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Installation issues / AVWizard Workaround Options - Screen Resizing
« on: December 30, 2009, 08:27:25 am »
the avwizard never worked for me.  i had to start in recovery mode and download and install the latest nvidia drivers.  if i run the avwizard after installing the nvidia drivers, i get a blank screen again. 

i need to resize the screen.  i cannot see all of the menus on the bottom, and i think the sides are overflowing a bit too.  the nvidia driver detected my panasonic hdtv fine.  the resolution is correct.

is there a way i can resize it to fit without using the avwizard?  or is there a way i can keep the avwizard from choosing the wrong driver?  i have an nvidia 7xxx series geforce card.  also, i did a regen on my core (which is also an md), and i got the blank screen again as well.  does that sound correct?  what does a regen actually do?  thanks.

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