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Help Wanted / Plugin Idea
« on: July 09, 2008, 02:19:49 pm »
I would like a plugin modified for mythtv and it integrated into Linuxmce. I need it, as a mythtv plugin because all my clients aren’t Linuxmce some are a standard mythtv clients.    
   The plugin is very similar to the imdb database parser for mythtv but this one parses I would need to plugin to parse the file name of a tv episode and import it into mythtv and linuxmce. The file name structure is like this:
Mash S01E01.avi  I.E. Series Mash season 1 episode 1.
I currently have in excess of 3000 tv shows broken into series. Sorting them and keeping track of what ones are watched as new ones are added is impossible.
This is a very nice feature that I think would make a great addition to both mythtv and Linuxmce.
Here is the API for the tvdb website

Here is an example of how this looks in mediaportal.

Here is the mediaportal plugin for a programming example.

Everything is GPL’ed so you can use what ever you need to parse and avoid recoding as much as possible. I can contribute $100USD to this project. Please feel free to jump in and tell the devs what you think of this suggestion even if you’re not able to donate.

Users / Planned configuration suggestions/help requested
« on: July 09, 2008, 10:31:16 am »
I currently have the current hardware but, have some questions about how it is best to continue my progress.
File server /web server/webmail/ftp…ECT
Asus SK8N – 2 GHz Opteron
2 GB ram
1 120 GB system drive connected to the on board controller
4 x1 TB HD’s in raid 5
10/100 integrated LAN controller
Required components
1 GbE Nic
1 Linux compatible raid 5 controller with 4 ports
Planned Distro: Ubuntu Server
1. Is it worth having a dedicated raid card or should I use software raid 5? If I use software raid I need a suggestion for a budget 4 sata port controller card. As the mother board only supplies 2 ports

Myth Master Backend/ Frontend Hybrid
Motherboard – Asus P5LD2 standard 3.47 GHz Celeron D 360
7800gtx dvi to hdmi
2 GB ram
120 GB sata hard drive
On board 10/100/1000 nic
Hauppauge PVR 500 – analog cable
HDhomerun – HD ota
Microsoft MCE remote and irblaster
Chaintech AVS-710 sound card for digital out
Planned Distro: Linuxmce
1. Will this setup be powerful enough to support 2-3 additional clients/record 2 HD signals at the same time?
2. I would like to replace the remote for something better suited. It seems very clunky…not always responding. Etc
3. How would I go about relocating mythweb from this box to my primary web server as I only have one external ip address available and would rather not use alternate ports and routing.
4. A good wireless keyboard and mouse. I would prefer RF or supported Bluetooth.
5. The best way to stream to a xbox 360
6. I would also like to go to a low power cool running pci-e video card that supports HDCP. Suggestions for a good budget card will help.

Anything anyone could suggest would be greatly appreciated. Any shortfalls anyone sees or problems with my configuration. I am on a budget as I am trying to use the hardware I already have. Also I am kind of a newb to Linux so, avoiding complex configuration would be helpful.
All the frontends I am connecting are imacs and Intel mac minis

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