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Try reinstalling your video drivers.  That should allow you to set the resolution back to 1600x1200.  I had the exact same problem and when I reloaded the drivers it started working.  I'm also getting the HAL error, but it doesn't seem to hurt anything.  I tried reinstalling the HAL packages from synaptic, but that didn't help.  The error is always there when I reboot. 

Installation issues / Re: UI2 and MythTV Problems
« on: March 27, 2007, 05:42:35 pm »
1.) UI2: Has anybody this UI2 running? I always get the error with the "transparency manager..." The funny thing about this error is, i had the UI2 running with the original Pluto (Version on the exact same PC's.

LMCE had been working fine for me with non-alpha blending UI2 until last night.  When I rebooted my box it brought be back to the mangled screen that we have all run into.  I tried changing back to UI1 and that didn't help, so I assumed that it must be a problem with my xorg.conf.pluto file.  I noticed that use "EDID" flag was set to false in the config.  I'm using an nvidia 6600GT and I'm connecting to a 720p LCD thru DVI.  As soon as I changed the use "EDID" flag to true it started working again.  To my surprise, I was then able to change the mode from UI1 to UI2 alpha-blending and it worked.  UI2 with alpha-blending is a 'HUGE' improvement over UI1 or the standard UI2.  The UI appears to be just as responsive as before, and the transparency of the menus is wonderful.  I'm totally pumped about this project again.

But now I'm afraid to reboot.  Does anyone know if the xorg.conf.pluto files gets regenerated with each restart?  The reason that I'm asking is that I don't understand why UI2 was working before and stopped working after I restarted.   

Users / Re: Questions for the well informed...
« on: March 27, 2007, 12:46:35 am »
I have the following question(s) reguarding the LinuxMCE project before a venture an install and kill my functioning windows MCE.

1.  Can the LinuxMCE use my current windows media center infrared control USB unit to it's entirety.  Mainly I ask because I use that same unit's IR output to control my cable box.  I am aware that the controller should work.

The answer to question #1 is yes.  I installed LMCE and my MCE remote worked beautifully.  The caveat is that I already had the remote configured and working with LIRC and MythTV.  I sort of doubt that it will work out of the box on a fresh install with LMCE.  If you goto and search for "MCE Remote" you will find the how-to page that I followed.

Installation issues / Re: UI2 and MythTV Problems
« on: March 26, 2007, 07:01:59 pm »

1.) UI2: Has anybody this UI2 running? I always get the error with the "transparency manager..." The funny thing about this error is, i had the UI2 running with the original Pluto (Version on the exact same PC's.

2.) When i start MythTV (setup of mythtv was fine) i always get a black screen with the mouse pointer. No keys work and i can only kill this by remote with an Windows-Orbiter. I checked the log-files and i only get something like "device died..." with the device id of the mythtv-player. But i don't get an error why this device died. Any suggestion where i should look for a solution?

I was able to get UI2 without alpha-blending working.  I was also getting the error message about the "transparency manager" not running when I tried using alpha-blending.  At one point, my video settings got all messed up.  I had to reinstall my nvidia drivers before I could get any further.  I'm not sure if the problem was related to the alpha-blending setting or one of the other settings (opengl for instance).  I'm going to try to give the alpha-blending another try.  I'm running an Athlon64 3500 with a 6600GT. I assume that's enough horsepower, but probably just barely.

I'm also getting the black screen with a cursor when I try to watch TV.  I briefly see what looks like the mythTV frontend open up and then it goes black.  I installed LinuxMCE overtop of a working MythTV .20 setup.  On a side note, the LinuxMCE installer was failing because it was trying to open mysql without supplying a root password.  To get by that I had to disable the password from phpadmin.  That allowed the MCE installer to create the tables that it needed, but it essentially broke my Myth setup.  I haven't tried to resolve that issue yet, but it concerns me.

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