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Installation issues / Re: Media files
« on: July 29, 2007, 05:42:05 am »
Take a look at this howto:

Zaerc is correct that if your Windows box is on the internal network then LMCE will automatically detect it.  If you server isn't on the internal network then you can manually add it using the Howto above.

Installation issues / Re: AVerTVHD MCE A180 capture card in RC1
« on: July 29, 2007, 05:25:56 am »
Follow this guide to setup the Avermedia A180 card:

From there you will need to manually run mythtv setup from the Orbiter: Advanced->Computing->MythTV setup
Select DVB DTV capture card (v3.x).

You should be good to go.

Installation issues / Re: Problem completing the installation
« on: July 28, 2007, 06:53:16 am »
Are you sure the install failed?  Did you get an error message or a message saying the install was complete.   I thought I was DOA when I got the following error message.  I decided to reboot and start the launch manager anyway.  The only side effect is that the AVWizard didn't run for me.

#### Installing pluto-orbiter
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
or been moved out of Incoming.

Since you only requested a single operation it is extremely likely that
the package is simply not installable and a bug report against
that package should be filed.
The following information may help to resolve the situation:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  pluto-orbiter: Depends: pluto-avwizard (>= but it is not going to be
                 Depends: pluto-avwizard (< but it is not going to be
E: Broken packages
#### Package pluto-orbiter failed (/tmp/tmp.eyUwcgr566)

Installation issues / Re: My own install logging
« on: July 28, 2007, 06:45:44 am »
My recommendation is to configure your display using the nvidia-settings utility.  That should allow you to specify the resolution that you want.  From the utility you can save your settings to \etc\X11\xorg.conf .  Make a backup of this file immediately.  Reboot and then restart LMCE with UI2.  If it likes your xorg.conf you are golden.  If not it will try to "fix" it for you. With the Beta2 it would add the device options that are required to render UI2.  If that screws up your custom resolution then just do an A/B comparison between the file you backed up and the LMCE version.  Add in the options that you are missing to your backup file.

That's the process that I went through with the Beta2.  I run a 32" 16:9 LCD and a 16:9 projector, so I have a custom Xorg files for each display.  I made sure to back them up before installing RC1.  I let the LMCE installer install nvidia-glx for me.  After the reboot I popped in my custom xorg.conf and I was good to go.

Thanks for the keyboard repeat tip.  That was killing me.  Good luck tomorrow with the rest of the installation.

Users / Re: LinuxMCE 0704 RC1 Released
« on: July 28, 2007, 06:15:57 am »
I just installed RC1 today as well.  I initially tried to remove\purge the beta2 installation and install RC1 over the top.  That proved to be a mistake.  I won't go into the details, but I don't recommend trying it.  I quickly decided to do a clean install of Kubuntu instead.  The initial install aborted because it failed to install Lame.  I haven't dug into why yet, but I'll be sending in the logs.  On the 2nd attempt I choose not to install Lame and the install went smootly.  The install was faster than the Beta2 but it still takes a while.  It takes about as long for LMCE to cache the Kubuntu disk as it took to install Kubuntu from scratch.

I'm very very very pleased.  All of my show stopper issues have been resolved.

1. The Xine aspect ratio playback is problem is completely fixed.  It automatically detects the correct aspect ratio for any source material.  They also added a nice menu to change the zoom and aspect ratio manually.
2. The MythTV integration seems to be improved.  With the Beta2 I was constantly having difficulty connecting to the backend.  That problem is now gone.
3. MythTV would continually flicker when navigating through the screens.  That seems to be resolved.
4. There are a few subtle UI improvements that make for a much cleaner presentation.  The screens seem to render more quickly and the red highlighting around a selection is a nice touch.

Things that worked out of the box:
1. MCE2005 remote was detected and installed.  The key mappings are spot on.
2. HDHomeRun - Detected the device on the internal network, scanned for OTA channels, and allowed me to enter my zap2it provider.  Both tuners worked perfectly.
3. PVR-150 - Detected the card and allowed me to enter my zap2it provider.  This is by far the easiest mythTV integration I have ever been involved with. So far I have not needed to run myth-setup manually.
4. 5.1 and PCM audio work perfectly in Xine.
5. Dual Network card configuration was detected.  I have an internal gigabit network up and running, and my Laptop was detected by the orbiter.

Things that didn't work out of the box:
1. No audio inside MythTV.  I had to manually configure the ALSA settings to make it work.
2. LMCE didn't detect my eSATA drive or my secondary IDE drive.  They were detected by the Beta2 so I'm not sure what's going on.  Kubuntu sees them fine.
3. I wasn't prompted to run the AVWizard.  It wasn't a big deal because I'm using a custom Xorg.conf for my display.  Not sure how it would have gone if I didn't already have a known good config.

So far I'm very pleased.  Thanks so much to everyone involved in the project!

Users / Re: LinuxMCE 0704 RC1 Released
« on: July 26, 2007, 12:12:50 am »
Can anyone tell me what's different between the 1.1 Beta2 and 0704 RC1?  It would be really nice to see release memo detailing the bugs that were fixed.

I've been looking forward to this release.  I assume I can't "upgrade" but instead I need to do a complete reinstall? 

Users / Re: [Q] MythTV will not store recording schedules!
« on: July 23, 2007, 08:43:22 pm »
Try this:
Schedule a recording using the mythfrontend.
Exit myth and login using mythweb (http:\\localhost\mythweb).

Do you see the newly scheduled recordings? In my case the recordings were actually being added to the database but MythFrontend didn't see them for some reason.  I believe I simply had to shutdown the backend and start it up again for the frontend to sync back up.  I haven't had any problems since.

Users / Re: Anyone Successfully using HDHomeRun?
« on: July 11, 2007, 04:20:17 pm »
I installed my HDHomeRun last night.  I connected 2 digital cable feeds, plugged it into router and turned it on.  LinuxMCE detected it right away and asked me if I wanted to install the device.  I said yes.  It then proceeded to do a channel scan.  After the scan (10 minutes), it prompted me to select a service provider.  I accidentally skipped this step.  I then manually ran the mythTV setup and associated my DigitalCable video source with the HDHomerun tuners.  I fired up live TV and it worked.  Very simple to setup and the quality is very good.  I've been having tons of issues with my Avermedia A180 card, and the HDHomeRun looks much better.  All in all I'm very impressed with this tuner and with the LMCE integration.  I would highly recommend the HDHomeRun to anyone.

Users / Re: Will my cable provider work with LinuxMCE?
« on: July 11, 2007, 04:13:27 pm »
Right.  You don't need a QAM card.

Users / Re: Will my cable provider work with LinuxMCE?
« on: July 11, 2007, 12:31:29 am »
As long as you actually subscribe to analog cable and you have an NTSC capture card (Hauppage PVR-150 for example) then it will work.  Most digital cable channels are encrypted with the exception of the local network feeds.  You will need a QAM capture card to record unencrypted digital channels.

Users / Re: Anyone Successfully using HDHomeRun?
« on: July 09, 2007, 08:30:28 pm »
I'm expecting my HDHomeRun to be delivered today.  I'll let you if\when I get it working.

Users / Re: Switching from 1 network card to 2
« on: July 08, 2007, 12:41:47 am »
I can't get on the internet when I connect the cable modem to eth0 directly.  It only works if I connect the cable modem to the routers WAN port and then connect eth0 to the router.  I shouldn't need the router in the loop but I do.  For now I've reverted back to a single card configuration.  I don't think I can tolerate spending another minute debugging this.  The netx time I get brave I'll try making changes through the admin panel.  I've been manually modifying the \network\interfaces file and bringing down networking manually.

Users / Re: Switching from 1 network card to 2
« on: July 05, 2007, 06:03:38 am »
Thanks for posting that.  It got me a little bit closer, but I'm still not there.  Using your settings, the PCs on the internal network can now obtain an IP address, but they still can't access the internet.  The main DCERouter PC can't access the internet either.

Can you also post the output of the following command:
#route -n

I'm not sure if I need to modify my routing table as well, or if modifying /etc/network/interfaces should be enough.
Thanks again. 

Users / Re: Switching from 1 network card to 2
« on: July 05, 2007, 02:53:52 am »
Can someone with a working 2 network card configuration post the contents of their /etc/network/interfaces file?  I can't get this to work for the life of me.  Here's what I've tried.

I currently have working eth0, eth0:0 devices.  eth0 is assigned and the alias eth0:0 is assigned  The other PC's on my networks get dynamic IP from the router in the range.  That works fine.

I added a 2nd network card that comes up as eth1 in Kubuntu.  I tried replacing each instance of eth0:0 with eth1 in the /etc/network/interfaces file but that doesn't seem to work.

#ifdown eth0
#vi /etc/network/interfaces ->replace eth0:0 with eth1
#ifup eth0
#ifup eth1

On the surface this seems liked it worked.  If I do an ifconfig I see eth0 with IP address and eth1 with The problem is that I can't access the internet from the router box and the other PC's on the network don't get dynamic IPs.  Here what my network topography looks like:

Cable Modem -> Router's onboard NIC#1 (eth0)
Gigabit Switch -> Router's Gigabit NIC#2 (eth1)
                    -> Laptop (wired connection)
                    -> VOIP modem (wired connection)
                    -> Wireless Access Point (connected to switch via the internet port on the WAP. I have DHCP disabled and assigned the WAP a static IP of

I'm not using any ethernet crossover cables.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Users / Re: Switching from 1 network card to 2
« on: July 04, 2007, 06:18:34 am »
The problem is that eth1 isn't listed under Advanced->Network->Network settings.  It says:

Number of network adapters: 2

But it only allows me to configure eth0 and eth0:0.

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