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Installation issues / Re: No Network, new mobo
« on: August 20, 2010, 04:23:24 am »
I had a similar if not the same issue over the weekend, no nics were found.

I had one nic in old box.

New MB nic didn't work, added old smc tulip based nic, didn't work.

every time a new nic is detected it adds a new entry in the file listed below, it is based on the hardware MAC.  Since it was a MB replacement the old nic was still defined as eth0, so the new nic was listed as eth1, and the tulip showed up as eth2...

comment out or remove the old eth0 entry in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules, make sure you edit the other entries for the different cards to re-assign them as eth0, eth1... as appropriate.  After a reboot all was well for me.

Hope this helps

Developers / MVPMC for iPhone
« on: March 05, 2010, 03:09:10 pm »
I just wanted to share that the team (they built mythtv compatible firmware for the Hauppauge MVP devices) has a new release targeted at iphone.  It looks like it has mythtv and vlc support on the device (including telnet).

I just thought I would share for the team, as there has been other interest in building an MD for iPhone/Pod/Pad devices.


Users / Re: DCE Router log - Continuous errors
« on: March 02, 2010, 07:31:26 pm »
Did you ever resolve this issue, I'm getting the same results after a recent upgrade.


Installation issues / Re: 2 Problems after 810B2 update from 2/23/2010
« on: March 02, 2010, 01:29:12 pm »
Looking through the logs I found the following in my logs, just hoping someone knows what it may mean.  Thanks in advance.


01   03/02/10 6:18:30.346      Unable to connect to MythTV client <0xb78dfb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:30.346      MythTV_Player::pollMythStatus no jump livetv  <0xb78dfb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:30.445      Going to send command jump livetv <0xb78dfb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:31.489      Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0xb78dfb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:32.489      Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0xb78dfb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:33.489      Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0xb78dfb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:33.490      ClientSocket::Connect() not successful <0xb78dfb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:33.490      void ClientSocket::Disconnect() on this socket: 0x9253188 (m_Socket: 8) <0xb78dfb90>
01   03/02/10 6:18:33.490      Unable to connect to MythTV client <0xb78dfb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:33.490      MythTV_Player::pollMythStatus no jump livetv  <0xb78dfb90>
01   03/02/10 6:18:33.490      Failed initial communications with Mythfrontend. <0xb78dfb90>
01   03/02/10 6:18:33.515      Killed Mythfrontend. <0xb78dfb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:33.522      Going to send command quit <0xb68ddb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:34.713      Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0xb68ddb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:35.713      Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0xb68ddb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:36.713      Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0xb68ddb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:36.713      ClientSocket::Connect() not successful <0xb68ddb90>
05   03/02/10 6:18:36.714      void ClientSocket::Disconnect() on this socket: 0x9281830 (m_Socket: 8) <0xb68ddb90>
01   03/02/10 6:18:36.714      Unable to connect to MythTV client <0xb68ddb90>

Installation issues / Re: 2 Problems after 810B2 update from 2/23/2010
« on: March 01, 2010, 05:51:51 pm »
To add some more information:

I can watch MPG movies on the MD without issue (from a quick test), but mythtv is being actively shutdown after a minute or so, even if just left to sit at the main screen.  When myth closes there is a brief flash of a blue info screen, but too fast to read, then back to the main UI2 screen.

I need to get this issue resolved soon, or I will have a family revolt on my hands.

Installation issues / Re: 2 Problems after 810B2 update from 2/23/2010
« on: February 28, 2010, 03:57:31 am »
I tried running the myth-setup from the computing menu, and it had no change.

Loaded another MD, same issues.

Myth just launches just doesn't seem to communicate, I would really like to avoid a rebuild, is there a way to re-run the previous scripts?  If the one didn't run, what other scripts do I need to rerun?


Installation issues / Re: 2 Problems after 810B2 update from 2/23/2010
« on: February 27, 2010, 06:16:03 pm »
Thanks phenigma, the fixed the image problem, still having trouble with myth.

My impression is that the myth scripts aren't firing, as I can't change channel remotely, nor does it show current status remotely.

Also when myth starts, it just goes to menu, it doesn't go into tv.

My core is fine, just something with the MD orbiters.


Installation issues / 2 Problems after 810B2 update from 2/23/2010
« on: February 26, 2010, 04:35:44 am »
I did the apt-get update/dist-upgrade update on 2/24/2010 and have run into a serious "snag".

My core upgrade just fine.  I decided to delete my MDs and let the rebuild so they would be cleaner.

The MDs go through the first phase of setup and build the image.  After reboot they fail.  I tracked it down to bad symlinks in tftboot pointing to a non-existent /usr/pluto/diskless/xx/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.27-17-generic and matching initrd.img files.

What kernel version should it be? Did my upgrade miss files?  If so how can I fix?

I copied the -16- file to -17- to ge the md to boot, which allowed it to boot again.  System seems to run but Myth will die in about 1min of live tv.  Using another machine as a remote, it never notifies what station is being loaded, nor does remote channel selection work.  It also does not jump directly into live tv, it just launches myth.  It seems to indicate a communication problem, but I don't know how to research from here.

Thanks in advance.

Users / Re: Machine recommendation / feedback for cheap foxconn box.
« on: October 13, 2009, 06:44:08 pm »
Thanks, can I follow up and focus the question a little more (I'm guessing you have worked with the different classes of machines more than I have over the last couple years.)

I did try and do some research, but it is hard to determine actual user experience from the systems, there is a wealth of information in these forums (which has helped me quite a bit... thanks to all who contribute.)  Just a couple of the threads I tried to decifer are below. (which YOU indicate that the 945 chipset can handle 720p and allude to 1080p)

Also, I would expect there to be a difference in support of machines that can handle 1080i vs 1080p. I haven't tried a marginal machine for difference between 720p and 1080i, right now I have a laptop with a gma915 graphics and 1.6 Pentium processor, everything runs on UI1, primarily used for TV in kitchen (mythtv) on an old air2pc atsc tuner.

Are the systems you're using single or dual core atoms, have you seen a difference once the system is up (boot time differences are not as interesting to me.)

Users / Machine recommendation / feedback for cheap foxconn box.
« on: October 13, 2009, 05:36:50 pm »
I saw this machine on

Does anyone know if it will handle US digital broadcast rendering @1080i.  I've got an older laptop (1.6 with 915 graphics) in place now, but it seems to struggle on hd playback, and the atom 230 makes me nervous if the gma 950 set can't take care of it.

Any reason to go above 512mb of ram?

I just want to run as MD.

I was also looking at the zotac ION systems (almost twice the cost with case.)  I'm not trying to be cheap, but I don't want to over buy for a simple MD. 

Users / Re: iPhone/iPod Touch Orbiter?
« on: October 13, 2009, 05:26:46 pm »
kinda funny, I did a proof of concept with a friend, sending DCE messages from the iphone. It took us less than an evening to control the lights with a few buttons. Sure, this is no full Orbtier yet, but I really wonder why nobody takes some effort here if so many ppl want this iOrbiter..

br, Hari

Can you share any of the code as to how you formatted the DCE messages, or point me to some docs.  I've just had trouble getting over the initial hurdle of understanding the communication methods.

Developers / Re: New LinuxMCE release?
« on: November 05, 2008, 09:40:44 pm »
All I have is mouse control.  The media functionality doesn't seem to work for me (most buttons don't seem to work) how did you get it setup.  Maybe I can contrast with what I did, and then update the wiki to get past my issues.


Developers / Re: New LinuxMCE release?
« on: November 01, 2008, 02:51:06 pm »
I would be interested in helping, I'm just not sure where to start.

Is there a good "to do" list that is available for us that are new to LinuxMCE development can try to find a part we can tackle.

If nothing else, many of us can work on the wiki side to make sure the documentation is current, and possibly try to extend it.

One area of interest is the lirq database of codes. I have a ATI USB Remote Wonder that i believe just needs codes mapped for better functionality (or the documentation needs updating as I must not have configure right if there is more than just mouse control.)

Another area I would be interested in is getting the screen saver to pull from local a little easier (little kids and the flickr feed is too unpredictable.)  Or other areas like FrameChannel.

Thanks to the many developers out there.


Developers / Hauppauge MVP
« on: May 09, 2008, 11:21:42 pm »
I would like to create a device template for the Hauppauge MVP.

I would start as a UPNP client device under mvpmc, it can also emulate squeezebox...

I had it working by manually editing the dhcpd.conf file, and I would like make it a standard device.

I'm just looking for the information to get started registering the device type and building the config pages for it.

Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

I was actually different MD's, same disk tried from multiple MD's.

I will try again over the weekend to see if I can see what is going on.  Are there any logs that can be read through.  I'm just not sure where to look for the logs, or if I can up the logging level.

Any other help would be great.

If I can nail down some specifics I'll put it into Mantis, just don't want to make a vague post.

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