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Users / What can it do?
« on: March 22, 2007, 01:39:12 pm »
I'm new to linux and have only messed with Ubuntu once so I'm unsure as to what this MCE is capable of, I currently use Windows MCE every day (which is much better than the guy in the video makes it out to be and it does more than he thinks it can!)

I use Windows MCE to playback h.264 TS, MPEG2 TS and x264 MKV files, all in Hi-definition with 5.1 audio
can linux MCE do this?

I have an analogue monitor on one of my DVI out ports and an HDTV with DVI to HDMI cable on the other, I just have MCE playing to the TV, not the monitor, can Linux MCE do this?

I use powerDVD Ultra 7.3 in Vista to play HD-DVDs & Blu-ray, can Ubuntu or linux MCE play either of these formats?

If it can play the HD files (h.264, mpeg2 & mkv files) then I'd be interested in building a stand alone PC to go under my HDTV, what sort of specs would I need to play those files without stuttering (for example, in Windows Media Player I can currently play BBC's h.264 MBAFF material with CPU usage at around 60%)

if anyone could give me any help it would be much appreciated, sorry for the questions, but I'm new to all this!

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