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Users / Linuxmce 8.10 S-Video setup
« on: November 18, 2009, 04:46:22 am »

I've just installed beta2 and my box is am MSI Live box, which is connect to my tv through the svideo connection.  How can configure the video wizard to switch to svideo without a monitor being plugged in to the box.  I have a mouse and keyboard connect, I've also got an fiire chief remote handy



Users / Bluetooth Audio
« on: April 28, 2009, 10:38:45 pm »

Was just curious if anyone ever got a Bluetooth headset working with linuxmce or Bluetooth stereo headphones.  There is just so many times where I wox like my own private audio watching a movie.



Users / Pairing Z-Wave devices without a Z-Wave Remote/ Control Center
« on: December 11, 2008, 05:17:02 am »

I  received my first Z-Wave equipment yesterday, and i'm so excited and ready to pimp my setup.  I've got lamp modules and PIR sensors for now, and of-course the USB control interface, i bought all the equipment from HomeSeer for the Euro market.

I went straight ahead and patched the Z-Wave driver buy installing the one from Hari's threads (don't quite remember the thread)

Now the setup wizards picks up the interface but cannot pickup any of the lamp modules etc, i understand you can pair using the master controller then download the devices info to LMCE using the same.  I believe i did ask someone in the forums and they told me LMCE is able to do it with out the control center, second option was to try the windows software and see how far i get with that too.. i obviously am trying to save a bit of money, i could surely purchase more motion sensors and light modules instead of buying a redundant remote control that i may only use once.

your input will be greatly appreciated



Users / Nvidia PureVideo & AMD/ATI's XvBA Coming to Linux
« on: November 16, 2008, 10:14:46 am »

I'm really excited about the latest developments and the work that AMD and Nvidia are doing to bring better driver support on our favorite platform! (

This really excites me coz it means HD video doesn't have to bring the CPU to its knees anymore.  I really hoped AMD would be first to market with a driver that has a similar feature parity to its Windows version, ever since they released specs for some of their GPUs and are much more OSS friendly, sadly that hasn't been the case - we still don't have good support for the AMD GPUs in LMCE and Desktop linux generally.

Haven't seen anything about Xine support but at-least Nvidia has a MPlayer patch - which is promising.

Will be patching my mplayer to see what effect it has on my MediaDirector

Go Nvidia, go AMD - let see who wins the race



Users / No Audio when playing MKV files LMCE rc2
« on: October 30, 2008, 05:45:34 am »

Been searching through the forum trying to find a solution to this. I was watching Thom's "Using Media in LMCE Demo" lastnight and he doesnt seems to have that problem.  Is it me only suffering with this audio problem - or is there something im missing.  I even tried to change the media type to DVD, and others - hoping MPlayer would work better - but mplayer seems to bomb out when trying to play the file, so i've set it back to "LinuxMCE Media File" 

Please help.



Users / LinuxMCE /w WD MyBookworld and Linksys WRT54GL issue fixed
« on: October 27, 2008, 11:51:43 am »

I've had a show stopper for one of my LMCE deployments for 3months now, where the Western Digital MyBookWorld NAS drive would die upon starting on my LMCE network.  I was migrating my friends setup from MythTV to LMCE and was stumped as to what was wrong.  I nagged a few guys in the IRC several times but to no avail..

I even replaced the firmware on the mybookworld NAS thinking it may have had buggy firmware, and that also to no avail.  What was strange was the NAS would work as normal as long as my CORE was switched off, as soon as the CORE would startup, the NAS would lockup.

Finally, yesterday - spent the day trying to figure this out, swapping network cards, re-installing different versions of LMCE b2,b3,rc1,rc2 etc.. and finally decided to replace the Linksys router firmware with DD-WRT - and what do you know!  It now works!! the bug must have been with the router firmware.  (Note: I was only using the Linksys router as a wireless AP, and basic hub for my network - the ADSL modem was connected directly into the CORE)

So i thought i'd post this, as someone one day might have a similar issue, and this may help.

best regards,

-- Enjoy your media

Users / Device Templates & sqlCVS
« on: September 28, 2008, 08:40:28 pm »

I've just been reading a couple of guides on the LMCE wiki.  Many people have contributed features & fixes to various issues that the Current LMCE 710 has.  They keep mentioning how they hope the new Templates will be included in the next stock version.  Reading up what sqlCVS is supposed to do, i thought thats what its purpose was? Or I'm mistaken. 

Surely there should be a way of pushing new updates & devices templates to the public - on live systems out there.  I can imagine a scenario where Samsung releases a new HDTV with Serial or IR controll - and someone creates a template for it and gets everything to work nice - surely there should be an easy way of them posting/commiting their template into the repository so others can benifit - so when another person later buys and connects up the same TV, it will be listed in the setup wizard.  I believe this would be a wonderful feature to have that will make LMCE's PNP system even more effective. 

whats needs to be done for this kind of funtionality to become a reality?


Users / TrickleStar Z-Wave USB Controller
« on: September 26, 2008, 05:28:09 pm »

Was wondering if anyone had tested the above mentioned device with LMCE?  Am keen to know of cost effective solutions - esp for the European market.  At the moment I only know if the Seluxit viaSENS Home Controller - which is NOT very cheap.

best regards,


Users / N800/N810 Obriter Features
« on: August 21, 2008, 09:09:00 am »
Hi All,

I'm trying to make a descision to buy a N800/N810 orbiter vs the Fiire Chief.  I've been looking through the wiki but cannot seem to find a feature list for the N800 Orbiter.  The main areas i'm curious about are:
  • Intergrated SIP Phone - Can I make/recieve call directly through the Orbiter or do i need to run some other SIP client in the background e.g Ekiga
  • Intergrated EPG - Would be great to navigate the EPG.  I saw a screencast showing an EPG the other day, but don't knew if that was a new UI in the works or the feature is already present in the current stable release
  • Battery Life - Not realy a feature but, want to know if it makes sense to use this a primary remote in each room i have an MD

Lastly, I read a thread from 2007, where there were issues with switching to and fro the Orbiter software, How is that now.  I would imagine my wife would enjoy using the device to browse the web, check email etc - but also be able to easily & quickly switch back to the Orbiter Remote - when she quickly wants to answer the phone, or pause DVD playback to attend to a visitor at the door etc.  So in short i'm asking people who have been using this device what its like, ease of use, intuitiveness etc.

Thank you for your assistance,


Users / Do i go X10 or Z-Wave 240V - Security & Automation
« on: August 09, 2008, 09:21:46 am »
Greetings to the wonderful LMCE Community,

I believe I'm now ready to beef-up my LMCE installation.  current I have a hybrid which works well, though i'm still to get my STB and TV working properly (only got a USBUIRT and IR blasting seems to not work with RC2)

Anyway, I'd like to get my home automation going, starting with Lighting, Climate, and Security - Motion Sensors and Cameras.  I looked at the Fiire online store and they can provide Z-Wave USB dongles, e.g. the "Smart Products Z-Wave RS-232/USB Interface", the Plug-in appliance modules and the Light Dimmers (wall-mount), I'm sure that should work for the my lights and climate control (i'm sure i can connect the air-con into the z-wave appliance module)  for the security side i hadn't found Z-Wave motion sensors yet.   Any Ideas as to what i need for a basic alarm system functionality - I would also optionally like contact sensors for windows and doors.  Atleast for Camera, i've seen people using various IP Camera's, am sure X10 Camera's would do too..

I needed some recommendations as to what would be cost effective and most compatible with LMCE,

thank you,


Users / Fiire Invisible: New Reviews?
« on: June 18, 2008, 02:36:45 pm »

Been still looking for a small form-factor MD for my setup, but still haven't come to a decision yet.  Today i stumbled upon the "Fiire Invisible"

Last i saw in the forum, pple discouraged me from the previous model that Fiire offered.  Has anyone tried this one out? 
whats the experience like?

Need something that will do 1080p or even 1080i but quiet, with an optical drive option.



Users / LinuxMCE setup with no TV-card
« on: May 14, 2008, 10:29:00 pm »

Gave got a friend who wants a LinuxMCE setup, but doesnt like the way it looks when you plug it into the satellite tv box through the analog capture card. The quality is unacceptable to him, and he doesnt care too much for TV recording.

Is it possible to have such a setup where the TV is conneted directly to the satelite box and home theater systems, and have lmce control the tv and audio player via the USB-UIRT so that when you select tv from the menu it sets the right inputs so as to display the satelite tv in full quality?

Secondly, how can one add unsupported hardware to the templates so that they can be picked up through plug-n-play or confided manually at a later stage, and shared with the rest if HHS community?  We have unsupported TVs and satelite decoders, would like to add settings that other users else when can benifit from & me too obviously! When ever I do a clean install the AV wizard would know my new hardware.

thank you.


Developers / Will MythTV 0.21 be in the next Beta release?
« on: March 27, 2008, 09:07:50 am »

Was excited to hear that VDR 1.6 will be in the next beta release, and further work is going on to intergrate it into LMCE.  Any word on the MythTV side? and also some idea of the MythTV & LMCE intergration roadmap.  Would like to help.  I've heard of lots of talk about somethings that people like in myth thats not working so well in LMCE and vice-versa.  Could see anything on mantis to point me in the right direction.

best regards,


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