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Hi hari,

Thanks for your help with this issue. However, it appears the problem comes from the firmware version of my devices: version 3.02 is only compatible with the Danfoss Link, according to this post (among others):

So I'm currently trying to exchange them or get my money back. Obviously, I won't be able to return my two PC controllers which I have bought from another reseller.

So for anyone reading this, be cautious as these Danfoss devices have the same reference (014G0002) as other devices that are working correctly, but the firmware version makes them compatible ONLY with the Danfoss Link (wall controller, not controllable from a PC). At least that's what I've learned so far.

If it can help, here is some technical documentation from the manufacturer:

The z-stick s2 does have a built-in inclusion controller, right? Or is it something else I need?

I happen to have another PC controller too, would it help to use both at the same time ? The z-stick for inclusion, while the other controller is on the PC? (because I must unplug the z-stick to put it in inclusion mode). Not sure what I'm saying makes sense?

Do I need to pair those controllers or something?

I'm trying to get a danfoss unit (014G0002) to work too. I'm new to LinuxMCE and zwave in general. I don't understand how I'm supposed to setup it, but currently it doesn't work.

I'm using an Aeon Labs Z-Stick S2, and I have the Danfoss unit too, and of course a PC where LinuxMCE is installed. Is it sufficient to control the thermostat ? (the wizard girl talks about a "master controller", I'm getting lost at that point). I've tried to include the thermostat with the z-stick button (unplugged the stick, press the button, and then the button on the thermostat). However, the little antenna and bell are still blinking on the thermostat, looks like a bad sign.

And how am I supposed to set things up in LinuxMCE? I see two "standard thermostat" (though I included only one, but multiple times during various tests) in the web page, but any action done there has no result (even after waiting an hour or so). When I try to see the log (in "advanced" section of the thermostat), it says it can't find the file.

Anyone knows what I need to do ?
Thanks in advance,


PS: before installing LinuxMCE, I tried with open zwave too, with no success either. People there said it's because the device goes to sleep too soon which prevents communication. Don't know much more :-(

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