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Users / Help me decide - LinuxMCE vs VistaMCE in an XP environment
« on: August 10, 2008, 09:48:35 am »
Well, i've installed and used LinuxMCE for about a week and am extremely impressed with all the capabilities and functions.  I do miss some things in VistaMCE - which I am almost going to put back unless you experts could somehow explain/help with my issues.

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for all the hard work that went into this project. 

Now for the questions :)

1.) Back in VistaMCE i used to be able to hit "play" and it would show me a sort of status bar at the bottom so i could see how far into the movie i was.  This was useful for 2 reasons:
a.) it showed me how much longer the tv or movie was
b.) it allowed me to quickly get back the the spot in a visual manner.  I know i could look at the exact time i left off at but for me, it is easier to remember if i was pass a halfway mark/before a halfway mark...or inbetween somwhere.

Is there a way of doing this in LInuxMCE that i'm just missing? 

2.) I finally got my remote to work using the second "mce-usb2" setting in the admin login page but not all the buttons work properly.  For example, the skip next button goes to the beginning of the show and the volume buttons don't work.
How do i fix this?  Heck, even when i try to use the keyboard and mouse (which the demo video said i could use), the volume is still a little fidgety.  I need to move it ever so slightly past the middle line and hold it there for the volume to adjust slowly.  The volume bar doesn't accurately represent the volume of the speakers. 

I apologize if i didn't explain that clear but here is what usually happens.  When i use the KB/Mouse to adjust the volume, i had to hit F6 and hit enter on the volume buttons.  Then i see a slider bar (which i assume represents the volume line) and move the mouse to the left (similar to what the demo video showed using a gyro remote).  If i move i all the way to the left, the volume change way to fast. 

How do i program my remote to make the volume buttons work?  How do i adjust the sensitivity of the volume?  Is there just a volume + button on the keyboard i could press so the volume went up slowly?

I have a Microsoft media center remote and usb receiver that came with the hauppage pvr-150 MCE kit btw.

3.) While were on the subject, I searched for a long time on the wiki and in the forums for a keyboard guide.  Is there a list somewhere that shows ALL the keyboard commands?  It was annoying having to push every button on the keyboard to find out F6 and F7 were the keys i needed.

4.) I have been at this for a while trying to update my video card driver because the video quality in mythtv is horrible.  I'm pretty sure it is a video card issue because one of the diskless media directors showed the tv quality pretty good.  How do i fix this?  I have tried and accidently caused an problem with my hybrid box.  It now keeps saying "dcerouter admin" over and over...
I have a Nvidia EN8400GS.  What is the proper way of installing the driver.  Will it even help?  I tried Nvidia's website and ran the setup via the console but fudged up my hybrid and needed to reinstall.

5.) This might be more related to a mythtv thing but how can i add a show to the recording through the gui?  I know i can go to the admin page and search and add shows to record but how do i use the gui to search by keyword for shows and add them to record? 
5a.) what record setting makes it just record new episodes and now re-runs.  I was able to do this with vista but have not seen this option with mythtv.

6.) If i downloaded something on my XP machine (tv show or movie) and wanted to transfer it to a shared folder on the hybrid, what is the easiest way of doing that?  Before i used to just map drives on my xp machine and dragged and dropped.

7.) without having to install media directors everywhere, how can i watch recordings i made on linuxmce? With xp and vista together, i used to just look through the mapped drives and watch the videos/recordings on the fly without having to install too much.  Basically just the klite mega codec pack and the newest version of media player.

What should i do? I would like to stick with LinuxMCE but all my tv-shows are being missed because my guide subscription is expired.  Should i go back to vistamce or are there ways to fix all my issues?

Please advise.

Thank you!

Users / Easiest way to update NVIDIA driver on LinuxMCE 710 RC2
« on: August 05, 2008, 07:46:30 am »
What is the easiest way to update the driver?  I followed the instructions from the wiki page and i think i did it right but i read in other forums not to allow the nvidia setup to modify certain xconf... files of sorts. 

I'm pretty sure this is a driver issue.  Basically, I get tearing in my live television shows with my Hauupage pvr-150.  In addition, i can't get resolutions of 720p and 1080p even though i used to be able to back with windows vista.

I once went into the admin page and tried to change a video driver there somewhere under media directors which caused my whole linuxmce to bugger up.  It rebooted and never came back. It kept cycling and going back to a screen that said "dcerouter:" and that was it. 

So basically i'm a little afraid of trying anything new because after my first attempts i ended up having to reinstall from scratch again.


Users / Hauppauge PVR-150 MCE Kit - With LinuxMCE 710 RC2 - DVD Install
« on: August 05, 2008, 07:42:01 am »
I've been trying to follow the instructions to get the USB receiver and remote working with my Hybrid but still can't manage to get it to work.  Is it not supported yet?  Under the "installations issues section" someone else had posted that they lost functionality of their remote after the new software.

I've tried going to the admin page and adding the MCE_usb and MCE_usb2 module and reset router but that didn't seem to help. 

Could someone please help?

When i tried to follow some instructions, i got lost... when i'm instructed to go to the console and type in a command like this # mod probe.  Am i suppose to put the "#" sign? i did with and without anyways and still had errors. 

I tried to download the newest LIRC-0.8.3...but i have no idea how to install it and enable it.

Thank you in advance.

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