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Almost got it working.......sort of................but then I ran into YET ANOTHER problem. Could somebody please give me some info on how to resolve my latest problem?

OK....I managed to work through about a dozen different issues in order to get LMCE started. I finally managed to get it going and was even able to log into the web admin page from my windows XP computer. But after I told LMCE to turn off its DHCP server I restarted and now it keeps bringing up a black screen that says "Orbiter cannot register with the router. please try again later." then crashes back to desktop. It keeps bringing up that same black page every 20 seconds or so and keeps crashing back to desktop.
My question is, do I absolutely have to enable LMCE to run as a DHCP server? I hope not.
If I don't have to run it as a DHCP server then how do I make the black screen go away?
If I do need to have DHCP enabled, how do I go back in and turn it on again given that fact that I cannot access the web admin page anymore?

On a separate note, I also hate having to log into Kubuntu every time my computer starts. Is there a way to make Kubuntu log-in automatically?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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