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thats correct, I'm connected through a netgear dg834g, I have sort of gotten past that problem, i disconnected that box from the network hoping that it would finish the install and i could sort out the network issues later, but now it has gotten past the install but won't go into MCE i just get a black screen with a cursor, i know this a different issue but i thought i'd let you know where I'm at, well i just woke up anyways so i'll guess i'll search to see if there are any black screen issues.

-Regards, Josh.

Installation issues / install problem: cannot communicate with router
« on: April 13, 2007, 04:24:52 pm »
I am getting the following error:

error code 111

cannot communicate with router

i know that my box was communicating with the router because it was a fresh install of edgy which i updated from the net whilst looking at stuff on the net getting the updates so at that point i was communicating with the router just fine.  Any ideas why ive lost connection while installing MCE also its stuck at about 60% if that helps.

any help would be much appreciated, i am very new to linux.

-Regards, Josh.

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