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Users / Android Orbiter
« on: May 03, 2009, 04:53:16 pm »
As per the iPhone thread...

How much would you pay (from the App Market) for an Android based Orbiter with full functionality?

remember, android phones will be on every carrier worldwide shortly.
The HTC Dream and Magic are excellent especally with Android 1.5
Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Motorola, SonyEricsson have all committed to producing Android based phones.
Many other companies are also looking at Android for all sorts of things such as tablets and small netbooks & laptops

Installation issues / Flickering OSD / UI2 / Nvidia 8500 PCIe card
« on: September 05, 2008, 11:19:12 am »

I have built my system on a Intel q6600 quad core processor and Asus p5q MB (which I have got working pretty much out of the box assuming you update the bios to 1004, change a couple of BIOS options, have no USB devices plugged in duing installation, and after installation of LinuxMCE manually install the LAN driver... I will post a wiki when I am happy it is stable.

I have a Nvidia GeForce 8500 based PCIe passivley cooled graphics card; works fine in Kubuntu... LinuxMCE automatically installed the drivers (although it didn't ask). and I am using UI2 without a-blending.

When watching TV (I have a NovaT500dual DVB-T card, but no media on the system yet), and (trying to) use the OSD for playback speed / volume... it appears when I press the button on the Gyration Go air mouse, but when I move the pointer it flickers, doesn't respond properly and looks generally unusable and unsightly....

the main menus work fine (vertical scroll of option selected within a single pull-up menu is seamless, horizontal scroll between pull-up menus flickers slightly).

I have read that I could install teh latest NVidia drivers, but there are no instructions that I have found about how to revert back to the LInuxMCE versions if it fails... it walso says some LinuxMCE files will be overwritten, but doesn't say if these are just driver files or much more important stuff (why would they mention it if it was just driver files)?

any ideas?



Hi There,

I have been struggling to get LinuxMCE installed, I have just reinstalled again and this time installed Kubuntu 32bit 7.10 with the network cable unplugged; Kubuntu moaned that it couldn't install security updates towards the end of the installation routine but... LinuxMCE installed fine (well as far as I can tell at the moment as I am still a LinuxMCE virgin)...

I was surprised that LinuxMCE doesnt' ask for a location to use as it's file store; especially recordings... I know it'll use all the space around teh home, but I have a RAID5 array in the machine with 2TB and that would be the logical place to dump all the recordings, music and the like... I guess the idea is that you mount your drive store in the location indicated, but each program seems to have its own store location.

Anyway, since I got it all to work, I am now going to reinstall as I have two problems and not sure if it is down to my installation procedure...
 - Single network card when installed; second NIC drivers installed afterwards (for Internal) but it's not behaving properly; I have altered the Mysql config IK_Devices (I think) but no luck it doesn't behave.
 - MythBackend doesn't start when the machine starts, in fact it's just unreliable so I need to do some more work on this.


Installation issues / security and adsl
« on: August 11, 2008, 09:02:20 am »

I was hoping for a quick couple of answers. I have spoken to people on here about using two NICs and have been encouraged to use 2 NICs by tschak909.

So we have an Internal and an External NIC

Is LinuxMCE a Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall with the ability to customise rules?
Otherwise is it a NAT Router?

ok, if it is, can the external NIC be an ADSL modem (if I can get one that is supported in Linux), even though most do not appear as network cards? Has anyone tried this? IPCop support a couple of these



Users / Brand New System ... can it do this
« on: July 02, 2008, 11:33:48 pm »
Ok, before I start I have been intrigued by LinuxMCE for sometime and the community seems very helpful...

This is what I want to do; In a cupboard behind the lounge fit out the cupboard with all the AV equipment with AMP, LinuxMCE Hybrid / network fileserver and a few other bits of kit (PS3/WII?)

In the living room have a minimalist installation with just speakers and panel (and maybe an attached to the hybrid a DVD/Blue ray computer drive).

The hybrid will use lots of hdd I have lying around, sata and pata linked as RAID  -  I would love to use ZFS and ZFS but damn Sun releasing it under an incompatible license).

In other rooms I would like more media directors but it is likely that only a max of 2 playbacks would happen at once. Would Wifi be enough? for SD into a remote room, HD locally of course on the hybrid). Each MD would be controlled just via a wiimote.

So each room should be able to watch tv from FreeSat (with HD) or Freeview, play picture show, movies or music. playback via directory structure, playlist, search, filter etc.

So I'm in the lounge and I want to watch a movie, The TV needs to be turned on - via IR or RS232 as I'm not sure what TV I'll buy yet, and select the movie, Linux MCE also needs to turn on the amp of course and be able to control the amp volume (by USBUIRT from the hybrid) all by controlling the system easily  with just a wiimote.

The other rooms are simpler as I expect to use the inbuilt speakers on the tv.

I am watching tv and I wanna setup an alarm, it would be cool if I could set up an alarm on LinuxMCE media director and tell it to turn off. A few minutes before the appropriate time, the Core wakes up the relevant Media Dorector using Wake on Lan... and it boots into LinuxMCE of course ready to wake my up with the relevant music.

Now, my mobile devices. I have a SonyEricsson P1i which I use as media player and I want to use it as an orbiter as well (it supports WLAN and bluetooth)... I also use it for portable music which I fill via USB by mass storage device... unfortunately P1i only supports mp3 m4a and most of my collection has been ripped to 320kbps ogg vorbis... can Linux MCE empty and fill my device with music (transcoded to m4a) automatically with random _albums_ from my collection?, what about 4 and 5/5 rated albums from my collection based on meta tags? If I put a rating on a track/album on my P1i will that be replicated back into LinuxMCE when I resync?

The hybrid also needs to be my fileserver as well for the house with SAMBA/NFS shares.

now I know I am asking a lot... but this is my nirvana

suggestions welcome... thanks for reading my long post... well done for getting this far!


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