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Developers / Submitting Trac Tickets
« on: December 24, 2010, 03:53:39 pm »
Hello.  I tried to submit a trac ticket this morning and when I submitted I was given the following error message:

500 Internal Server Error (Submission rejected as potential spam (SpamBayes determined spam probability of 96.38%))

Is the reason that this occurs because I don't have a login for this?

What is the process for registering if that is my problem?

Developers / Preliminary 10.04
« on: December 06, 2010, 08:45:34 pm »
I read this today:  Best regards Peer Oliver Schmidt Release Manager LinuxMCE Ohhhh, and one more thing: Preliminary support 1004 is available. This is more than bleeding edge. svn download the new-installer on a 1004 install, and see what happens.

I went to and did not find the installer.  Is there a different address?


Users / Web admin backups in advanced config
« on: November 25, 2010, 03:31:30 pm »
Is there a trick to getting backups restore to work properly?  I can make backups.  I can see them created in web admin.  I can download them to another machine and extract the contents to see that the file is not empty, but the restore does not work.  In fact, I have never seen this work.  Is there a work around to restore the backup manually after the backup file is uploaded back to the machine?  Yes I do reboot the machine after the backup is uploaded and I have clicked restore.  The wiki says that the reboot will take longer than normal because the backup is being restored but the reboot always seems the same to me.

I have the door sensor listed above.  When adding it to the my MCV dongle and plugging the dongle back into the computer I get the setup wizard.  She walks me through the setup by telling me that a generic sensor has been detected and do I want to set it up now.  I click the button that takes me to the room selection.  As soon as I select a room I get a next button.  I click next and I am taken to the type selection window.  I select door sensor and the next button appears.  I select next and I get to name the device.  I type in a name and no button appears to move on to finish the configuration.  I end up hitting done which usually turns the door sensor into an orbiter.  I delete the orbiter that is created and the sensor ends up in the security section but does not seem to be completely functional.

Another thing I have noticed, when looking at device templates and Pluto is selected as the manufacturer, you only have one device to choose from under security <environment to choose, generic sensor template number 1813.  But if no manufacturer is selected there are several to choose from including a door sensor template number 1599.  In the setup wizard I don't have a choice but to select the generic sensor.  How would the door sensor template be selected over the generic sensor template in the setup wizard?

Users / 0810 respond to events event is causing the router to reload
« on: February 28, 2010, 06:33:21 pm »
I have entered a ticket in the bug tracker number 624.  I first noticed that a zwave controlled light did not start as usual at sunset.  I went to the core machine and noticed that the router was reloading without being started by me.  I realized that the x10 motion (in the same room as the core) I was using to trigger a device on/off event seemed to be the cause of the reload.  I deleted the event and the reloading stopped.  I also have some events tied to an x10 handheld remote that I use to turn on zwave lights.  Each time I pressed a buttonon the remote the router would reload.  I then checked back through the zwave interface log and found that the sunset on event tied to a zwave lamp caused the router to reload.  This was the reason that the lamp did not come on at sunset.  I checked the cm15a log at the same time and found that the cm15a interface reset with the same error at the same time as the zwave interface.  In the ticket I started I have included an excerpt from the cm15a log that shows the error.  I tried to included a couple of other excerpts from the cm15a and zwave log to show the error at the sunset event but I was not allowed to upload these because they were considered to be spam.  I copied and pasted the logs into an additional comment I made.  I should be able to provide the full logs or any other log that might be needed on request.  Thinking I had an installation that my have become corrupt during an unattended upgrade I made an image of the original install and then did a fresh install to see if the problem followed.  The problem is still occurring.

I have attached the additional logs here.  My full logs are larger than the upload will allow. 

Installation issues / Beta 2 build dated 1-16-2010
« on: January 20, 2010, 02:04:53 pm »
Hi all.  I saw in the wiki that a new device had been added, pluto-cm15a.  To me that is great news since I have the cm15a x10 interface.  I decided to do a test install of the above mentioned build to test before actually putting it on the machine I use for lighting control.  I did a network install of lmce.

Two things I noticed, first the AVwizard did not start after the post-install-reboot.  It went from post-install-reboot to the orbiter with the basic ui interface.  This happened on an install I did about a month ago and thought maybe it had to do with the machine I was using but now that this has happened on a second machine maybe there is something going on.  

Second, during the install I plugged my cm15a interface into the computer I was installing lmce on.  It was not found during setup.  After the machine fully rebooted I opened the administrative web page and tried to add it manually and could not find the template to manually create the device.  Is there something special I need to do to make this happen?


Users / Where is the wiki?
« on: December 01, 2009, 11:18:10 am »
I cannot navigate to the wiki.  Anyone else having this problem?  It has been down since yesterday sometime.  

Users / Turning on a Zwave light with another Zwave light
« on: October 11, 2009, 05:38:56 am »
Can this be done?  I have triggered on a Zwave light with an X10 motion or X10 remote by setting up an event.  I try to set up a similar event by using a Zwave light as the trigger when it is manually turned on at the switch but it does not work.  The software indicates that the Zwave light is on but no event is triggered when the light is turned on.  I have tried this in 0810 and with 0710 with the newer Zwave driver.  I am currently using 0710. 

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