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Users / Intel NUC
« on: March 17, 2013, 02:56:21 am »
Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has tried using an intel nuc for an MD?
I was going to look at using one as a core, however it would require a USB Ethernet adapter.
Keen to hear others thoughts on this?


Users / Pioneer Receivers RS232 On issue work around.
« on: October 30, 2012, 06:36:05 pm »
Hey All,
This is just an FYI for anyone else who has a Pioneer receiver and wants to control it via RS232.
I have a VSX-23 and found that no matter what I did I couldn't get it to turn on using an Orbiter. Turns out you must first send a <CR> wait 100ms Then issue the on Command.
So I had to change the Power on Code in A/V Properties to



Users / Ubiquiti Aircam
« on: June 13, 2012, 02:15:17 pm »
Hey All,
Not sure if anyone would be interested in this, but a friend an I have been writing a GSD for the Aircam.

So far this is what we have (it is functional, sort of).

For the most part we just replicated the settings for the Axis Camera but the Get Video frame is different (as above).
We did have to install libwww-mechanize-ruby and add a new parameter for the IP Address because we couldn't figure out how to extract that easily. Device 229 on my system.
Any feedback / advise to make it better would be appreciated.
FWIW the air cams use cookies. If Y'all don't mind I will make a wiki entry.


Users / USB UIRT IR Issues!
« on: December 28, 2011, 05:23:57 pm »
Hey Guys,

I added a new MD for my living room, after creating the new MD and setting up the A/V Pipes I have managed to send IR commands using the Webadmin however it doesn't work using any of my orbiters.

I get the following error in my USB UIRT Log

Return code: 127
3   12/29/11 00:15:11   307 (spawning-device)   Device died... count=14/50 dev=307

and this in the DCERouter Log

08   12/29/11 0:15:11.000      Received Message from 85 (foyer orbiter / Foyer/Entrance) to 10 (Media Plug-in / Office), type 1 id 90 Command:Vol Down, retry none, parameters: <0x6c9bab90>
08   12/29/11 0:15:11.000        Parameter 72(Repeat Command):  <0x6c9bab90>
08   12/29/11 0:15:11.001      Received Message from 85 (foyer orbiter / Foyer/Entrance) to 263 (Living Room MD / Living Room), type 1 id 90 Command:Vol Down, retry none, parameters: <0x9cdfdb90>
08   12/29/11 0:15:11.002        Parameter 41(StreamID): 1002 <0x9cdfdb90>
08   12/29/11 0:15:11.002        Parameter 72(Repeat Command):  <0x9cdfdb90>
08   12/29/11 0:15:11.002      Forwarding 90 Command:Vol Down up pipe to 310 (Z-550D) <0xb65edb90>
05   12/29/11 0:15:11.010      Socket::ReceiveData 0x60054418 failed, bytes left 0 start: 1550000 1: 0 1b: 0 2: 0 2b: 0 m_Socket: 168 Incoming_Conn Socket 168 307 T=1783 Event #307 <0xb23fdb90>
05   12/29/11 0:15:11.011      Socket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Incoming_Conn Socket 168 307 T=1783 Event #307 <0xb23fdb90>
05   12/29/11 0:15:11.011      TCPIP: Closing connection to 307 (Router Dev #0) 0x60054418 m_Socket: -1 <0xb23fdb90>
05   12/29/11 0:15:11.011      Router::RemoveAndDeleteSocket 0x60054418 307 <0xb23fdb90>
05   12/29/11 0:15:11.011      Socket::ReceiveData 0x6005c5c8 failed, bytes left 0 start: 1540000 1: 0 1b: 0 2: 0 2b: 0 m_Socket: 9 Incoming_Conn Socket 9 307 T=1783 Event #307 <0x649aab90>
05   12/29/11 0:15:11.011      Socket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Incoming_Conn Socket 9 307 T=1783 Event #307 <0x649aab90>
05   12/29/11 0:15:11.011      TCPIP: Closing connection to 307 (Router Dev #0) 0x6005c5c8 m_Socket: -1 <0x649aab90>
05   12/29/11 0:15:11.011      Router::RemoveAndDeleteSocket 0x6005c5c8 307 <0x649aab90>

My other MD works fine. I have confirmed the the pipes are all correct (used A/V Wizard) regen orbiters and reloaded and rebooted (rinse and repeat) yet still no joy.

Any advise or ideas would be greatly appreciated. This setup was working but because my old MD died I installed a new one so created it from scratch :(


Users / Aeon-Labs Energy Monitor
« on: August 22, 2011, 09:56:13 am »
Hey All,

I just paired up my Energy Monitor with my Stick. It has added a Multilevel Sensor under the ZWave Embedded Climate Interface, however when it prompted for a reload I pressed Yes and it seems to loop the core and the Blue Reload screen keeps appearing every time I click yes. I can not see anything obvious in the logs so what should I be looking for?


Users / Aeon-Labs Home Energy Monitor (Z-wave)
« on: May 12, 2011, 04:52:09 am »
Hey All,
I have just bought a couple of the Aeon-Labs Home Energy Monitors, just wondering are these already supported?


Users / Homemade IP Camera (sorta)
« on: February 24, 2011, 01:51:40 pm »
Hey All,

I am not sure if this will be of any interest to anyone but I intend to use it with my Linuxmce install and thought I would tell you all about it.
I have built my own IP Camera type system using a Seagate Dockstar and a Logitech C910.  This is a really cheap alternative to buying an IP Camera with Hi-ish Res.
the C91 is capable of doing 30fps @ 1280x960 (well so my initially testing shows) I plan to add 2 cameras onto 1 dockstar, then configure up each camera individually at the core.

The Dockstar is running openwrt and using uvc and usb video modules with mjpg-streamer.  In order to view the image you goto http://ip address:port/?action=stream (or snapshot).

I think these will be a great addition to LinuxMCE, I plan to write a guide on how I did it soon.



Users / Dead Z-Wave module
« on: February 05, 2011, 08:29:48 am »
Hey All,

I have a faulty z-wave module that I wish to remove from my network however un-pairing doesn't work. Is there a way to permanently remove the dead z-wave module without resetting the stick and starting again.


Users / Wiki Broken??
« on: January 25, 2011, 07:41:47 am »
Hey Guys,

Trying to add some info to the wiki but the spam catcher doesn't appear to be working so I can't submit.


Users / mkv no worky after upgrades
« on: December 17, 2010, 01:06:08 pm »
Has anyone else had some media files cease working after the upgrade?
I will do some debugging as to why but after about 2 seconds of playing most HD videos I have seem to just crash now.


Users / AUS HDHomerun EPG
« on: October 13, 2010, 01:59:36 pm »
Hey All,

I have got a couple of the HDHomeruns and was wondering how do you get the EPG stuff in Australia to work, I was trying to do it using oztivo via the setup but it kept trying to run /usr/bin/tv_grab_ar

Any help would be appreciated.


Users / Ducted Aircon integration
« on: February 01, 2010, 04:43:06 am »
Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone (in AU) has looked into integrating ducted aircon with their LMCE setup?
I am looking at both evap and reverse cycle (Evap is all or nothing and Reverse Cycle is Zoned).

I have been looking at the Z-WAVE Thermostats available in the USA but I can not figure out if that would work as a drop in replacement here, and if it can what modules it would support.


Users / Certain MKVs not working
« on: October 04, 2009, 02:14:14 pm »
Hey all, not sure if anyone can help here (this is a xine issue I think).
I have some mkvs (legacy) from when I used another media platform. However I can not seem to get them to play with Xine.
The error I get is
ebml: read error

If I crank up KDE desktop I can get it to work under Mplayer, unfortunately the little trick of renaming it to *.evo doesn't seem to work under 810 anymore. Anyone with xine clue able to lend a hand?


Developers / [Solved] Dealextreme (cheap) IP Camera help
« on: August 24, 2009, 07:39:31 am »
Hey Guys,

I have a cheap IP camera I got of DX, (IP400).
I am trying to write a template for it as the other templates for most of the cameras currently supported do not seem to work.
From what I can tell I believe it is to do with the reply the camera gives when I do a get.

When I tcpdump I get:
comes back with

With a working IP camera I get a different response.

The code I am playing with is from
I am hopeless with regex is it possibly something to do with the matching?
if (recv=~ /^HTTP[^\r\n]+200\sOK.+?\r\n\r\n(.+)$/m)


Users / Cisco 7970g fonts
« on: January 20, 2009, 03:01:31 pm »
Hi Guys,

I got my hands on a cisco 7970g and have been able to load up the orbiter on it but when you scroll through media the fonts are unreadable any advise?

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