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Installation issues / newbie installation woes
« on: April 24, 2011, 11:13:44 pm »
Hi all,
Please forgive my probable newbie mistakes but I am having real issues trying to install.
I have downloaded & burned to DVD the iso image, I have booted from the dvd & selected install linuxmce (onto a freshly formated disk) the problems start at the remove disk & press enter to reboot.
I have done this process 4 times now & it has never done anything other than boot up into kubuntu & does not attempt to install linux mce. There is a window on the desktop with a file in it called linux mce but clicking on this just opens a terminal window that quickly fills up with a stream of can not open file errors & can not connect errors, then nothing. This I guess is because there is no network connection, I cannot access the internet or my own network & there is no activity on the NIC led.
The system itself works fine as I have a second HD loaded with ubuntu which works AOK.
Any help for a complete linux newbie would be very much appreciated.

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