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Installation issues / Discless MD
« on: July 10, 2008, 09:28:55 pm »
Hi everybody! i`m pritty much new to LinuxMCE. But I love it, and I`am REALLY trying to get it working.

In my house, I have installed one Core server that is running in my basement. The Core is running really nice, with 2 NIC and everything is working. NOW, I want to set up an "Thin client" in my living room. By booting it from LAN (DHCP). I have used my WHOLE day trying to figure this out. But everytime I try to boot from LAN I get this message at the end. "41.850137> r8169: eth0: link up" And then, after about 15 minuts the screen just go black.

It seems like the PC is getting a connection from the Core. Because there is no errors on the IP at the beginning.
Do anybody have a suggestion for me ? Do I have do "preconfigure" something in my Core to get this working ?


Ps: Sorry about my English. :)

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