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Yup ok thanks for the help. I managed to get Kubuntu 1004 installed so I'm going to give it a go with 104 and see how it works. If I cannot get that to work then I will go back to 810 and use an Nvidia card that I have laying around.


I listed the hardware in my OP, let me know if there is any other thing I didn't list and I'll find out. I think I may try the 1004 install, apparently there is work being done on that. Is there a recommended partition scheme? I was planning on just doing the whole drive rather than dealing with partitions.

Well, I still can't get it to install. It's a lot closer though. Now I go through the installation menu's and add a username and password then it begins the installation and hangs on installing the ext3 file system. It gets to 5% really fast and then hangs there. Finally it goes to the login splash screen and I try to log in with the credentials I set up and get a log in failed. When I reboot it hangs on ...loading the operating system...

Something is installed just not the whole thing. Because I went to install Ubuntu 9.10 on it and it tells me that there is already an OS installed. BTW Ubuntu installs with no problem.

According to Intel this chipset is good on Linux Kernel 2.6 or higher. It's part of the reason I went with this machine  >:(

Anyway I don't see how it could be the graphics seeing that it works just fine running off the live cd. Should I put one of my Nvidia cards in it and try you think?

What I am thinking is that it doesn't like to be installed on a 2TB drive. I tried partitioning it and I tried installing on the whole drive to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Hi there. A few things...

1. Use 810, and until further notice, 32bit is the only option.
2. Use a snapshot. 
3. The graphics chipset is not going to work well, if at all.
4. Follow this wiki.
5. Yes, it absolutely has to be connected to the internet. In fact the internet needs to be on eth0, and your internal network on eth1.

Ok great, thanks for the info. I'll be back at it tonight and probably back with more questions.


Installation issues / Installation Freezes After Selecting Install LinuxMCE
« on: February 22, 2011, 04:36:21 pm »
Hello all.

The Machine:

Intel i3-530 Processor at 2.93GHz
Instruction Set: 64-bit
Intel HD Graphics
2TB Sata HD
HDMI out to TV
SPDIF out to Receiver

The Problem:

Insert the AMD64 CD and boot up gave message about switching from IDE to AHCI in BIOS which I did.
Next boot came to start up menu with three options, Install LMCE, Boot from HD, something else I forgot but not option to run live CD.
Select Install LMCE.
Begins installation and then just hangs. The DVD drive light stops flickering so it's not even spinning I suspect.

Next, I try the 32 Bit installation.
This goes much further but stalls again on a black screen. I cannot see any messages or access any logs.

Next boot off of the 32 bit installation and run Kubuntu off of the live CD. This works ok so now I don't suspect that the Intel HD Graphics are at fault.

This machine is not connected to the Internet at this time. Is that the problem?

I am going to try and install Kubuntu 7.10 first and then see what happens.

Any suggestions? I tried to install with acpi=no noapic nolapic with no result.


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