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Users / Cant connect bluetooth device
« on: February 26, 2009, 09:43:47 pm »
Hello im a new LMCE user and im having problem connecting my cellphone to LMCE via bluetooth. I have tried connecting my phone to the BT dongle in winxp, kubuntu, ubuntu and it have worked nicely. LMCE detects the device, but only says it is unable to connect to it when it tries to send the LMCE software to it. So..

1. Im sure there are some nice guide with instructions to how I should look for problems and solve them so you could just link me there if im a waste of time. Otherwise I could explain the problem more in details.

2. Do I really need this software that LMCE is trying to send?

3. Im a big newbie when it comes to wireless communication, so please dont laugh if its a silly question. So I watched videos of LMCE, what do I need to be able to steer the mouse with just moving the controller (the phone). Is bluetooth dongle able to detect movement by itself? or do I need some kind of tracking device?

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