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Users / Re: Z-Wave dongle for Europe - READ THIS
« on: August 08, 2008, 05:46:21 am »
thanks Hari.  have you seen any new serial controllers (not virtual serial via usb) over there?  i know act had one but i think that is a very old version...

Users / Re: Z-Wave dongle for Europe - READ THIS
« on: August 07, 2008, 12:18:36 pm »
hari, what kind of connection do they use, usb or serial?  is the protocol straight zwave or bastardized like the rzc0p?

Users / Re: Z-Wave information, what to do, what NOT to do.
« on: July 27, 2008, 01:15:59 am »
what i meant was that zensys has already corrected this issue (probably was never really an issue).  more likely it was the cheaper controllers that didn't incorporate the functionality.  i can remove nodes that fail just fine with a rediscovery of the network remotely.

Users / Re: Z-Wave information, what to do, what NOT to do.
« on: July 18, 2008, 11:02:35 am »
that's horrible about the removing devices.  with other zwave setups you can remove devices even if they break and you don't have an opportunity to remove them.  all without having to manually setup the network again.

Users / Re: Zwave or Insteon
« on: July 10, 2008, 06:20:07 pm »
some interesting reads:

just happens to mention homeid and assignee is zensys...doc sounds strangely familiar

chief R&D for zensys...again sounds strangely familiar

original patent app from zensys

page 24

hari, did you receive any email?

Users / Re: Zwave or Insteon
« on: July 02, 2008, 04:17:51 am »
actually zwave utilizes a mesh network.  i run hvac off of it just fine too.

Users / Re: Zwave or Insteon
« on: July 01, 2008, 05:53:23 am »
IMO the closed source decision is a strategic one based on financial variables.  1. there has been vc money coming in for some time now.  i doubt these companies would embrace an open standard if they want a return on their investment.  people tend to put more value on something that costs them.  not that it is really better, just psychologically it may be.  2. they think they have something special that can be commercialized.  so far they have over 100 device manufacturers onboard so they must be on to something.  3. they look at zigbee and a. want to differentiate themselves from it, b. don't want to get bogged down by seemingly neverending meetings on agreement of standards.  same thing is happening with 802.111n.  the technology is being marketed ahead of finalization and people become disillusioned when things don't happen sooner rather than later.

they were able to sign on most manufacturers early on so i don't think they felt the pressure to have an open spec to sell more devices.

just another rant, i have yet to find a decent physical light switch in the US.  i think the rocker style on leviton is annoying.  i wake up at night to use the b-room and find myself automatically hitting the top of the switch in the dark to turn it on.  i wind up having to hit the switch twice to turn it on.  the cooper wiring is annoying too.  it is a top/bottom rocker but on the right side.  in other words you have to hit the top right or bottom right corner of the switch to toggle it.  also, it is a toggle switch, meaning 1 click on, next click off.  so you could hit the bottom to turn on and top to turn off, bottom to turn on, bottom to turn off, etc.  this could be cool for different programming options but there is no decent labelling system physically on the device to note how you programmed it so anyone who is not familiar with it will be lost.  the intouch line has a somewhat european style with the finger imprint however the 15amp clicks so loud you can hear it 2 rooms away at night.  finally, the homesettings and act line have a decent style however i don't like the dimmer built into the switch.  i prefer the side toggle like leviton/cooper.  the timing can be hard to get used to in order to dim/brighten from the switch itself.  of course you can program these setttings but i still prefer the side toggle.

Users / Re: Zwave or Insteon
« on: June 30, 2008, 10:20:24 am »
Karl, from the link below is running it off of freebsd and has a good command of the functionality.  maybe you could approach him.  he is very knowledgable on the rzcop and is more than friendly.  not stuck up at all.  garylm has been experimenting also and i see him on multiple zwave boards trying to figure this out too.

check this link for rzcop info too

maybe the posted source code from xpl zwave can help... or

i have most of the modules on the market if anyone needs to test a specific type.  i just don't currently have a linux box but have a box laying around that might work for basic testing.  i would need someone to work with me patiently as i don't know much about linux.

also, you can download the mcontrol windows software and monitor the zwave adapter for device classes as well.  for instance, the DBMZ motor, which is referenced on the wiki but not defined shows up as a multilevel motor.  it may be inherited from multilevel switch since it's properties are very similar.  mcontrol also has a log which may assist with some info.

controlthink's thinkessentials pro has some functionality like the ztool also.  also,  they have a sdk for their dll.  would this not help hari? 

this is another longshot too but recently just updated their firmware to regulate control via a remote website.  you could just use something like ethereal to sniff the traffic back and forth to your local network to see what comes up in the payload.

i had a bad taste on this board from another user on here but am willing to take a chance with other people since i doubt everyone is as negative.  hopefully, even with this user, it is just a misunderstanding.  we'll see.


no naive not naiive.  you have not been burned by me nor am i an any habit of 'burning' people.  it's a shame you have such a negative and disgruntled view on life.  i wish you nothing but the best of course.

i have a business plan.   i am working with a university as well as applying for srrt/sbir grants.  i don't guarantee success on this project to anyone, never did i state anything like that.  if you are starving to eat then this project is definitely not for you.  you will spend your time looking for the next meal as opposed to how to solve some of the issues that come up in coding.  i already have a regular a/v and automation company so i know what it is like to be self employed.  i am constantly having to pay people before myself and sometimes i wind up losing money on a deal.  that is the nature of being self employed.  i don't complain or rant/rave on forums about it though.  it's a waste of time IMO.

i am in my mid 30's as if age would actually be the qualifying factor for me, lol.  that's another naive statement.  the experience is there with the a/v and automation, i am just not a programmer.  how else would i know the intimate details on how to make this all work.

it was a pleasure speaking to you Thom.  Good luck with whatever you wind up doing.


Users / Re: Zwave or Insteon
« on: June 29, 2008, 03:42:40 pm »
the basic command class has been abstracted, not sure about any other class but it includes support for most modules on the market today.

my post about the 2way was really to just suggest the workaround of polling every so often for status or manually polling as part of the current function.  i.e. whenever you send a control command to turn on a light, also send a command to poll.

definitely check out the rzcop if possible. 

controlthink also has a sdk with a windows dll they wrote incorporating zwave command classes.  i am not a coder but is there a way to reverse engineer a dll possibly?

you don't even know the details of what i have in mind and already you know everything.  *shake-head multiple times*
i'm sure you are a linuxmce guru but that doesn't mean you are the only one with ideas and knowledge on how to put all of the pieces of the puzzle in place.  what i am trying to do is already in the market, albeat fragmented.  i just want to put it all together.  the products are there as well as people who have experience coding.  if i knew coding i would do it myself.

why wouldn't anyone want to make money doing something they like?  that was such a naive statement Thom.


The iphone development kit is free to download and includes an iphone emulator.  i would love to see this developed also.  i am actually looking for commercial partners in an endevour like this for a/v + automation from cell phones (iphone, symbian, winmo, etc.).  i know how to accomplish it but don't write code.  looking for people in the tristate area to start a company with.

if you or anyone you know who develops/writes code, especially in cocoa right now, lives in the tristate (ny, nj, pa) area, and is interested in learning more; please pm me.



Users / Re: Zwave or Insteon
« on: June 28, 2008, 12:23:11 pm »
zwave supports 2way communication at the protocol level.  depending on the series chip it will support instant update status of changes.  if not, most software uses a polling method for periods of time (i.e. poll all device status every 30 seconds).  the protocol does support acknowledgements of commands sent and some of the newer usb sticks support silent acks.

zwave is made up of 'command classes' at the control level.  these classes describe the type of module to be control as well as any methods to control them.  there is also a general basic command class that covers general overall commands, including some thermostat commands.

i do not develop in linux but for anyone who does, the easiest way to have most of the classes right now without buying the development kit is to use the leviton rzc0p (that's zero not o).  it is a serial zwave device that maps ascii code to zwave commands.  i am sure anyone who is developing linuxmce would have no problem writing the code as long as they can develop a linux driver for the rzcop.  leviton has all of the documentation for the ascii codes also so as i said this part would probably be a piece of cake for any serious developer.  i would definitely look forward to seeing it implemented.

i have seen 1 zwave box on the market that looks linux based, the hawking homeremote.  if someone could reverse engineer this box it might prove fruitful in porting it over.

on the windows side i have personally controlled the following to date via zwave:

1. lighting - switch, dimmer, battery operated dimmer controller, garage door opener with lighting control built into keychain
2. plugins - lamp dimmers, 15amp appliance modules (indoor and outdoor)
3. motorized window shades
4. hvac
5. motion & door sensors
6. receptacles (outlets)
7. screw in lamp module (good for basements, laundry rooms, & torchlamps)
8. controllers - handheld remotes, a/v remote (harmony 890), 4 & 5 button wall controllers (control any 1 or more module on 1 button, not just lighting), appliance box (hawking), windows software (wmc, web page, wap page) via usb stick & rzc0p, java applet for cell phone (moshi)

speed on the newer devices is up to 40kbps and they are working on a chipset for direct IR replacement with RF in the future.
also sells a 40kbps firmware updgradable usb stick if developers want to go that way.

hope this info helps anyone who is looking to further the development of zwave in linuxmce.

i have some basic videos showing some of this stuff at  check the 'gallery' link and click the red down arrow twice to get to the home automation section.  click the videos to play.  enjoy.

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