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Users / Dianemo: Security information email on core
« on: September 08, 2012, 04:06:30 pm »
Hi Guys

I have just noticed the following email to the root account on my Core

dcerouter : Sep  8 15:02:00 : www-data : 3 incorrect password attempts ;
+TTY=unknown ; PWD=/var/www/pluto-admin ; USER=root ;
+COMMAND=/usr/pluto/bin/ --devid 195 --oldip
+--newip --oldmac 00:01:2E:BC:40:3D --newmac 00:01:2E:BC:40:3D

This seems to happen after running a command as part of a system upgrade.

Anyone know why this should be happening and is it likely to cause any issues?


Users / Dianemo S - Setting Inputs on TV and Receiver
« on: July 26, 2012, 02:56:45 am »
Hi Guys.

I have my Living Room MM setup and connected to a LG TV and a Denon AVR-3805 Receiver.

I have these configured using usb-serial and using the Generic LG Rs-232 ucase Proto template for the tv and the AVC-A1SRA Template for the denon.

These are working great and it switches the tv on and off and the receiver same and also controls the receiver volume.

What I want to know is How do I tell Dianemo which input is being used on each so when I start playing media it sends a command to switch the tv on and select HDMI1 and the denon on and select the DVD channel which is what I have configured for the optical in from the MM

Any pointers on how to do this would be appreciated.


Users / Dianemo S - TV on when audio playing
« on: July 24, 2012, 10:29:18 pm »
Hi Guys

I have my system setup to control my LG tv via serial. I have the keepscreenonforosd=no or whatever the command is and the tv goes off when a video stops playing or ~I stop livetv.

However when I tell the media director connected to this tv to play audio it turns the tv on. Is this the correct behaviour? And if so is there a way to tell it not to?

Obviously when I am just playing audio controlled from a iPad orbiter I dont need the tv on wasting energy!

And Im lazy and dont want to use my own energy to go into the power menu and select display off!!


Users / Dianemo S - Control 3D functions on LG TV via Serial
« on: July 24, 2012, 01:38:34 am »
Hi Guys

I have sucesfully setup my LG tv via serial and can control nicely through Dianemo.

However I am unable to turn 3d mode on and off.

Idealy it would be great if I could set a atttribute of the Side by Side 3d mkv files I have on my system and when I play them have it autimatically send the command to the TV to turn it into the required 3d mode.

However a simple button on the Video remote on an orbiter to select the modes would do.

The manual for my TV gives me the commands to change into these modes. I just dont know how to go about putting everything else into place.


Users / Learning IR Codes from a Remote
« on: July 23, 2012, 02:30:32 pm »
Hi Guys

I have a mce_usb2 tranceiver connected to my MEdia Director.

I am trying to setup my Technika 40 Inch LCD TV to be controlled via infrared.

I cannot seem to find the pronto codes for my tv so would like to learn them from my existing control.

I have created a mew device in a/v Equipment in webadmin and assigned it to the correct room. I have gone into A/VV Properties and tried to add by learning the code but this does not seem to be supported with my tranceiver.

I have used irrecord to record the raw codes but when I put these in manually in the av properties section of my new device it does not blast.

And help would be appreciated.


Users / Dianemo S - Control LG TV RS232
« on: July 16, 2012, 04:04:31 pm »
Hi Guys

I am wondering if anyone has a step-by-step guide to setting up RS232 control of LG tvs in Dianemo?

I have looked on the LMCE wiki and says it should be plug and play but it does not seem to be in Dianemo.

I have tried adding a LG device and also Generic Serial devices in the AV Devices category and set them to controlled by the LivingRoom MD and selected the com port.

This does not seem to work. However this could be linked to my other post where I suspect my media_config is not working.

Is there a way to test the serial control without using media_config?

I have the tv connected via a USB-RS232 and a Null-Modem gender changer.


Users / Dianemo S - Switch off Screen
« on: July 15, 2012, 11:13:08 pm »
Hi Guys

I have just setup a new MM which is connected to a LCD monitor via VGA.

Everything seems to work ok. The only issue is when I select power -> Monitor OFF it does not cut the feed to the monitor it just switches to full screen screensaver.

I was expecting it to stop sending a signal down the VGA which would cause the monitor to goto sleep!


Users / Dianemo S - Media from Raid 5 Array not on MM's
« on: July 14, 2012, 01:06:27 am »
I am having a weird issue.

I have  Raid5 Array which is setup and working on my core. The media from it is availabel fine from my core and the first media director im using.

However I have just setup 2 new MM's and when I try and play and video which is stored on the Raid5 Array I get an error saying it cannot find the file.

From the file path it looks like it is trying to access it from a path relative to the core rather than from a nfs share on the MM.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Users / Dianemo S - No Audio on some MKV
« on: July 11, 2012, 12:45:32 pm »
Hi Guys

I am trying to play an MKV from my Video Camera however I get picture but no sound.

When I play on my laptop using VLC player it plays fine but once on my Dianemo system it plays the video fine but with no audio.

I can play some mkv from other sources fine.

From the VLC codec info page I can see that the audio stream is using TrueHD Audio I dont know if this is causing the problem?

Which video player is utilised for mkv playback? Where is the log file for same?

Also how would I tell the system to use a different player? Say VLC?


Users / Dianemo S - MythTV Not keeping Settings on MM
« on: July 09, 2012, 02:51:26 am »
Hi Guys

I am experiencing an annoying issue.

I have Dianemo S Setup with Mythtv running fine on the core.

For some reason on my MM which is a ION based MD mythtv does not select VDPAU by default as Playback method.

I had to manually go into the settings on the Mythtv on the MM and select VDPAU

Now for some reason this does not survive a reboot. So I can watch TV fine until I reboot and then it goes back to the default playback method which does not work on HD channels on my MM.

If I rebooot with a HD channel selected once MM comes back up when I select watch Live TV it causes myth frontend to crash as it cannot decode without VDPAU.

Can anoyone give any ideas of how to make this setting survive reboot?


Hi Guys

I have today finally recieved the remaing bits I needed to have a play with Zwave.

After a few hours of fighting I found that the com port needed setting for the zwave device to work and one of my Duwi Doro dimmers was faulty.

I now have one Duwi Doro dimmer and one Duwi Doro Switch working fine.

I then went onto try and connect up the MK Astral 2G switch. This is where I hit a brick wall. No matter what I do I can only get the system to recognise a single switch.

It appears to include it ok. Both lights flash green three times. But only the one gets added. The one that gets added when I press the button on the switch it flashed green 3 times when switching light on and off. The second switch does not flash just turns the light on or off. From Dianemo I only see one light switch and this only turns the first switch in the dual gang on or off.

Anyone got any ideas on this one?

I have tried adding this on its own to the system and still have the same problem.


Installation issues / Installation issues with Nvidia Drivers
« on: June 15, 2012, 04:02:49 am »
Hi Guys

I today decided to do a fresh installation of my LinuxMCE system as I was having a number of issues not least being that media directors would not create properly.

So I installed kubuntu 10.04 as per the wiki instructions and downloaded and run the latest install script. ./mce-install

This all seemed to run correctly. However on first reboot I got a AZ_wizard error pop up on screen saying unable to start x server.

I tried a couple of things and eventuallt ran apt-get install nvidia-glx-260 which after reboot gave me the avwizard and let me finish install.

Now whenever I reboot system I get some error relating to nvidia install a reboot and the avwizard loads again. Once I go through the avwizard everything boots fine but then when I reboot im back to the same issue.

also video playbacks is a little bit flickery as if the video driver is not loaded right. Anyone got any ideas?


Users / RAID array in webadmin only showing 2 of 4 drives
« on: June 14, 2012, 12:11:13 am »
Hi guys

I have had this issue for some time but not really paid it much attention.

I have a 4 drive RAID 5 array setup using mdadm.

This was setup and configured on a previous install and was picked up when I re-installed.

Now for some reason when I go into the webadmin, configuration, raid it shows the RAID status as OK but only shows 2 drives.

However when I ssh to the core and run mdadm -D /dev/md0 it shows there is 4 drives.

Any ideas?

Users / Dianemo IOS Orbiter
« on: January 26, 2012, 11:25:17 am »
Hi guys

First let me say good work to Andrew and his team for this great little app.

I have been using it on both my iPad and iPhone for a while, the new update came down and worked great, quite noticeably faster.

However I reinstalled my core a couple of days ago and I just cannot get the iOS orbiters to connect now.
I have tried deleting and recreating the web orbiter and no good, I can log onto the web orbiters from a web browser but the dianemo orbiter just fails to connect saying "communication error (IMAGE)"

Any ideas why? Has there been some changes made in web orbiterin last week or so echo might have broken this?


Users / MythTV using Raid Media Array Only
« on: January 25, 2012, 01:30:27 am »
Hi Guys

Just in final stages of setting up my linuxmce system to go into test production.

I have a 250gb sata drive with linuxmce installed on and 4 x 2tb drives in a RAID 5 array for media.

Whats the easiest way to change mythtv to only store shows to the raid array and not the 250gb drive which is what it is set for at moment. Even though I told it not to use the internal drive when linuxmce detected it.


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