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Installation issues / Orbiter generation problem
« on: December 01, 2008, 10:48:07 pm »
Hi all!

I'm trying to get to work my new installation of LinuxMCE 7.10.
I have LinuxMCE installed on an old computer this morning, starting from DVD.

Everything went fine, I went through AV Wizard and choose 1280x1024, no Opengl (video card is an old Nvidia MX400) and setup sound output.
After AVWizard, when core started for first time, skin for Orbiter generated and then LinuxMCE started trying to connect to router on localhost ( In this phase, something went wrong and I was told that "LM_connect: failed" and "cannot connect to router".

If I start DCERouter from tty1, LinuxMCE starts generating skin for on-screen orbiter, but suddently on phase 2 of 2 at about screen 151 it stops, complaining it cannot find config file for orbiter on server, and that it will regenerate this orbiter.
At about the same point everything stops again, and so on, in loop.

My box has 2 nics (eth0 is connected to ADSL Modem/router with DHCP enabled), Nvidia graphic card MX400, Pentium III processor and 512 Megs of ram.
I've also tried installing on a Via C3 board but I've encountered same errors.

Thanks to everyone who will help me, and sorry for my poor english ;)

Installation issues / Eth1 settings not applied
« on: March 20, 2008, 11:31:22 pm »
Hello everybody!

I was trying to figure out if LinuxMCE is a good choice for a Media center I will build in future, so I've tried 710 beta on my desktop machine.

Using Virtualbox on my Gentoo Desktop I've created a virtual machine with 2 network cards on it and I've installed LinuxMCE 710 from the DVD.
I am amazed by this distro, but I still can't get network working. The problem is that LinuxMCE sets eth0 for internal network at and eth1 is reserved for external network.

I have LAN with static IPs, and I want to assign to LinuxMCE's eth1 ip (netmask
My lan is connected to the Internet through a Zyxel Router (IP netmask
If i set in the admin-webconfig eth1 to netmask gateway and my ISP's DNS, LinuxMCE refuses to save the settings.

Only DNS is saved but the field eth1 ip, netmask and gateway are empty.

If I try to set IP from KDE (using ifconfig) it's like the system can't see the Network cards.
dmesg reports virtual cards are detected, anyway...

This is not a huge problem, but I want to figure out what I am missing, expecially as a training for real LinuxMCE install I must perform in future.

Many thanks to you for reading this, and sorry for my bad english...

Forgot to say, I've disabled DHCP in admin-webconfig ;)

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