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Developers / Re: ruby initialise command vs receive buffer
« on: December 10, 2010, 09:30:51 pm »
ok.. I have no idea why, really but it works as I want now. commented out the disable commands and now it registers at I want, with or without power it seems. =)

closing this thread since the questions I had was not very clear(too much txt around them) and I guess that's why there was no reply.
 Maybe I'll learn/understand more about this later.  :)
Now I need to get ontop of other issues which has woken my attention.


Developers / Re: ruby initialise command vs receive buffer
« on: December 09, 2010, 03:12:20 pm »
Ok, have found in the wiki a few explanations to the commands *my god what much there is to know about this*

Anyway There is no ping sort of command that the pana will just answer, so I want to have a init command that treats all possible answers and I simply do not understand how to do it. like an "elsif" of some sort? =/
Been looking at the LG42_ in the wiki which I think is a clean an neat way. But applying it to my config.. and still there are a few things in the LG template that feels overkill, like having to put manually he device id =/ (less is more)
Also, would be nice to get the commands From the device into the log, so I know it's received by the dce.. Like turning on the Projector and the dce would then get that message, Hmm but wait a minute.. Is it really sending anything(?) hmm.. I leave that for now..

anyway here's the latest config currently:
Code: [Select]
18:#### 350 ####################################################################
  19:def cmd_350(cmd=nil)
  21:#350 Process Incoming Data
  22:   buff = ''
  23:        loop do
  24:          buff=conn_.Recv(30,200)
  25:          if buff.empty?
  26:            print "Nothing Received\n"
  27:            break
  28:          end
  30:          if buff.include?("OK")
  31:            print "command received\n"
  32:          elsif buff.include?("ER401")
  33:            print "command ERROR\n"
  34:          end
  35:        end
  36:return @returnParamArray
  38:#### 355 ####################################################################
  39:def cmd_355(cmd=nil)
  41:#31-Nov-10 14:13 init  Panasonic AE3000
  45:for iRetry in 0...4
  46:    print "Initializing unit\n"
  47:    conn_.Send("\x02QPW\x03\r")
  48:    buf = conn_.Recv(100, 500)
  49:    if( !buf.nil? && !buf.index("001").nil? )
  50:        print "Initialized ok\n"
  51:           initok=true
  52:           break
  53:   else
  54:           print "Didn't respond to command\n"
  55:   end

Developers / ruby initialise command vs receive buffer
« on: December 09, 2010, 11:04:36 am »


Starting off as always to excuse myself for posting, maybe even in the wrong section(?)
Anyway. a pointer to a page where these things are described would be as appreciated as giving pointers to what is not ok.

What is wrong with my initialise command?
I assume the answer from the device is handled correct, hence the device getting disabled upon quick reload(if power is on in this case) since I tried to change the first buf.index
 to 001 and then it does register ok.
Can the init command not put devices as enabled? (i.e unclick the disabled button)
Goal: when init send power question, if receive 000(power off)  set device as enabled
               if receive 001(power on)  set device as enabled
If no response at all, then disable device..
Code: [Select]
#31-Nov-10 14:13 init Panasonic AE3000


for iRetry in 0...4
print "Initializing unit\n"
buf = conn_.Recv(100, 500)
if( !buf.nil? && !buf.index("000").nil? )
print "Initialized ok\n"
if( !buf.nil? && !buf.index("001").nil? )
print "Initialized ok\n"
print "Didn't respond to command\n"

if initok==false
DisableDevice( device_.devid_, true )
print "The device wouldn't respond. Disabling it.\n"
if initok==true
DisableDevice( device_.devid_, false )
print "The device responded. Enabling it.\n"

print "Initialized ok, doing log\n"

Below is the receive command(also copied from onkyo template)
I am not sure it is correct either, seems like it is reffered to in the init command but then it seem to be misspelled?
I guess it listens for what comes but what is the things between supposed to do " " ?
I guess this what's expected from the device?

Code: [Select]
buff = conn_.RecvDelimited("\1a", -1)
print buff,"\n"


Marketplace / Re: WebDT 366s - Brand new still in the box. ** $75.00**
« on: November 15, 2010, 08:50:22 pm »
ouch.. seems like I have one bad unit also.. upper most left led is constant lit when turning power on(in craddle or without) battery indicator is off course lit as well.
Strange.. almost like the cpu would be dead since I dont see anything happening with the screen and it does not even load the bios.

power on
blue led no1 constant lit.
nothing more..

- should have bought 4 =) (one as spare)

Users / Re: WebDT 366LX PadOrbiter Image
« on: November 15, 2010, 09:17:47 am »
well usually I search for days before asking but this time I wanted it to work faster than usual. And Yes it helped very much when you posted the findings and solution you have done  :)

Yes the wep is working fine, no driver updated yet. tried wap first.

are you for real  :o DT as MD? I have been thinking of this, do you have the time to post a simple guide how you made it working? I thought PXE boot was not even an option in the bios.
Also, in the image you have the slaveplayer..
 I have not looked(read up on) at the squezzy thingy yet. but does this mean I dont need other than a squeeze server? and does that need to be a squeeze box?


Users / Re: WebDT 366LX PadOrbiter Image
« on: November 12, 2010, 11:19:16 am »
how did you get the iw2200 driver onto the webdt?

I am trying to mount a usb stick to it and from there install it. However it is not succeeding and is not recognising tha filesystem I am using on it FAT32.

How did you do?
edit. maybe should tell abit more.. I have installed your image on my webdt and when going into terminal (ctrl-c -t) and executing iwconfig I can see the ssid is not associated with my ap which is defined. I use wep with no encryption just to make things simple.
Thinking I may have to update the driver or so =/

edit2.. well. OR check the settings of the AP which turned out to have "required" buttons ticked in for the speeds.. So now it's booting up lets see.
Great work with the image!

Marketplace / Re: WebDT 366s - Brand new still in the box. ** $75.00**
« on: November 11, 2010, 07:11:10 pm »
edit. deleted my question after proper search  ;)

Marketplace / Re: WebDT 366s - Brand new still in the box. ** $75.00**
« on: October 12, 2010, 04:47:53 pm »
tbowland.. you have emails in your inbox (or spamfilter) from me.

Marketplace / Re: WebDT 366s - Brand new still in the box. ** $75.00**
« on: September 21, 2010, 10:03:15 pm »
been doing some research and unfortunately it seems like they do not. WPE only(what where they thinking..)

I think it is also mentioned in the specs that can be found somewhere in the big dark internet...

Users / Re: AcerRevo 3610 atom330 ION MD on 8.10 core:
« on: June 05, 2010, 09:40:33 am »
Sorry to hear that - did you enable the alternate ROM for the network card in bios?  That was the one thing I had to do.  I'm not sure why you are having issues when it "just worked" for me without jumping through hoops (other than the alternate ROM thing).  If you want I can check my bios for specific settings, just let me know what you want checked. 

FWIW, I still have WIFI enabled.  My network cable has the tab broke off the end and a couple times it was loose and booted into Windows 7 with full Internet access.

Yes, if the alternate(onboard Lan optional ROM) was not enabled it did not want to pxe boot at all.

Now I had it running over night and saw it stopped at generating x. will read wiki and the posts and hopefully I can get it running today.

Users / Re: AcerRevo 3610 atom330 ION MD on 8.10 core:
« on: June 05, 2010, 01:36:12 am »
thanks all of you..
Skeptic, I kind of hoped for the same experience as you describe , but murphy hit me once again..

getting further now after adding the blacklist ath_pci .

I have blacklisted the wmi also(found a post on it in ubuntu tracker). It is not clear that the 1600 is same as 3610 but after updating the bios to a linux version I noticed that it is indeed..

gives me more options to search for, will read up more of the 1600 posts then :) since there could be some work needed to get it up and hopefully I dont find new issues.


Users / Re: N900
« on: June 04, 2010, 01:18:17 pm »
ok, Great!


Users / AcerRevo 3610 atom330 ION MD on 8.10 core:
« on: June 04, 2010, 08:21:50 am »

Finally released some money and bought the above to have as a first MD to show the family and others more of the fancy stuff with lmce.
Read that this 3600 should work but it Must be based on ION..
Also have read about people having problems with pxe and the eth0.. But I dont think I have the same..

I get different problem than most guys seem to have during pxe boot.
The boot hangs sometimes complaining about acer-wmi interface..

If not complaining(visibly) on the above it hangs on "loading hardware drivers"

Tried acpi on/off in the 01-xxxxx.cfg file in the core.
Also changed amd64 to i386 in webadmin.
Will look around for new bios tonight forgot to check that yesterday.

Maybe someone has some input on what I can do to bypass this?
 Andrew@CHT perhaps
;) ?


Users / Re: N900
« on: June 01, 2010, 08:22:53 pm »
Hi Andrew,
After the N900 update to pr1.2 the "Maemo 5 Fremantle" install link fails when just clicking the link.
The app installer on the N900 is looking for the packages under which fails.

This can be worked around by editing the application catalogue for the LinuxMCE Repo on the N900 and adding fremantle in the Distribution field.
Then the app manager finds the orbiter installer.


Does the orbiter work for you, I mean..(how does it work with your phone)
Does your status bar(the one showing battery,time etc) disappear after closing the orbiter?


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