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Installation issues / Re: Audio and Video Problems
« on: September 17, 2008, 02:56:51 pm »
So if you go into Kmixer in KDE and you look at what you have availble for settings is IEC958 listed anywhere like under a switch tab - because it should be.

 Did you installed the 173.14.12 drivers using the method described in the wiki and if you did then can you goto

 webadmin - devices - MD - scroll down to the MD you are working on and tell us what is says you are using for a Video Card and as well the sound card.

 All this sounds to me like you are not getting open GL support at all. Are you able to get flickr with a UI2 with overlay not transparent.



Sorry, but where in the WIKI can I install 173.14.12 drivers, and drivers for what?  Is that the video drivers? or Audio drivers?


Developers / Re: Orbiter on Familiar / OPIE
« on: September 17, 2008, 02:46:17 pm »
Somebody already started this for the Zaurus,  I have his email address.  He had gotten everything to compile in OE, but I don't know if everything was working yet.

Search the forum.  might have been using dothedog as a nick.

Installation issues / Audio Issues -- Fixed (kind of)
« on: September 17, 2008, 08:50:59 am »
  I have a MD that is base on a NVidia chipset.  It is an Asus A8N-VMCSM system board.  It uses the snd-hda-intel sound driver.  I have applied all the fixes I needed when I was running a MythTV install, and the sound is not good.  It's distorted during playback.
  I changed the flag to not auto start the MD software/orbiter and played the same exact audio file using mplayer, and it sounds ok, until I start up the MD.  The audio will get distorted even on the running mplayer session.

  Any ideas?  It doesn't seem to be media file related, and there seems to be plenty of processor available during this.


Installation issues / Re: Network Setup /w manual IP's vs DHCP
« on: September 11, 2008, 12:24:01 am »
One thing to note here, is that you can accomplish the fixed IP addresses with the LinuxMCE web administration, and DHCP.  Or, if you really don't want to have those machines doing DHCP.  Create the entry for the machine so that LinuxMCE knows about it, and won't assign that IP address to one of the PNP devices later on.

My current setup goes one further, and has 3 NICS.  One for Outside, one for Inside, and one for the TV Tuners.  I was having some issues watching live tv, so I thought having the tuners on one network by themselves might help.  HDHomeRun, Tuners..  Shows are copied over the network to the core, and then back out over the network to the remote frontend.

I also am not using the LinuxMCE firewall, instead I'm using Shorewall.  I was able to convince the LinuxMCE DHCP configuration to behave eventually.

As Colin said, doing a setup like this will eliminate most of the support from the list.  I know of some hardworking (stressed) developers that will be extremely rude, when being asked for support for non-standard(approved) configs.

Developers / Re: UI3 Discussion
« on: May 23, 2008, 08:18:14 pm »
  Most of the newer fancy interfaces I've been seeing are using python, and GStreamer for the media playback.

  The Elisa media center is using python with a Fluendo built render..  Entertainer is using Python with Clutter, and Gloss is a new MythTV frontend coded in Python using Clutter.  All three of the above are using GStreamer.  Gloss in particular looks fairly interesting.
  Does the DCERouter have any python bindings?

  On another note:  The documentation can be fairly vague about how the various pieces of LinuxMCE interact.  Is there a guide that would assist people with understanding the UI interactions?

Installation issues / Re: Whole house solution?
« on: May 16, 2008, 11:27:33 pm »
Here is all I want to do...I have a dish net 722 dvr (dual output) and a dishnet 625 dvr (dual output). I have two Haupaugh 500's and a hauppaugh 150 capture cards. So a total of 5 pci tuners. I want to control the dishnet boxes with lirc USB-UIRT (which can't be done because one tuner on each box only responds to RF remote freuqencies. (MY FIRST PROBLEM) anyone have a solution for this? I can control the ir tuners in each box but very unreliably... >:(

I also haven't seen anything that will let a PC send RF.  Do these tuners have any kind of serial input?

Other issues I have, from a remote MD if I attempt to rip a DVD to the core, I get failures about 1/5 times. Even over 1000/mbs lan with commercial grade cisco switch (tried a couple others as well)

I had similar issues with my MythBuntu setup, which for some reason was configured to use smbfs shares rather than NFS.  Then after switching to NFS, I had to change the buffering parameters on the mount lines in /etc/fstab up to 32k.   I'm not at home now, so I forget what the parameters are.  However, make sure that you are NFS mounting, and then do a search for NFS mount options.

Tv is choppy from MD about half the time, especially if more than one MD running.
I thought that the mythtv TV viewer protocol was supposed to auto adjust the buffering during playback. 
Is that TV playback from your HDHomerun or is it TV playback from any of your 7 sources?  I have HDHomerun, and have sometimes noticed LiveTV being choppy.  I've actually been thinking about putting the HDHomerun on it's own separate network.

Installation issues / Re: DHCP - combine with other DHCP - HOWTO?
« on: May 16, 2008, 10:21:36 pm »
Couple of thoughts I had while reading this thread...

0) Just to be clear..  Having multiple DHCP servers on a network is just asking for trouble.. Don't do it!

1) If the scripts are just reading the syslog entries, you can set up the core as your syslog server, and set up your linux and some hardware routers to log to your core.  That would allow the auto scripts to work.  It doesn't do anything for the fixed IP addresses that get automatically assigned/saved for MD's though.

2) I had at one point in my quest for a media server, ran a single NIC install of LinuxMCE, heck I even tried Pluto@Home before LinuxMCE..  I ran into an issue with the database entries, and auto generated dhcpd.conf file not storing the default router entry, which I did post I believe in these forums not Pluto's.  I had modified the dhcpd.conf generation script to put in the correct default router for my network, but it was a pain.  I had turned off the DHCP on my hardware router, but if I didn't have the correct default route things didn't work correctly.

3) What about the Asterisk problems being NATted?  Are there any?  Also, does the core do any kind of traffic shaping for VOIP when it's acting as the router?

4) Is LinuxMCE using shorewall, or anything like that, or is it using homebrew rulesets?

5) I too have problems putting all my eggs (so to speak) in one basket, and would prefer being able to split up the servers a bit.  ie..  LRP/Leaf Router, Asterisk Server, Myth Backend being distributed among different machines.

6) There is no reason for people to jump all over people for wanting more flexibility in the networking choices when installing the core.  There is also no reason not to tell them to implement it and submit a patch, but if they do go to the trouble to submit a patch I would hope that it wouldn't be dismissed out of hand.

7) There is no need for the level of rudeness that has been exhibited by some of the authors of this thread.  I do realize however that most of the requests and comments on this subject have been made many times before.  Since this is one place where the lack of flexibility to easily put a LinuxMCE core into an existing network can get frustrating.  I also realize that the original system that this was based on was designed to be the starting point or replacement, not to integrate in, after all, you have to draw the line somewhere.

Yes, I too rambled a bit...


Developers / Re: Reorganizing development for scalability
« on: October 22, 2007, 07:28:49 pm »
I understand that MythTV's backend is doesn't contain the functionallity of DCERouter at this time.  My suggestion was that maybe it should.

The concept behind MythTV and Pluto are one and the same, to create the "Mythical convergence device" for the home. Consequently there is a lot of overlap in functionality. MythTV is bolted on to Pluto for the PVR functionality, but it actually contains many of the components for which Pluto already has home grown solutions. In many cases these are more mature solutions. Pluto is a lot like Freevo, and in it's architecture is more like a bazaar than the cathedral like MythTV. In their development the roles are reversed which helps explain the strengths and deficiencies of both.

I saw a post once that really pointed out the different mindset between MythTV and Pluto@Home(LinuxMCE)..  Lets see if I can paraphrase...

Everything to Pluto@Home is a device of some kind, the Device is King everything else is subordinate to the device.  Whereas MythTV is more concerned with the storage, capture and presentation of media.

I think I got the gist of the comment.  I agree with you that both wish to be the convergence device, they just come at it from two different directions.  LinuxMCE is a Home Automation device that with the addition of MythTV attempts to also be your Media Center device as well.  It's unfortunate that they couldn't have made the orbiter be a better(integrated) MythTV frontend.  In most respects, I really like the orbiter concept (it is of course a device).

My contributions to this conversation, are getting somewhat off topic, so thanks for your effort helping out the project.

Developers / Re: Reorganizing development for scalability
« on: October 22, 2007, 07:00:24 pm »
I am very excited as well. I'm trying hard to get my head around this code-base so that I can build a games plugin (at first mame, but there will be others.)


Yes, that's one of the reasons I switched back to MythTV..  I have a bunch of old NES games that my kids play using FCEU.  Why write a new plugin when the functionality is there in a MythTV plugin already?
I did try at one point to work with Pluto on how to plug in the MythTV Game plug in into the orbiter but didn't really get a good response.  I wanted the same kind of search screen that they had for videos.

Developers / Re: Reorganizing development for scalability
« on: October 22, 2007, 04:46:33 am »
wsuetholz: MythTV's backend doesn't begin to approach the functionality offered by Pluto's DCERouter or its connected systems, I think you should take a serious look at the code. As for danielk and the rest of the developers being a bit quiet right now, I can understand this, there is a lot of scrambling going on to set things up. Be patient, or help out.


I understand that MythTV's backend is doesn't contain the functionallity of DCERouter at this time.  My suggestion was that maybe it should.

My real issue has always been the disconnect between a MythTV Backend setup and the way that the Pluto Media access works.  If you wish to have a MythTV Frontend accessing the media, you need to define all the information for the media once for MythTV and once for Pluto.  OTH I like the additional options allowed by having different storage trees for different users.  Also I find the MythTV addon to the orbiter to be rather clunky... I also realize that this project is still taking baby steps trying to transition to a multi-developer project.  Kudos for the job done so far, it really is quite amazing for one person to have accomplished so much in so little time.  I have been playing with this system off and on for a couple of years, and most of the issues I have with it are inherited from Pluto, and I'm sure will get resolved now that there is some momentum for the LinuxMCE project.

Helping..   :D  Everytime I commit to help with a project like this I get hammered at work...  I will be attempting to get a AMD 64bit version compiled sometime in the near future I did try once already, but that drive is gone.., For right now I've abandoned my LinuxMCE setup in favor of a 64bit MythTV install which was  working for me better then the LinuxMCE install was until the TV's HDMI port died  S-Video stinks.

I explained my reasons for the message in my response to DanielK, it wasn't impatience at all.

Developers / Re: Reorganizing development for scalability
« on: October 22, 2007, 04:28:41 am »

Danielk I have seen chriss say several times that he already has SVN and trac setup, why are those messages being ignored by you?

Those were definitively not ignored. We've been talking off-line. He's using a server that is also being used for other things so he can't let other people on it, except in a very limited way, nor is he comfortable using standard ports for various services on that machine so it's not ideal.

I have an SVN/trac/mailman server set up that I'm testing right now. Just give me a few more hours...

Thanks for clearing that up.  It seemed like somebody was offering to help, and had already set up most of it, but was being ignored..  Nothing more needs to be said...

Developers / Re: Reorganizing development for scalability
« on: October 20, 2007, 01:19:46 am »
Danielk I have seen chriss say several times that he already has SVN and trac setup, why are those messages being ignored by you?

On another note..  I would like to see the mythtv frontend be fully supported in the orbiter with the orbiter and rest of the system being more of an addon/plugin to mythtv rather then mythtv being an afterthought to the home automation that Pluto@Home provides.  In other words, I would like the MythTV Backend to basically take over the messaging/device handling portion of the system and basically become the HA/MM core that would allow for whatever as a frontend.  Be it an onscreen orbiter or a remote orbiter.  I wouldn't even mind seeing something like FreeVO or Elisa as a frontend to myth.

Installation issues / Re: Raid array built on install, ripping mysteries?
« on: September 18, 2007, 06:43:55 am »
The key here is that LinuxMCE auto mounts devices it adds, and then unmounts those devices when not needed..  The movie is in your database (or was before you started deleting things), and when you try to play that movie it will automatically mount the /mnt/device/36 and play the movie. 

Personally, I did things a bit differently, since I didn't like what LinuxMCE does for internal HD's.  I configured the LVM system as part of installing Kubuntu, and then after everything was installed, I plugged in my additional drives, and told LinuxMCE to always ignore them, and added them to my LVM system.  I have a volume for /home/public (where most of the public movies and audio go) and a volume for /usr/pluto (where it puts the diskless client root drives).  This way I can easily expand when necessary.  This did require some researching of LVM configuration options, and installing Kubuntu using the alternate install CD, but so far, I'm happier about the way my disks are used.  Also when I fill up these HD's I can put in a larger one and move things to the new drive.  At this point I'm not using RAID, but the instructions I found for LVM detail how to do it with RAID as well.

The device way make a lot of sense for remote/transient storage, but doesn't really make sense for internal storage.  In my view anyway.


Installation issues / Re: dvd failed
« on: September 14, 2007, 11:00:47 pm »
I had pretty much the same error.  And, it seems to be because my DVD-Rom drive is fairly old, and can't handle the data stream the way that it's being read...

I copied the two parts of the archive to the HD and ran cat linux-mce* | gunzip -c | tar xvf and that worked OK,   Where the same command failed when the archive was on the DVD.  Unfortunately I don't know what steps need to be done after that.

So, I'm starting to install kubuntu, and will proceed with the CD install method.

BTW:  The next version WONT!! force me to reinstall from scratch RIGHT???


Installation issues / Re: Starting CORE software automatically. Beta1.1
« on: August 28, 2007, 04:42:13 am » will not start all the devices on the system.  See also:  Some of the instructions you refered to seem out of sync with LMCE-1.1 0704 as well. 

That's interesting... According to what I can determine from the source to the launcher wizard I have, all it does is call the

Of course, I haven't updated the source or system since Beta2 which answers your second part, I'm not running 0704.  Is there an upgrade path from 1.1-Beta2?

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