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Installation issues / 1.1 Beta - Upgrade? Changelog?
« on: May 17, 2007, 01:08:03 am »
I'm running LMCE 1.0 (like most of us) which I got running with extreme difficulty.

Is an upgrade worth it?  Is there even an upgrade path or do we HAVE to do a reinstall?

Is there a Changelog somewhere?

Installation issues / DVD fullscreen
« on: May 14, 2007, 11:55:59 pm »

I recently bought a new TV and attached my LMCE box to it.  I the resolution didnt need to be changed (1080i), but the screen zoom did, so I changed the "reduce image size" (i believe thats what its called) in On Screen Orbiters on the admin site to 0.  This made the Orbiter fit nicely in the screen, but DVDs have a big black border on all sides.  Its as if the DVD is still zoomed out and never got the memo the screen reduction needs to be disabled.

Any ideas?  I'd like my DVDs to play full screen :-(.

Thanks for all of your help.

Installation issues / LMCE/MythTV + Firewire
« on: May 14, 2007, 08:17:14 pm »

Before installing LMCE, my media center was happily running MythTV and connected to my HD cable box via firewire.  Has anyone tried this with LMCE?  I can't even get in to MythTV to setup the devices (screen goes blank and I cant even get back to the LMCE main menu), so i was hoping someone could give me a hint.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


MCE installed correctly and I can view the On Screen Orbiter as well as log in to the admin site via the web.  I tailed the update log and found that my file server was scanned (standard linux box running samba shares, not running LMCE) and all of my audio files (mp3) were found and identified.  I can goto the admin site, follow the link for Files & Media, and can see all of my music.  But, on the on screen Orbiter, there is nothing next to the Media icon like there is in the screenshots on the LMCE wiki page.

When I put a dvd in the dvd drive, LMCE happily plays the dvd.  But, while playing, if I were to bring up the dvd remote screen (where i can flip between chapters, etc) and follow the icon to go Home, still nothing is next to Media.  At that point, I can't get back to my DVD, which is still playing (I can still hear the audio).  I have to pop the DVD out and start over.  The same happens for audio CDs.

This may or may not be related, but when the dvd remote menu comes up, the buttons don't do anything.  Play/Pause does not pause anything, and back and forward does not fast forward or traverse chapters.

Steps taken to install:
Installed ubuntu
Installed MCE as per the install instructions
Argued with the avwizard to finally stop using vesa and switch to nvidia.
Updated the Nvidia driver to latest published by Nvidia because the 8776 driver does not like HD video.
Added user
Added room (livingroom)
Added device (file server)
Can see files being scanned by LMCE and can search files via Files & Media in admin site.
Can play DVDs and Audio CDs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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