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Installation issues / 810 Trouble adding drives to RAID
« on: March 15, 2010, 05:30:28 am »

  Short version: when I click "Add drive" the browser disappears and there are messages stating "Starting Media Director Devices", "Installing mythtv-plugin....", etc.  Update: Eventually the screen goes black with a white mouse.

  Detailed version:
  I physically added 3 drives to my core (hybrid).  On boot they are seen and I try to do the RAID setup.  On the hybrid I go to the browser and click "Admin Website" from the bookmarks.  I navigate to Advanced -> Configuration -> RAID (I think).  Then I go select the RAID previously set up and try to add a drive.  I added two drives, each time the screen goes black as describe above - browser disappears, and it tries to install things and start media directors (I only have one hybrid)

  Normally when I start the browser, there is a bar at the bottom, it has the "home" button, a keyboard button, and a power button.  After the installation messages appear this bar remains until I switch consoles away from then back to console 7.

1) I would like to access the Admin Website from another computer on my network, I'll start a new post for this question and link it here.

2) How do I get back to the "Home Screen"?  I am calling "Home Screen" the one that is the main UI screen (you are dropped here after rebooting the hybrid), it has the buttons on the left for lighting, and other buttons for power, desktop, etc (is that it's name?). 

3) What logs are useful in troubleshooting?  I know about console 8 and can log in and look at `top` but expect there may be logs somewhere.

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