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Feature requests & roadmap / Dog vs. LinuxMCE
« on: May 25, 2008, 06:05:41 am »
Here is a step in my current setup:

===Added an event in response to security camera motion detection===

Because I had to puzzle this step out, I took a break and fell back on my old home automation system.
  -- Trained my dog to bark when the pizza guy came up the steps.
  -- Trained my dog to sit (delayed command execution) while I got change from between the sofa cushions.
  -- Commanded my dog to take the money to the front door, fetch the pizza, and verify exact change (an advanced scenario).

During this entire time my media remained visible on my UI2 alpha blended on-screen Orbiter.

I think my dog should be integrated into version 0804. How about it, Paul, Hari, dan, Thom, Andrew, and Zaerc?

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