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I am going to build a new hybrid core with the latest and greatest hdmi intefaces for 7.1 audio/video.  This means no SPDIF and no analog audio.  Just HDMI interfaces and I realize that I have to be very careful with the nvidia video card that I pick.  I already have the TV, YSP 2200 and satellite HD reciever.

So I have a HD satellite receiver for hdmi input and I am trying to figure out what hardware and what configuration I need to integrate the satellite receiver for tv pass through so that when a telephone call comes through while I am watching satellite tv the telephone call header information comes up on the TV.

I was just going to use the sound bar as the focal point for my devices like linuxmce and satellite receiver but then realized i would not have the phone integration on the tv or any other services from the core while watching tv unless I integrate the  HD Satellite receiver into the hybrid core.

Feature requests & roadmap / 810 64 bit support
« on: July 07, 2010, 05:02:10 pm »
Is there a road map for 64 bit support on 810?

Installation issues / Linuxmce-810 64 bit support question
« on: March 18, 2010, 07:56:51 pm »

The wiki for installing 810 beta states that only the 32 bit version of kubuntu is supported at this time.  Are there plans to support the 64 bit version of kubuntu?  If so is there a time line/frame being considered.

No worries, just asking.


Installation issues / Re: Virtual Machines - ZEN or KVM
« on: October 25, 2008, 04:48:52 am »
But as you can't even spell it I'd recommend KVM :-)

Ah, I see what you did there... ouch

Installation issues / Re: Virtual Machines - ZEN or KVM
« on: October 23, 2008, 07:49:59 pm »

hari, did you use ZEN or KVM?

Installation issues / Virtual Machines - ZEN or KVM
« on: October 20, 2008, 04:04:16 pm »
Has anyone set up LINUXMCE as a VM with ZEN or KVM?

Installation issues / Re: Two Nics
« on: July 29, 2008, 08:39:46 pm »
Curiosity killed the cat.  So I was wondering if it was possible to run 3 NIC's in an MCE core.
1 NIC for the external internet access

Installation issues / New Core Install
« on: June 05, 2008, 04:57:32 pm »

I have my LMCE up and running as a pure core/file server.
The main LMCE menu is there.   I checked out all the functions from this menu and they seem to be fine.

I then created a new administrator id.   Success.
I then attempted to log in under the web admin localhost/browswer on the core/server machine.

The first time I tried to log in I received a log in error message.   I guess I typed the password wrong!   ::)

So then i re entered the password and the verification process started working.

Unfortunately the localhost/browser log in keeps coming back with a message, "resend".   I keep clicking "resend" and seem to be stuck in a loop as after clicking resend the localhost/browser returns with "resend".

I crashed the server and rebooted.   everything looks good so I tried to log in again via the localhost/browser and I keep getting the local host browser message from the log in window "resend".   Any ideas.   I have been searching the forums with no luck on finding a similar issue

Installation issues / Re: i386 install with cd's
« on: June 04, 2008, 05:19:59 pm »
spent the last 48 hours testing RAM and Processors.   although nothing in particular came up I did step down/swap out the processor to 700 MHz and the install completed.   I can only guess as to what in the process could trip the 850 MHZ processor and cause either a crash or reboot as no errors are reported in any system logs - including the bios.  It looks like this issue can be closed as a processor defect.  If I find out anything else I will report it on this thread.  Thank you for spending some grey matter cycles on this problem with me.


Installation issues / Re: i386 install with cd's
« on: June 03, 2008, 12:59:00 am »
i did initially use the default of 192.168.80 for the internal mce network.   
really it should not matter as this is just a matter for NATing and pointing to the external network gateway.  The reason why we are installing dhcp and IPTABLES and IPROUTER - so that MCE can turn the box into a router.

as well my lan router eth0/internet gateway is 192.168.1.x  -  private IP's - so  to not get them mixed up i used the other set of private IP's 172.168.x.x for my internal LAN/eth1.

Unless there is an MCE value hard coded in the setup script this should not matter and would defeat the purpose of NATing.   Let me stress again I did test the internal default LAN IP address 192.168.80 and broke the script in the exact same spot.   It is not an addressing issue.

If you understand my logic, i only went to the other set of private IP's (172.168.x.x) just so that it would be easier to diagnose network issues.


Installation issues / Re: i386 install with cd's
« on: June 02, 2008, 09:06:04 pm »
interactive scrip selection process i take is "set up as a pure core/file server" so the issue should not be video card or processor.   the media directors will have the high end processors/ram/graphics cards.  The problem is not the processor here, by far the i/o subsystem is the slowest thing on the system.

So yes, all the media is tested and works fine.   as well i followed pigdog and loaded the iso images right on the hard drive and md5 sum checked out/kb3 .

I go back to the logs and see the install for IPROUTE and IPUTILS and believe when these packages get applied the system reboots because of a network change.  fyi, static ip on the internet etho, dhcp on the internal lan eth1 (172.168.1)

I can consistently break the MCE install script at that point of the package install for IPUTILS.   Reproducable problem.

Installation issues / Re: i386 install with cd's
« on: June 02, 2008, 08:13:05 pm »
some of them are in production and others are used for backup and testing.   we only run various versions of linux on them; redhat, cent os, now kubuntu.  they all have the most current intel bios/15.    kubuntu 710 has been installed - works as designed.
The base hardware reference is intel isp1100, i have attached the intel reference document
added hardware 512 mb ecc ram, PIII 850, seagate 40 GB hdd, ATI Rage 8 MB graphics, LG IDE CDROM

Have been working on this reference platform since MCE GA release. 

NOTE.  The original try at attaching the intel isp1100 reference document failed because this forum thread does not allow file attachments larger than 128 k and the file I need to upload, isp1100_tps.pdf, size is 683 kb.

Installation issues / Re: i386 install with cd's
« on: June 02, 2008, 06:41:33 pm »
Hello Zaerc,

Yes, it is strange that a person like myself who has more than 20 years experience with operating systems like linux can consistently recreate this problem when IPROUTE and IPUTILs packages are loaded on this pure Intel mother board with dual intel lan chips.

Most people know that when networking changes are made, like a package install, a boot is required.   Think about it a little, the script does an install iproute and my system crashes or reboots immediately.   should your script handle the install or is my hardware faulty?   btw, i have 12 of these intel servers sitting here and they all can't be bad as they all run cent os 5.1 quite well.

Who created the script?


Installation issues / Re: i386 install with cd's
« on: June 02, 2008, 04:24:24 pm »
I have tried a few other mirrors and the system still crashes after the install of IPROUTE and IPTABLES.   I have used used these packages and drivers for other cent os installations for a dhcp server on cent os running on linux.  very similar to what linux mce is doing on the core.   I am not a linux rookie.

My conclusions about the Linux MCE set up script is that it is only tested for the authors machine.   I am now positive that once the new iptables/iproute packages get installed it is causing my system to reboot - quite normal for a network change.   OS system programmers will understand this.

The result of this action is a Linux MCE installation script bug.

Installation issues / Re: i386 install with cd's
« on: May 31, 2008, 05:12:48 am »
pigdog, well i am about to loose it.  oh, i am in Toronto so I guess I will say aboot.

Anyhow, after a few days of trying everything i even decided to load the iso images onto my hard drive and try from there.  did the checksum too.

still the install breaks right after loading the IProute/tables.  its about, i mean approximately 15 minutes into the install.   core install on a pure intel server.

Came back to this form and found your post and I am following in your footsteps only I am still busting.  I have tried a few mirrors from USherbrook and arcticnetwork.   Can you suggest a valid mirror and I will go back at 'er.


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