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Users / Re: folderlock working?
« on: September 05, 2011, 08:43:14 am »

I just moved that folder to my desktop station and the media did not show up anymore in the database after some time and a reload. Then I moved back the folder to the core and now it's showing up again even the folderlock file is still there.

My folder is in public and is called "exchange" and the folderlockfile is called "exchange.folderlock" and it is in public as well (not in exchange).
Is that alright this way?

That wont do the thing u have the files in the database so if u take out the media and move it to some folder that is not used by MCE structure that media wont be shown ,but if u take it back in the folder where it belongs then it will be shown again no matter if the folder is locked ,without root permissions and stuff .The only solution is to go into the webadmin and remove it from the database which is annoying and hard because all your files will be there and u have to select them

Developers / Re: linuxmce hardware
« on: September 04, 2011, 10:58:21 am »
in my research, i somehow stumbled upon this
It is Nvidia barebone so i guess that the first one will be great for md even with the 1GHz processor.
+ it is low cost

Users / Re: Foxconn NetBox-nT330i as MediaDirector
« on: September 02, 2011, 08:20:00 am »
There's one open issue with 1004 that will be corrected when we go GA with 810 around sarah not showing up in the video when ui2 with alpha is chosen:

The fix in the ticket works, so once 810 goes GA the fix will be rolled into the code and it should 'just work'.
i know about this problem if u remember i was the one discussing with TSCHAK on irc :)

Users / Re: Foxconn NetBox-nT330i as MediaDirector
« on: September 01, 2011, 03:58:46 pm »
Not yet, I have 3 foxconns at home though my only testing at this point is on VMs for the installation process and weeding out issues there. I can certainly let you know as soon as I complete the VM testing and move to physical hardware, though that won't happen until many corrections are in place for the install process (which may be the reason why you're having issues).
i managed to get to the a/v wizard but after configuring the a/v i dont get setup configuration (with sarah) it just try to get into orbiter but with no success so i cannot locate the problem i did the last update on 1004 and recreated TBZ so i'm creating new MD atm and we will see what happens but i guess it will remain on the same spot

Users / Re: Foxconn NetBox-nT330i as MediaDirector
« on: August 31, 2011, 02:39:31 pm »
Someone tested Foxconn nT330i on 1004 like MD ?

I did but with no success ....  ???  :(

Users / Re: SSD Is it worth the money?
« on: August 24, 2011, 04:57:14 pm »
I've run 10.04 on a 16gb usb thumb drive. Can't see 8.04 taking up more than that.
1 netboot MD 3 orbiters 15.6GB with no media on the drive

Users / Re: NEWS: rc Time
« on: August 22, 2011, 10:57:28 am »
Wow that's great news to hear ,i would like to know is it stable like snapshot 24255 , i've just completed the reinstall of the system with all the tweaking and i wouldn't try the RC if it's not stable .

Gratz to all involved to the project

Developers / Re: 2nd display as Touchscreen
« on: August 19, 2011, 11:09:45 am »
Has anyone played with userful's desktop multiplier?
apt-get install desktop-multiplier

It is billed as using one PC as several independent ones.
how does that work ?

Users / Re: questions about audio only MD
« on: July 05, 2011, 11:16:19 am »
Which audio cards (pci or usb) are supported is really down to the underlying OS (usb drivers & alsa version) so 0810 or 10.04 for LinuxMCE and in our case currently 10.10 for Dianemo. I don't know of a supported sound card wiki page as such (although a few a listed on the Squeezeslave page).

As to how many you 'put' in a hybrid well that comes down to how they are physically added ie slots or usb and also on the overall ability of the host system to cope with the load the multiple 'cards' willl place on system resources. Obviously you will hit power & throughput limits on USB connected 'cards' but we have so far not hit those limits at all as most motherboards/systems have multiple usb busses etc. You can mix PCI & usb sound cards in any way you like without limitation... other than the ones just mentioned that is.

All the best

I use 0810 for now ,and i'm not planning to move do 1004 yet because 0810 is working just fine.I was looking for usb audio on the wiki and i got this article which has just to options and for the first card (cmedia usb) the author didnt manage to get it work like squeezeslave at all.
The cards could be used on PCI ,PCI-X x1 and USB so what i will find that i will use .On the Core i believe i will use one PCI or PCI-x and one USB (total 3 zones) and on the MD (NT330i) i will use USB (for total of 2 zones) with which i will have 5 zones (current zone status of the house).This will wait for some time coz i contacted the suppliers for Audio Cards and they said they will have cards next week (i dont believe that they will have in so short time but it is ok).
The core system resources i quite well , the MD has lack of resources but i believe that it could manage one USB audio card

Users / Re: questions about audio only MD
« on: July 05, 2011, 09:35:23 am »
Ok great , just one more thing ,sorry for bothering u , is there any list of audio chips that are supported or any should be supported?
How much audio cards can i put on the Hybrid and the MD (i mean on the additional cards) or it is not limited?
And should be any problem if i combine few types of cards like one USB ,one integrated and one PCI card at the same time?

I appreciate this very much.

Thanks ,

PS: @malelan sorry that i hijacked the article with my questions

Users / Re: questions about audio only MD
« on: July 05, 2011, 09:05:35 am »
Each Squeezeslave receives a unique mac address. Utilizing this mac address each of the squeezeslave can be controlled just like any other MD, i.e. it can be controlled via touchorbiters etc.

A Touch Orbiter can control anything that a any other kind of Orbiter can - and this would also apply to the Android Orbiter too. Yes LinuxMCE can control any number of audio sources with the standard UI.

All the best

If i understood well squeeze slaves are separated for rooms like MD's and i can control them with changing the room?

Users / Re: questions about audio only MD
« on: July 04, 2011, 11:39:42 am »
See my link to the Wiki page about Squeezeslaves in my post above.

All the best

Thanks Andrew i've read all that ,but i couldn't understand if the control of the squeezeslave/soundcard can be done from proxy/touch orbiter (like the one for Android because i use that one) and from the UI of MCE.

If i have a card with multiple inputs/outputs like the onboard cards on the mother boards can i manage them to work simultaneously with different zone of the house like in foobar2000? The real questions is can MCE run multiple audio instances simultaneously with UI?
If MCE can do some of this options with UI it will save me a lot of money and time for configuring MD's just for audio zones.


Users / Re: questions about audio only MD
« on: July 04, 2011, 10:09:52 am »
Hey man i saw something about squeeze slaves on the core or md for audio zones.
I have 4 audio zones at home which can be separated in six ,and i'm using them now like 2 zones because i dont have enough money at the moment for buying new md's.All of the MD's will be used for audio zones ,so let me ask u do i need MD or i can put several audio cards at my core and play on the all audio zones simultaneously? How does that work? Do i need squeezeboxes for using this way??
I have some inwall audio receivers which cost a lot and i dont plan to spend lots of money on squeezeboxes .
Sorry for making mess with my questions but i didnt know there is an option for multiple audio zones on same core or md.

Users / Re: New Core/Hybrid machine (hardware) need opinions
« on: July 01, 2011, 02:31:53 pm »
Shipping from Germany to Macedonia is around 15-20EUR. You might want to search outside of your home country for stuff. Sometimes it is less expensive to get stuff from abroad.

I bought a GC-100-6 from Smarthome in the US, because including shipping and taxes it was still 35-40% less expensive than buying from a European distributor.
Shipping from US if i find distributor who will sent the stuff here will cost me from 15-25$ thats about 10-17EUR which is less then European distributor coz shipping from UK cost me 20-25EUR ,and plus the parts are more expensive.About the last i think everytime is less expensive to get stuff from abroad then my homecountry at least for computer parts, here the companies work like how much Dollars cost the part in US it will be same in Euros and maybe 10-15% more expensive. (They make profit as hell)

Anyway i will find a solution if the NIC doesnt work under LMCE, what do u think about the rest of the components like the MB with integrated graphic card and the processor?

Users / Re: New Core/Hybrid machine (hardware) need opinions
« on: July 01, 2011, 12:09:26 pm »
Where do you live that they don't sell Intel NICs?
I just can confirm that Intel NICs work very well with every OS. I have four in my ESX, two in my Core, one in my NAS, ...

I live in Macedonia.
I know they are the best under Linux ,but i've had a problem few months ago finding a Intel NIC for the servers where i work and this will be bigger challenge than that because this is not corporal it is private.

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