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Installation issues / RAID issues
« on: April 28, 2010, 02:25:21 pm »
I'm trying to configure software RAID array using two 2TB disks (/dev/sdc and /dev/sdd) under LMCE WebAdmin GUI, but something doesn't look right too me...

It builds the array without any problems, 'mdadm --detail /dev/md0' looks fine and so as 'cat /proc/mdstat', but when it finishes it doesn't actually mount the drive (ARRAY - /dev/md0) anywhere. During the setup I've selected 'public' as a directory structure and assumed that it will automatically mount new created partition under /home/public, but it didn't do that... Does it mean that I have to modify /etc/fstab file manually and decide where do I wan't new partition to be used?

I've also noticed that when I go to Automation -> Device status, both my drives (/dev/sdc and /dev/sdd) and 'Software Raid 0' devices have "**RUN_CONFIG**" in their status column. Does it mean that something else has to be configured... something that I'm missing perhaps?
Also... when I go to Automation -> Device status and then go into my 'Software Raid 0' device and view details of 'Software Raid 0 #1854' device template: configuration file for this template ( doesn't exist on my system for some reason. I've looked under /usr/pluto/bin and I can't find it...

I'm running LMCE version 8.10b installed couple of days ago using network installation.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Users / PCI card for UI2 ... possible?
« on: July 01, 2009, 08:34:32 pm »
Yesterday when I was clearing my cupboard (I keep tons of IT junk in it) I found almost brand new and unused Dell Optiplex gx520 and I though that I could use it as my Media Directory, but... it doesn't have any sensible slots to connect good graphic card. It has only one PCI slot!!

Hence my question... do you know if any PCI cards (I would like to stick with nvidia) would run UI2 smoothly? I was thinking on getting GF 5200fx but it has to be low profile as well!

Nice PC but crap slots inside! What a bummer!

Installation issues / MPlayer won't play HD files in 8.10 alpha 2.22?
« on: June 14, 2009, 09:48:36 pm »
Hi guys,

I finally managed to find some spare time and install 8.10alpha on one of my spare disks.
Until now, I was using 7.10 which was quite stable - only few little issues.

So far I've noticed that my LMCE won't play any HD content from HDD. I've tried HD DVD (I've copied it onto my HDD) and few .mkv files and every time I try any of them, I get:

- .mkv files (after forcing it to play via MPlayer by changing 'Type' option of this file to 'LinuxMCE HD-DVD'):

Code: [Select]
05      06/14/09 20:40:48.088           MPlayer_Player::Log I'm a child <0xb7263b90>
05      06/14/09 20:40:48.089           MPlayer_Player::Log Starting mplayer <0xb7263b90>
05      06/14/09 20:40:48.089           MPlayer_Player::Log execle() failed <0xb7263b90>
05      06/14/09 20:40:48.092           MPlayer_Player::Log I'm a parent <0xb7263b90>
05      06/14/09 20:40:48.092           MPlayer_Player::Log [EngineOutputReader] EngineOutputReader - started <0xb6261b90>
01      06/14/09 20:40:58.103           MPlayer engine didn't set up within 10 seconds, something is wrong <0xb7263b90>
Return code: 141
3       06/14/09 20:40:58       25 (spawning-device)    Device died... count=2/50 dev=25
Sun Jun 14 20:40:58 BST 2009 died
========== NEW LOG SECTION ==========
1       06/14/09 20:41:08       25 (spawning-device)    Starting... 3
1       06/14/09 20:41:08       25 (spawning-device)    Found ./MPlayer_Player
05      06/14/09 20:41:08.336           MPlayer_Player::CMD_Stop aborts because Player Engine is not initialized <0xb71f5b90>

- HD-DVD content (from hdd):
Code: [Select]
05      06/14/09 20:42:17.299           Socket::ReceiveData 0x82fd028 failed, bytes left 0 start: 10000 1: 0 1b: 0 2: 0 2b: 0 m_Socket: 6 Command_Impl1 Dev #25 <0xb71f5b90>
05      06/14/09 20:42:17.299           Socket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Command_Impl1 Dev #25 <0xb71f5b90>
01      06/14/09 20:42:17.299           Receive string failed in HandleRequestSocket 18:ReceiveData failed Command_Impl1 Dev #25 <0xb71f5b90>
05      06/14/09 20:42:17.299           Dumping 1 locks <0xb71f5b90>
05      06/14/09 20:42:17.299           finished check for exceptions <0xb71f5b90>
05      06/14/09 20:42:17.299           OL: (0x82fd174) (>75) MessageQueue Command_Impl.cpp l:822 time: 1:00:00a (1245008537 s) thread: 3080678288 Rel: Y Got: Y <0xb71f5b90>
05      06/14/09 20:42:18.295           Dropping all sockets... <0xb79f76c0>
05      06/14/09 20:42:18.295           Done dropping sockets! <0xb79f76c0>
Return code: 2
2       06/14/09 20:42:18       25 (spawning-device)    Device requests restart... count=3/50 dev=25
Sun Jun 14 20:42:18 BST 2009 Restart
========== NEW LOG SECTION ==========
1       06/14/09 20:42:26       25 (spawning-device)    Starting... 3
1       06/14/09 20:42:26       25 (spawning-device)    Found ./MPlayer_Player
1       06/14/09 20:42:29 25 (spawning-device)    1203 Dev: 25; Already Running list: 15,17,26,27,16,18,20,34,21,29,22,24,25,
1       06/14/09 20:42:29 25 (spawning-device)    1203 Device 25 was marked as 'running'. Not starting
1       06/14/09 20:42:29 25 (spawning-device)    1203 Dev: 25; Exiting because not starting

Xine seams to work well, it's only MPlayer that gives me a headache... ;]

I would appreciate any help... Thanks.

Users / LIRC problem - iMON Remote Controll + SoudGraph IR/LCD
« on: December 14, 2008, 06:00:48 pm »
As I'm new to this forum and LMCE, so first of all I would like to say thank you to all developers of Linux MCE. It is such a great product that I can't even describe it. I don't have a lot of experience with it yet, but hopefully that will change soon and I'll be able to share my knowledge with other users on this forum.

My problem at the moment is iMON remote which came with my HTPC case Antec Fusion Max - I can't get it to work under LMCE.
As I mentioned already in the subject of this post, I'm using SoundGraph IR with LCD (Device ID: 15c2:0038) and that's where the problem is. So far I've managed to:
- build new version of lirc (0.8.4) - the driver registers fine:
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.255579] lirc_dev: IR Remote Control driver registered, major 61
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.287205] lirc_imon: Driver for Soundgraph iMON MultiMedia IR/VFD w/imon pad2keys patch, v0.3p2k
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.287210] lirc_imon: Venky Raju <>
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.287766] lirc_imon: imon_probe: found IMON device
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.287766] lirc_dev: lirc_register_plugin: sample_rate: 0
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.287766] lirc_imon: imon_probe: Registered iMON plugin(minor:0)
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.287766] lirc_imon: imon_probe: iMON device on usb<2:3> initialized
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.287766] lirc_imon: imon_probe: found IMON device
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.287766] lirc_dev: lirc_register_plugin: sample_rate: 0
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.287766] lirc_imon: imon_probe: Registered iMON plugin(minor:1)
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.287766] lirc_imon: imon_probe: iMON device on usb<2:3> initialized
Dec 14 15:23:09 dcerouter kernel: [   22.287766] usbcore: registered new interface driver lirc_imon

- I'm able to display anything on the LCD using LCDd
- I've tested my remote control using 'irw' and 'mode2' program and that works fine as well, but... everything works fine as long as I change boot parameters of lirc.

My IR module is SouthGraph 15c2:0038 and it creates two devices - /dev/lirc0 and /dev/lirc1, as described here:
Lirc on my Linux MCE automatically creates a process with no additional boot options (parameters): lircd -H default -d /dev/lirc0 /etc/lirc/lircd.conf
My question is, is the a chance to change this in Device Template configuration? I've tried everything without any luck - even killing KMCE's process and creating my own one.

To support my IR/LCD + remote + Antec knob I need to execute lirc with the following command:
lircd --driver=default --device=/dev/lirc0 --pidfile=/var/run/ --listen=8765 /etc/lirc/lircd.conf
lircd --driver=default --device=/dev/lirc1 --pidfile=/var/run/ --output=/dev/lircd --connect=localhost:8765 /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

"With the 0038 version, lircd creates the following devices:/dev/lcd0, /dev/lcd1, /dev/lirc0, and /dev/lirc1.
The iMON pad remote acts like a mouse/keyboard in addition to a remote. In the old version, it was my understanding that this was all handled through one LIRC device. However, the 0038 version splits it into 2 devices. All of the mouse/keyboard related keys come through the lirc0 device (the directional pad, left click, enter, the number button, ect....however NOT including the Mouse/Keyboard toggle button). Everything else comes through the lirc1 device (play, eject, colored buttons, zoom, the Mouse/Keyboard toggle button)."

Is it somehow possible to edit startup options of LIRC? Or maybe there is another workaround this problem?

I'll appreciate all help and advice.

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