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Installation issues / wintv-pvr usb2 issues
« on: April 13, 2007, 02:03:56 am »
OS: Ubuntu 6.10-i386
Motherboard: stock motherboard that came with a compaq presario 8000, Havn't been able to find any info on the exact type
Videocard: Geforce fx5700LE
Tv tuner: Wintv-PVR usb2

I successfully installed Linux MCE following all of the installation instructions as well as the basic process taken in the What to expect page.
The installation instructions made it seem like this tv tuner should work pretty much right away.
When I plug in the tuner it says that the drivers are installed and all, I have signed up with Data Direct to send all of my cable channels and such
but when I try and run the TV under media, myth tv starts and then it just goes black.
I'm guessing this is mythtv crashing?

I'm a fairly big linux noob so I'm not quite sure what to check for to make sure the tuner was actually installed correctly and that mythtv is working correctly, nor do I have much of an idea on how to figure out why mythtv would be crashing if that is what is happening.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated...tell me if there is any other info that I need to provide

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