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Installation issues / screen resizing not following through
« on: March 25, 2007, 08:47:38 pm »
First off, there is one hell of a delay on the button press and movement. Sometimes more than a second.

Working at 720p, i get a clear picture on my television but it is overscanned. Step 4's adjust image size does allow for correction however it does not stick when you finish the wizard.

I have the HP AVC3610 dual tuner usb receiver referenced in this thread but i'm so new that im not sure what it even meansl Should it wrk as is? Anyway i can check? It does not respond when it searched for the windiws MCE remote

And i am unable to hit http:\\core IP. I cant even seem to ping it. Is there something i eed to enable? Something on the router possibly? I can connect to any of my other windows machines.

Thanks for your help, i have AIM if it make life easier 


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