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Testing my build now... my grandfather on my father's side passed... so was away for a bit in FL, will post my build source soon for others to test and overview... looking good.


KK.. never really used bookmarks  see it now...  i will make current QUrl value and write it to file /home/public/bookmarks.html  in same format as entries..  is this okay?  It says the file will be over written  is this by firefox?

Heya... Been Feeling very crappy last few days... much better now... sucks being sick on your birthday... printed up template code and was mulling over during my down time since this is my first time digging into mce src... quick question on web bookmarks... Currently i have my device template  setup with Browser Commands...  Goto_Url#1076 #Go_Back#1079 #Go_Forward#1078 #Web_Bookmark#1080... Web_Bookmark is a #193 URL (String) Parameter... and it will take current url ...will adding this bookmark to computing bookmarks menu be taken care by this command later or do i need to do this now.. adding url string somewhere?.. to bookmark storage location ... will be working on this next few days and getting it all down right...

QT is really cool... should be able to do some other cool stuff with this...


Hi All, would like to start trying to contribute more... And learn more about the frameworks and linuxmce┬┤s insides.

So this is what Ive gotten so far... Not sure if im still on the right track but ive gotten the browser down to just that... Not sure where i should go from here?

Code: [Select]
** lmcebrowser beta2 0810  3/15/10

#include <QtGui>
#include "mainwindow.h"

int main(int argc, char * argv[])
    QApplication app(argc, argv);
    MainWindow *browser = new MainWindow;
    return app.exec();


Code: [Select]
** lmcebrowser beta 2 0810

#include <QtGui>
 #include <QtWebKit>
 #include "mainwindow.h"

     progress = 0;

     QFile file;
     jQuery = file.readAll();

     view = new QWebView(this);
     connect(view, SIGNAL(loadFinished(bool)), SLOT(adjustLocation()));
     connect(view, SIGNAL(titleChanged(const QString&)), SLOT(adjustTitle()));
     connect(view, SIGNAL(loadProgress(int)), SLOT(setProgress(int)));
     connect(view, SIGNAL(loadFinished(bool)), SLOT(finishLoading(bool)));


 void MainWindow::adjustTitle()
     if (progress <= 0 || progress >= 100)
         setWindowTitle(QString("%1 (%2%)").arg(view->title()).arg(progress));

 void MainWindow::setProgress(int p)
     progress = p;

 void MainWindow::finishLoading(bool)
     progress = 100;


Code: [Select]
** lmcebrowser 3/15/10

#include <QtGui>

 class QWebView;
 class QLineEdit;

 class MainWindow : public QMainWindow


 protected slots:

     void adjustTitle();
     void setProgress(int p);
     void finishLoading(bool);

     QString jQuery;
     QWebView *view;
     QLineEdit *locationEdit;
     int progress;

Really will load so much faster that other browsers... was a really good idea.... not sure how im supposed to prep this to be able to to be controlled by DCE commands... working on bookmarking now  Am I on the right track?  heres a SS of the browser

Agree with Bill .. Also if your looking to only have plasmas of TV, Projectors, in an area and that's it for hardware... I ran an addition cat 6e  to each Tv... so that I could Send HDMI over Cat 5e 6e,  6e better  works superb for me, if you looking for a central hardware area room for gear... its the way  to go... works with all Av equipment also and Av hdmi switching receivers  ... Ive test almost ever model made .. and ive come to swear by  the "Atlona AT-HD-V40SRS"  You can even get one with a IR reapeter built in...

Mounting Md's behind or around TV's was not an option for me... And if you ever done wire installation you know pro-grade HDMI is a boat load over 30foot.... So HDMI over CAt6e was for me... I'm also sending everything over cat to devices behind tv locations... cat5 to get blue tooth and serial..., gc100's in areas,, etc... I put 2 cat6e and 2 cat5e behind each tv location to cover my bases for upgrades  all back to cat5e and cate63 patch panels

Are you looking to just send 5000$ on Linuxmce hardware... or whole home solution with hardware, receivers, speakers tv's?

5k might get you wired and prepped to setup with a core, freenas, couple MD's, webdt366's and all the trimming to get them going... then it would be replaceing zwave decora's and outlets as you go... get the Wayne dalton thermo's now...

Are you stiill running central cat through house? i would i really really would...

Cause, again like billypoints out with tv's you could blow 5k on speakers...

I have a layered network throughout my place with cat5e and 6e  just moved in last week.. still in setup... but got 2 65's playing 1080 flawlessly... over cat6e and my network gets response from 6e so much faster than 5e...  ... so im happy...

Users / Re: FireWire Support for Motorola DCT-6412 using MythTV
« on: January 27, 2010, 02:57:58 am »
simple one... do i need to use FireWire to FireWire or can it be a FireWire to usb 2.0 cable?

Users / Re: FireWire Support for Motorola DCT-6412 using MythTV
« on: January 24, 2010, 03:29:00 am »
Cool... so since im not using myth TV i could use it to just have myth change channels for the 6412?

Well let me rephrase that... i would like to use myth TV to Only change the channel on my STB   ... Can this be done?

Thanks Emach

Users / Re: FireWire Support for Motorola DCT-6412 using MythTV
« on: January 21, 2010, 05:55:53 am »
Heya Thom, Did you ever implement FireWire for DCT6412?  I currently just got couple of them... and Im not using myth or anything in conjunction.... I have and A/V receivers that switch hdmi video and sound  through a gc-100.... So when i watch media it switches AV to Source1 and for Cable DCT6412 it scenario switches Source 2.....  So I want to just have LiveTV DCT6412   button that lets me use the webdt366 as a remote.... 

Currently I have alot on my 2 GC-100-18R   (or i will)  so being able to control these boxes via  FireWire....Ethernet  would be great ... giving me and extra IR port instead of having to buy another GC100

If not i would like to give it a shot... are there any examples of devices using FireWire?


Obviously  something is afoot with the disk-less creation ... everything is fine till disk less creation  after first is setup  i start to get media director functionality limited report...

After days of trying to correct the issue with install or

for any also having this issue  where you are using the work around of using floorplan to have to play media

what I had to do was

First i have my data on NAS so i terminal into core and check for device for my nas which is 30

Code: [Select]
Lets establish if the standard linkages for media drives are in place. First get the device number of your drive. Now from a terminal session:

# ls -al /mnt/device

You should see a list of disk devices in there that are just a number. One number per device, and one of the should be the number you noted above. For instance if the device number is 30, then....

drwxrwxrwx  root root   0    2009-08-15 20:15  30

The first bit are the permissions and ownership - check these are the same as above. (drwxrwxrwx root root) Now...

Since i know the /mnt/device/30/video/etc  contains all my movies and they are there  and works and ios already mounted on core but not on MD so im good here..

Then after using Wiki for preping for Logging Into Media Directors

Code: [Select]
sudo su -

# ssh moonXX

# cd /mnt/device

is your device there? mines not

# mount /mnt/device/30

I then needed to symlink (i know it a bad idea to mess with... but there are none setup on my MD's so adding basically i played my media that won't work)

I get File Not Found: /home/public/data/other/Windows Share [28]/Videos/movie.avi...

So i move on MD to /home/public/data...

I have no other... i

# Mkdir other

same for Windows Share

# mkdir windows/ Share/ [30]

then finally


# ln -s /mnt/device/30/Video/ /home/public/data/other/Windows\ Share\ \[30\]/


This added my symlinks for my movies and i can now at least manually get MD's with all major functions working i can see


Installation issues / Re: Beta 2 "File not found" MD won't Play Media
« on: January 20, 2010, 06:48:14 am »
Still nothing... Can anyone please explain  how i can setup auto mounter again or run it manually  on mds...   i have everything on my NAS \\00:00:00:00:81:02\Storage   ?


This same this happens to me i see an error during install but everything works nice....  i actually discovery media... but as soon at i createTBZ for diskless creation ....  seems like the ability to discover is gone  as well as my ability to play media on MD directly... which i think are inter related... something in the mount.nfs  to automounter when screwy in install... still working on this...


Installation issues / Re: Beta 2 "File not found" MD won't Play Media
« on: January 17, 2010, 06:19:17 pm »
Nothing is listed...  Ive checked every time I reformat core  i get to this directory listing of folders....{audio  avwizard-sounds  documents  games  pictures  pvr  samples  tts  videos}  and the rest are empty inside  ... This is why flicker saver fades in any out from black showing no images cause nothing in pictures folder... why i have no sound in avwizard no greeeting.mpg or testsound.... etc...  think all my problems will be solved by fixing this ...   well mostly so that i can get basic functionality...

really can't figure out why nothing goes wrong with setup... everything is tested with 0710... when im doing the distro update  i notice a binary that can connect and can connect to one but it has no key  and it says useing older version is that okay?

currently moved into my new house that is entirely wire just for linuxmce ... all zwave sockets, switches, thermostats... 7 MD's addition 8 audio zones.. wedt366/7970 glore, and with the help of tk probably a lot of wall mount POE touchscreen orbiters etc.. tested all with 0710 besides POE... and have the core built in the moving box from condo... got all the MD, sockets switches and thermostats all working on there too....  I just really wanna get 0810 working instead of unpacking the 0710...  To damn stubborn...  but figure i can start throughly testing 0810 with a heavy load of devices etc




Installation issues / Re: Beta 2 "File not found" MD won't Play Media
« on: January 17, 2010, 03:22:52 am »
Well right now this is what ive got on the tail when i try to play a movie on MD

Code: [Select]
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.138             Parameter 37(Keep Column Header): 0 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.138             Parameter 49(Add Up-Down Arrows): 1 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.138             Parameter 73(Seek):  <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.138             Parameter 74(Offset): 0 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.245           Received Message from 21 (^[[36;1mOnScreen Orbiter / Core^[[0m) to 6 (^

[[36;1mDatagrid Plug-in / Core^[[0m), type 1 id 35 Command:^[[35;1mPopulate Datagrid^[[0m, retry none, parameters:

08      01/16/10 20:24:43.245             Parameter 4(PK_Variable): 0 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.245             Parameter 5(Value To Assign):  <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.245             Parameter 10(ID): 101 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.245             Parameter 15(DataGrid ID): plist_21 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.245             Parameter 38(PK_DataGrid): 18 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.245             Parameter 39(Options): 32,21,3278.0.0,,1 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.245             Parameter 40(IsSuccessful): 1 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.245             Parameter 44(PK_DeviceTemplate): 0 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.245             Parameter 60(Width): 1 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.245             Parameter 61(Height): 10 <0x6ec9eb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.246           ^[[33;1mNo stream on orbiter: 21^[[0m <0x934e7b90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.246           ^[[33;1mThe message was not from an orbiter or it doesn't have a media

stream on it!^[[0m <0x934e7b90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249           Received Message from 21 (^[[36;1mOnScreen Orbiter / Core^[[0m) to 6 (^

[[36;1mDatagrid Plug-in / Core^[[0m), type 1 id 34 Command:^[[35;1mRequest Datagrid Contents^[[0m, retry none,

parameters: <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249             Parameter 10(ID): 102 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249             Parameter 15(DataGrid ID): plist_21 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249             Parameter 32(Row): 0 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249             Parameter 33(Column): 0 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249             Parameter 34(Row count): 10 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249             Parameter 35(Column count): 1 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249             Parameter 36(Keep Row Header): 0 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249             Parameter 37(Keep Column Header): 0 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249             Parameter 49(Add Up-Down Arrows): 1 <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249             Parameter 73(Seek):  <0x6ec9eb90>
08      01/16/10 20:24:43.249             Parameter 74(Offset): 0 <0x6ec9eb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.284           ^[[33;1mStream ID 1006 is not mapped to a media stream object^[[0m

07      01/16/10 20:24:43.284           Event #12 has no handlers <0x82cc6b90>
07      01/16/10 20:24:43.284           Received Message from 36 (^[[36;1mXine Player / Bedroom (Master)^[[0m) to

-1001 (^[[36;1munknown / ^[[0m), type 2 id 12 Event:^[[32;1mPlayback Completed^[[0m, retry none, parameters:

07      01/16/10 20:24:43.284             Parameter 4(MRL):  <0x82cc6b90>
07      01/16/10 20:24:43.284             Parameter 9(Stream ID): 1006 <0x82cc6b90>
07      01/16/10 20:24:43.284             Parameter 37(With Errors): 1 <0x82cc6b90>

Code: [Select]
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.439           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() called for id 1006 filename: /home/public/data/videos/Already Dead .avi ()^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.476           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() stopping PSS^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.557           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::EVENT_Playback_Completed(streamID=1002)^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.557           ^[[33;1mXineStreamEventListener called on non-initialized stream - aborting command^[[0m <0xb19ffb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.563           ^[[33;1mDestroyed stream with ID=1002^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.623           ^[[33;1mCreated new stream with ID=1006 deint 0  100 0^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.623           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() set stream 1006 as last rendering to screen.^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.623           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() called for id 1006 filename: /home/public/data/videos/Already Dead .avi () with corresponding stream 0xb41402a0.^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.625           ^[[33;1mOpening media without chapters/title position: 'file:///home/public/data/videos/Already Dead .avi' ^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.626           ^[[33;1mReceived XINE_EVENT_UI_MESSAGE, decoding:^[[0m <0xb09fdb90>
01      01/16/10 20:24:39.626           ^[[31;1mXine_Player::SendMessageToOrbiter sent message: File not found: /home/public/data/videos/Already Dead .avi^[[0m <0xb09fdb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.626           ^[[33;1mMessage details: XINE_MSG_FILE_NOT_FOUND: file:///home/public/data/videos/Already Dead .avi^[[0m <0xb09fdb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.626           ^[[33;1mOpening media FAILED^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.636           ^[[33;1mXine_Stream::OpenMedia failed! Aborting!^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.636           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() Failed to open media^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.636           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() ended for filename: /home/public/data/videos/Already Dead .avi with stream 0xb41402a0.^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.637           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Stop_Media() with corresponding stream id 1006 0xb41402a0.^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.637           ^[[33;1mXine_Stream::changePlaybackSpeed no running seekers found^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.637           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::EVENT_Playback_Completed(streamID=1006)^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.637           ^[[33;1mXineStreamEventListener called on non-initialized stream - aborting command^[[0m <0xb09fdb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:39.643           ^[[33;1mClosed stream AV with ID=1006^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.015           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Set_Media_Position() called for filename:  ( CHAPTER:0 POS:9880 TITLE:0 SUBTITLE:-1 AUDIO:-1 TOTAL:5276000) with stream 0xb41402a0.^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.015           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() called for id 1006 filename:  ( CHAPTER:0 POS:9880 TITLE:0 SUBTITLE:-1 AUDIO:-1 TOTAL:5276000)^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.016           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() stopping PSS^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.016           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() set stream 1006 as last rendering to screen.^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.016           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() called for id 1006 filename:  ( CHAPTER:0 POS:9880 TITLE:0 SUBTITLE:-1 AUDIO:-1 TOTAL:5276000) with corresponding stream 0xb41402a0.^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.018           ^[[33;1mOpening media with chapters/title position: '/0.0' ^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.018           ^[[33;1mReceived XINE_EVENT_UI_MESSAGE, decoding:^[[0m <0xaffffb90>
01      01/16/10 20:24:43.018           ^[[31;1mXine_Player::SendMessageToOrbiter sent message: File not found: ^[[0m <0xaffffb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.018           ^[[33;1mMessage details: XINE_MSG_FILE_NOT_FOUND: /0.0^[[0m <0xaffffb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.018           ^[[33;1mOpening media FAILED^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.028           ^[[33;1mOpening media without chapters/title position: 'file://' ^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.314           ^[[33;1mOpening media FAILED^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.315           ^[[33;1mXine_Stream::OpenMedia failed! Aborting!^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.315           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() Failed to open media^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>
05      01/16/10 20:24:43.315           ^[[33;1mXine_Player::CMD_Play_Media() ended for filename:  with stream 0xb41402a0.^[[0m <0xb6e5fb90>

not sure if its telling me much else than the file wasn't found


Installation issues / Re: Beta 2 "File not found" MD won't Play Media
« on: January 16, 2010, 08:42:07 pm »
Still No Joy... Ive lost count of how many times ive reinstalled...  Im properly setup and Media directors start right up without doing anything...  But MD's stll won't play media from media browser.... 

Ive noticed on the MD... that it gives a Message like: "There are some Devices on this Media Director that did not start.... Functionality ...(cant see rest)  and it has a Ok button.

So i watched more carefully when MD is booting  it goes by fast...

But i can see that 1 thing on start is red Failed...

Right before that failed i wrote down this i saw...

"mount.nfs an incorrect mount option was specified"

then i see something about automounter...  mount none something so fast  [Failed]...

Whats my mount.nfs supposed to look like so i can check it?

Thanks ~emac~

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: New feature request: Landing page
« on: January 14, 2010, 10:53:24 pm »
Well I can setup with a javascript and css ... and or tables added to sql to store data for fields zipcode, http streams,  that will allow to setup custom data  like tickers weather... frame for video streams weather news etc... and a frame for maybe Google traffic map or something... Then  it could be tied  into webadmin

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