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Installation issues / X10 problems making me tear my hair out...
« on: August 15, 2008, 09:56:48 am »
Hey guys, I've been trying to install a CM11a X10 interface into my core for over a week now to no avail. I have it plugged into a Prolific PL2303 USB to Serial adapter and it's working fine with heyu (, a command line-based X10 control program.

I've gone through the steps in 'Setup', 'Adding Lights', and 'Troubleshooting' here: and ran the configuration videos. I've also tried tweaking settings in the CM11a's page and the individual lights' pages, and even deleted them and re-run the configuration multiple times. At one point I thought it might have been a capitalization or numerical issue, so I tried all four ways (i.e. A1, A01, a1, a01) for all devices in the room, and even tried moving everything to the default housecode (I don't normally use A).

I'm stuck now with full functionality through heyu, but never once have I gotten linuxmce to change the state of any of my X10 devices.

Any ideas?

Users / bittorrent - no incoming connections (forwarded properly)
« on: August 05, 2008, 11:52:32 pm »
Is anyone using a bittorrent client successfully on the core to download media directly into linuxmce? I've ran into two obstacles so far. 1) I cannot seem to get any incoming bittorrent connections using KTorrent at all. 2) When I try to sudo apt-get install another client, neither the default 'linuxmce' or the password I set at install work.

My setup currently looks like this:

External: Cable modem ==> WRT54G as router ==> core/hybrid on one jack, and a laptop that I'm using for debugging on another jack

Internal: core/hybrid ==> Motion Computing tablet used as an orbiter

I am familiar with port forwarding and understand that it's possible for an ISP to block IP ranges, but no amount of tweaking the WRT54G and KTorrent have allowed me anything incoming. All that I have been able to guess is that somehow KTorrent is listening on eth1 instead of eth0. Any ideas?

Edit: Ok, I found some information on resetting root password here , but I am doubting that I'll be able to get another client working until I figure out the no incoming connections issue.

Installation issues / Windows Shares
« on: July 31, 2008, 04:57:37 am »
Hey there, I’m having trouble auto-detecting windows shares and I’m not quite sure how to start troubleshooting more extensively.

My network setup looks like this:

External network:
Cable modem ==> Hybrid/Core on eth0

Internal network:
eth1 on Hybrid/Core ==> Linksys WRT54G acting as switch / access point (DHCP turned off) ==> Windows XP PC with shares that I want to mount, and laptop that’s PXEing as an orbiter.

The primary problem that I’m facing currently is getting windows shares to mount. Several minutes after I first plugged my Windows PC in, I got a series of messages as linuxmce presumably detected my shares. I entered my login and password information for the Windows PC into the orbiter and I believe it said the device was configured.

I reloaded the router a couple of times over the course of a couple of hours, but other than the four initial videos that come with the DVD installation, nothing ever showed up in media. To be honest, I don’t really care about keeping the content on the PC, so I tried to browse my linuxmce box to drag&drop files onto it from the PC but couldn’t figure how to find my Core from the PC.

Any ideas how to either make linuxmce see my shares, or transfer media onto the Core directly?

OK, got another AMD 64 dvd image downloaded, and completed installation about seven hours ago. There were several minor hangups, but I'd been able to get past everything to the point where I thought I would experiment with net booting my laptop. DHCP found the boot location instantly and the laptop started downloading and installing (to ram?) the software needed, but got hung up after about five minutes. During this time, I had been trying to cure another problem by redoing the 'display res and sound' wizard on my hybrid/core which I had no idea would reload the core, let alone reboot the entire machine. The laptop seemed to take it in stride and tried to reconnect to the server, but it kept timing out. I let it sit for ten or so minutes before trying to jar it, but finally relented and hard powered it down. I had to run out the door on an errand for about an hour and briefly noticed that another computer on the internal network was showing a 'could not connect to server' page in firefox, but thought nothing of it.

Fast forward an hour later (five hours ago) and I tried net booting the laptop again, but this time it didn't find any DHCP. My first thought was a bad cord but I ruled that out, second thought was that my old wireless router (which I'd made static and was using as a switch) had locked up but I disproved that by connecting to its config page.

Five hours of HBOKing later, and here's where I'm at: The only NIC on the hybrid/core that is talking to any other machines at all now (old router, modem, internal computers etc) is the one integrated into the motherboard. I've tried three different PCI NICs, at least two of which were working just fine today even, and I can't get a peep out of them. This means that I have the choice of either an internal network, or an external network - not both. I've literally 'swapped interfaces' more than twenty times, coupled with every possible combination of powering down hardware in different orders and trying each configuration both ways (connecting integrated NIC to internal network and PCI to external, testing, then swapping them both without touching other settings). I've even isolated the internal network down to the hybrid/core, a crossover cable, and one other computer. The other computer can't even ping the PCI NICs! The oddest thing about this entire issue though, is that all three of the PCI NICs that I've tried have shown good link lights on themselves and and the other computer's NICs.

Here's a pretty common display in  Advanced | Network settings ... notice the lack of a MAC address on 'internal' (currently set to the PCI NIC)

EXTERNAL_MAC    00:49:8D:50:B9:1E

The closest thing I have to a working theory about what's happened is that the 'display res and sound' wizard somehow has control of the NICs too. I'm guessing that my first PCI NIC (internal network) was old and failed when I was attempting to net boot, and the system ignored it when I started the wizard one or two minutes later, and treated the setup as one NIC with two IPs spoofed. If that is in fact the case, I have tried everything in my power short of wiping and reinstalling to correct the error - I've even exactly duplicated the events surrounding the wizard, but with a known good NIC, and reran the wizard. All this though, to no avail.

I'm going to give one more go at it tomorrow before completely reinstalling. Any ideas out there on anything else I should be looking into, or something that I'm not comprehending?

P.S. hardware problems and software problems can be annoying, but when they're both happening at the same time, it makes you want to throw you computer out the closest window ;-) (Though there still lies the possibility that this is entirely software related.)

Installation issues / replacement install DVD
« on: July 24, 2008, 01:06:22 am »
Hey there, I ordered both the 32bit and 64bit install DVDs for $5 about a month ago and just opened the package now to install the 64bit, but it's so scratched that install fails. How would I go about getting a replacement sent out?

Users / Anyone using X10 door/window sensors?
« on: July 19, 2008, 06:37:46 am »
I just picked up a DS10A ( from my local Fry's Electronics today under the assumption that it sent a house and unit code like most X10 motion sensors. Unfortunately, it sends some other type of X10 signal that I've have no experience with.

Is anyone using any X10 door/window sensors and could offer advice on how to configure mine? Specifically, because there's no apparent house code, I don't know if my RF-to-power line transceivers will even push the signal through to the CM11A on my Hybrid/Core.

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