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Users / Reversed Mac Address On Gigabyte GA-M68SM-S2
« on: March 04, 2008, 10:42:02 am »
I purchased a Gigabyte GA-M68SM-S2 motherboard for use as a media director, it uses the nvidia 7050 chipset and so i thought it would be relatively good for linuxmce.

However i cant get the thing to boot beyond dhcp_config.  I do think i know what the problem is.  I noticed that the mac address for eth0 would change during the boot process and an error message generated saying "Invalid Mac Address.... switching to a random mac.  Please complain to your board manufacturer".

After digging around on the web I found this:

"The nvidia MAC has for many years now for some stupid reason had it's
MAC address stored in reverse order on almost all boards that use it
(not sure if the documentation was confusing or what).  As a result the
driver has had to reverse it before using it.  A few months ago some
board makers decided to "fix" the problem and start storing the MAC in
the correct order which of course now breaks all existing drivers that
"know" the MAC address is in reverse order."

I also found a couple of ideas for fixes including editing /etc/network/interfaces ( ) and also making changes to etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rule ( ) but so far no joy, linuxmce still fails to boot.

Anyway perhaps someone here has encountered a similar issue.   Is this something we are going to have to watch out for when purchasing motherboard or am i missing a simple fix / workaround for linuxmce ?



Users / Changing Channels On MythTV
« on: February 15, 2008, 01:09:29 pm »

I am trying to work out how to get mythtv to change channels on my cable box using a USBUIRT / IR blaster device...

If to goto livetv the channel changing works fine, the USBUIRT device sends the codes from my MCE remote control and the channel changes fine.

However in mythtv, while I can pause, rewind etc using the same remote control, I cannot work out how to get it to use the USBUIRT device to blast the channel changing codes to my settop box.   The mythtv interface does update the channel change, but as no blasting has occured the stb does not change.

I have setup a device template for the set top box and "learned" all the correct ir codes and when tested from A/V properties they send correctly to the STB....

My relevant setup devices is currently as follows:

Pace settop box, model DI4001N
MCE remote control

I have hunted through the wiki here and at mythtv, searched the forums etc and while I found others with a similar issue I did not find any solutions being presented.  I am obviously missing something here...

Any help much appreciated.



Users / MythTV Setup in UK with Virgin Media
« on: February 10, 2008, 01:27:04 am »

Has anyone here successfully setup MythTV with virgin media digital cable in the UK?

If so I could really do with your help...I have spent more time that I care to imagine trying to get this too work but no luck so far.

After going through the myth setup, i think i have managed to get it to find the channels, although they come up as "channel e3, channel e4, channel e6 etc "....problem is however it doesnt find any program guide info using the radio times feed.

The next problem i have is that I dont quite get the relationship between the mythtv setup and linuxmce...i.e. how do i get linuxmce to pass remote control codes using my installed WinMCE remote and IR Blaster to myth ? 

I did setup a new toplevel device for my digital tv box ( Pace DI400n) but how do i associate this with Mythtv ?

At this stage I am pretty lost as to where to go next with this and and pointers would be much appreciated.



Users / No Video playback on TV but do have the interface.
« on: January 27, 2008, 05:05:06 pm »

After looking into linuxmce for a while now I finally got round to getting a semi working setup.  I have a core / hybrid setup with external drive attached containing some movies, photos etc...

As a test i attempted to use an old laptop I have lying around as an MD.  I connected this to an LCD TV downstairs and went through the setup process.  During the AV wizard i noticed that while I could see the interface on both the laptop screen and the connected LCD TV, the TV did not show the video (i.e. the girl giving the instructions )...i thought this weird but ignored it for now...

After setup was complete i was presented with linuxmce running on the tv, the interface is there, the flickr images are being displayed.  However if i playback any video the same problem occurs, playback is fine on the laptop screen but on the tv all i get is a dark blue box where the video should be....

I find this extremely weird as all i am doing is outputting the laptop video to the tv, and as all looks good on the laptop screen why would it not show up on the tv...especially as the interface and flickr images etc are showing up....

Anybody any ideas as to what the problem could be ?



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