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Installation issues / Re: NVIDIA 7600 Installation issues
« on: January 02, 2008, 07:43:45 pm »

I figured it might be a video driver issue so I followed the video setup guid in the Wiki and downloaded the latest NVIDIA driver.

telinit 1, and then installed the video driver, and after that 'reboot'

Well, I still just get the result with having a monitor that goes to sleep.

It is a standard monitor that is capable of any resolution up to 1600x1200 so it shouldn't have any problem with displaying any type of output.

I tried pressing all combinations from 1-9 with the twittering sound in between. My monitor wakes up and shows text mode for a short while and then back to sleep. I guess this is when X restarts after changing video settings.

I thought using NVIDIA cards should be the smooth way to do this? I never had any such problems with my old ATI card (9800 series)... ;o)

It sounds like you are having the output routed through to the wrong connector.

Edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf:
Option "TVStandard "xx"

For the VGA connector, xx=CRT
For SVideo connector, xx=TV

I'm not sure what DVI is, but if you are using DVI, reply to this and I'll look it up for you. Assuming you haven't already solved the problem, that is  ;)

Best Regards,

I am using the DVI connector on a 7600.  Think using DVI in the xorg.conf file would work?  I guess if you know where to look something like this up that would be great!  Thanks.

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