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Feature requests & roadmap / Firewall logging
« on: August 05, 2014, 10:33:44 am »

I have created the new firewall most of the problems should be out now,
i was thinking while building it would be nice to show logging on webadmin.
Now here becames the question what would any one want to see logged.
and to wich file syslog or a file named Firewall.
it can be on syslog en build a log prefix to see only firewall messages like for ipv4:
Firewall-v4-INPUT Firewall-v4-FORWARD Firewall-v4-OUTPUT
and for ipv6:
Firewall-v6-INPUT Firewall-v6-FORWARD Firewall-v6-OUTPUT
on this way you can see with grep all logged packets with grep Firewall
and all ipv4 logged packets for the input with
grep Firewall-v4-INPUT
and so on.
on this way i can set it to filter the show log page on webadmin to what you want to see.
Let me now what you want to see logged and how so i can workout to have nice read log feature for Firewall.
because this makes debugging easyer and it is easyer to find a atacker as you can read the log easy.

Developers / Firewall
« on: February 04, 2014, 09:49:27 am »
Ithink that the firewall needs a upgrade to get most or all rules supported.
like nat rules prerouting rules and a possibility to drop/reject all FORWARD or OUTPUT connections in place of ACCEPT bud if you want you can choose ACCEPT.
I think this because more things need prerouting or nat like the VPN and webfilter proxy,
and you have a nicer look over the rules of the firewall.
and maybe get a possibility to create your own chains.
more people have thoughts about this?


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