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Hi - I'm interested in hiring an MCE guru to help me do a partial setup on home in KL that includes all the elements, i.e. automation, media, security, etc. on a limited scale.  I'm willing to pay for a proof of concept here to determine if this MCE thing is really feasible, and if so to help me determine if I have the chops to learn what I need to perform further installations for other properties I own.  Looking for focus on the education part here to quickly work through roadblocks and gain some confidence in the system.  I am a security consultant, so I am comfortable around tech but not entirely proficient and I have no programming ability.

No on-site support is needed, so the only requirement would be someone in a similar time zone (GMT+8) with a fair degree of accessibility via Skype and a great deal of patience.  Please PM me with quotes based on hourly or module rates if interested.


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