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Users / Web-Admin bug with Safari
« on: August 03, 2010, 09:54:20 pm »
As your ticketing system is nearly impossible to use (spamfilter ways to sensitive) i post my ticket here:

When using Safari5 on OSX and on W7 the "Phones" link on the left menu shows me the master Z-wave device. Not the children (like lightnings, climate, ...) but only the master parent device.

Using the Top menu "Wizard / Devices / Phones" does work without problems and shows me my orbiters and SIP phones ...

See atached screenshot.

Using Firefox on both platforms works like a charm ...



Developers / Some comments on the "Building LinuxMCE 0810"
« on: August 01, 2010, 10:39:20 pm »
Hi !

Greetings to the community !

I'm relatively new @ LinuxMCE but have some Linux and coding experience. I wanted to dip into LinuxMCE dev and, as everyone should do when new, followed the Building Wiki Page. I installed a clean Kubuntu 8.10 into a parallels machine on my Snow Leopard, but i don't think this changes anything.

What i feel about my first experience:

  • The prepare scripts adds the avenard repo to the sources.list. The wiki page has been modified telling that this repo is no longer used, so i removed the line.
  • The e-tobi repo is not added by the prepare scripts altough that one is needed. Added that one.
  • Got an error (don't remeber the step where it was) telling it can't find the libvdpau. Added the avenard repo again solved the problem, that means it is nevertheless needed ??

Feel free to correct me if i am wrong...

The compile error i initially added to this post was already solved by niz23 tonight, so this is all i remember ...


Installation issues / TechniSat Skystar HD2 / mantis driver
« on: July 16, 2010, 11:23:24 pm »
Hi all,

I am new with LinuxMCE. I managed to get a Hybrid working witz ZWAVE Lightning Control, WebOrbiter and MD Netboot with the latest 8.10 snapshot (i think 13 july) ISO.

I bought a SkyStar HD2 and followed the instructions on

That means i installed the mantis multiproto driver. I loaded the mantis module and see the devices under i2c module.

I added the mantis module to /etc/modules and rebooted. I checked the module was loaded with lsmod. Unfortunately LinxuMCE does not find a new plug & play dvb-s card.

Has someone managed to get this working ?



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