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Developers / EVL-3 - Envisalink Internet Alert Module instead of VistaICM
« on: November 19, 2013, 02:48:08 pm »
Hello folks, my first post to the forum here. I have been doing some research on remote access and alerting for LinuxMCE. I notice that the world looked rosy when the VistaICM was around but they appear in short supply and a high price since their EOL.

I found this device today, the EVL-3 - Envisalink Internet Alert Module at the which supports DSC & Honeywell Security systems. There is a video that shows how you install it and you are up and running. This could not be simpler. Do you think that this will work with LinuxMCE? I am new and just starting to play around with it. I am reluctant to go after a used VistaICM if I can avoid it.

Any input would be warmly received.



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