because i have al my two tuner cards  ( pvr-500 mce ) in my core machine in the livingroom, can i fix this the source package or do i have to wait when this "only"frontend end player of mythtv player becomes avaible for all linuxmce users?

One other thing with this same situation is that when i connect with the frontend mythtv player from a diskless media director uis that i have i black screen and not live tv, with my laptop an nc8430 from hp with an ati radeon x1600 video card i connect with only a frontend to the core backend and i have live tv, also i tried an live cd from knoppmytht for only test purposes for frontend live tv and also this works >>> again live tv capabilties, now i can say that this problem relies in the pluto linuxmce mythtv installation, on my core hybrid i have live tv with nearly same hardware config as diskless media director but also here i have problems, that when i watch tv on my core hybrid machine that after some minutes, one time after 1 one minute and sometimes after 30 seconds or sometimes after 15 minutes, so random it freezes the screen, and the only thing i can do, is going to main screen options of live tv in ui2 and turn off live tv and then restart i have this all the time, but with the same machine but diffrent harddisk with ubuntu feisty with backend / frontend and also this works perfectly.

Please can someone help with this problems.

Thnx in Advance,


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