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I installed according to

with one exception: I took the kde install from the dvd

I have tried:
1) Install pure from dvd and update accordingly + build MD before reboot , I didn't edit the sources.list and got lots of 404 errors..

2) Install kde from dvd (5'th of jan snapshot version) edit sources.list to resolve packages better, and do internet installation according to webpage above + reboot ( no MD build this time)

When kde starts I get a reeboot just at the end of the progressbar
I also saw some message about "..couldnt'.. .. proceeding with Normal boot."

I have had a working 810 installation before with an earlier version, think it was the first beta or so.

Anyone else had this issue?


I have setup a core installation with

Core: Acer 290s 2gb ram 3ghz cpu
MD - Zotac ION 330 board

I installed linuxmce Core setup 810 BETA through dvd 'install linuxmce' dvd.
I have completed the A/V wizard and orbiter generation of the MD, everything seems to be ok except:

It doesn't detect my internal HDD inside the CORE!

It is a Hihatchi 1000GB drive, and I'm not sure what is the correct procedure to set this up? Should I mount it with ntfs-3g somewhere? or how?? I'm lost so help would be much appreciated! I've also checked the web interface 'add devices', but I'm not sure that is the way to go either..??

Could someone give me an example of this?  ???

Kindly, /Per

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