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Users / DVD Audio not working on 710 RC1
« on: May 24, 2008, 09:40:24 am »
After installing RC1, I noticed that DVD audio and some videos (not sure which format, I have many) stopped working.  Audio is OK for rest of my videos (weird). After many trials, I decided to do a clean install of Beta4 and audio works fine. Is this a known problem?

Users / Some videos play with no audio on 0710RC1
« on: April 26, 2008, 06:51:22 pm »

I just did a fresh install of RC1. I noticed that some video files, that use to play OK on Beta4, now play with no audio. The rest of my video collection plays OK. My system support DTS/Dolby thru an optical s/pdif. Has anybody experience something like this?


Feature requests & roadmap / New Media Navigation Facility
« on: April 24, 2008, 08:02:09 pm »

I have all my media files organized on a directory tree stored on a separate box. I have ~1200 video files, not to mention my MP3s  (+10,000), nor my pictures. I use a MacMini with FrontRow to  watch those files on one TV, and Linux MCE on my other TV. The only think I like about the Mac (and the reason I spent $500 on it) is the FrontRow application which offers an incredibly simple and smooth way to navigate thru my media files.

On the other hand LinuxMCE has EVERYTHING else that the mac is missing, including stability (the mac often crashes playing DivX videos probably because I installed an unsuported codec). The only thing is missing is a navigation facility as good as Apple's FrontRow. Currently I use the search facility, which works OK, but it takes me a while to locate the video I'm looking for.

I think a Media Navigator capable of browsing thru a directory tree would be a fantastic improvement for LinuxMCE. Is this planned?

Users / Turning off DHCP screwed up my SAMBA devices (0710 Beta 4)
« on: April 24, 2008, 07:41:39 pm »

I have a somewhat atypical configuration. My LinuxMCE router is not the center of the network and it has only one network card. I have a large linux box (with a 1.5TB RAID5) that acts as my gateway/router/file/print/internet server. I initially configured MCE to get an IP address using DHCP. This worked fine, until other computers connecting to my network started to get an IP address from LinuxMCE, instead of from my linux server.

So last nitght I went on the web interface Homepage -> Advanced -> Network -> Network Settings and turned of the DHCP server ( After I rebooted, none of my WINDOWS shares (I had to mount my linux server directories as SAMBA, since NFS didn't seem to work) showes up. They still exist as devices (, but LinuxMCE doesn't show my videos/pictures stored on those devices.

Then I went back and enabled the DHCP server and put back the IP addresses ranges for Pluto and non-Pluto devices. Same result. I cannot see any of my files.

I'm about to wipe my install using RC1, but since I spent quite a bit of time setting up my video and photo devices, I even got the screensaver to show my own photos rather than flicker, if there is a way I can fix it to avoid redoing all the work.

I'd also like to know if I can have Linux MCE not to interfere with my DHCP server with just one network card. I dont plan to connect any devices to the network that the dcerouter needs to be aware of.

Sorry for the lengthy message.




I have a few mkv files with both Chinese and English channels. I assume xine plays the default language, which is Chinese. However when I right click on the player and go to "Audio" -> "Channel" and select "eng", it continues to play in Chinese. After going mad for a few minutes, I decided to select "chi" and it finally decided to play in English  ??? I also installed VLC and tested. The Audio channels are correctly labeled "English" & "Chinese", and they are not crossed like on xine ("English" plays in English, and so on). Even more pleasant, VLC plays the English channel by default, not Chinese.

This definitely seems like a bug in xine, but even when/if gets fixed the best way around would be to have a Video Menu, like we have a DVD Menu inside the LinuxMCE interface. Do you guys agree?



Users / PLaying video files with multiple languages?
« on: March 24, 2008, 06:14:25 pm »

I have an mkv video file that has multiple languages in it. LinuxMCE plays it in chinese rather than english and I can't find a way to choose a different language. I know the 2 languages are there, because when I play it using Videolan VLC, it allows me to choose. Any ideas?




I accidentally deleted /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-oss which is a symbolic link. Could someone look on a 0710 install and tell me what was it pointing to? I don't want to reinstall again :)


I just got my install up for the first time. When I try to play any video (or dvd) it complains "Audio output is busy or not available". Then I exit to KDE and it shows the little speaker icon on the system tray with a red cross. All this leads me to believe my sound card wasn't recognized. I also noticed that /etc/modprobe.d/sound is empty.

This computer was running fedora 9 before, and it was recognized as:

nVidia Corporation Unknown device 07fc
Driver: snd-hda-intel

Any ideas?


I just installed from the 0710 beta DVD. Its a wipe all install, however it never asked me to set the root password. So I assume it's set to something in the documentation, but I couldn't find it. I also tried "root" and blank password without success. Can anybody tell me what the root password is set to?



Installation issues / Has anybody installed LinuxMCE on a mac mini?
« on: March 17, 2008, 09:01:26 pm »
No. I'm not crazy. For 2 years I had the mac mini as my media player. I just had it with all the limitations/bugs/weaknesses/crap of FrontRow. So I want to try LinuxMCE. Has anybody tried this? Will the apple remote control work?

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