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UPDATE: I copied over the /user/pluto/diskless/usr/pluto/bin/ with the one from the core and it worked, even though I had some issues with the screen going black because it couldn't set the display source correctly, but I clicked around and managed to get vga going.

Going to install my projector now.. :). Perhaps I'll buy some z-wave to control climate... and who knows from there. :) Great product when it works :) (like always ). Thanks for this forum and for you who answer, whithout this it would be 10 times as hard (at least)

Cheers. /Per

Ive successfully installed the 1 nov image according to this thread and also the thread about the 'end of life breaks installer' , however I cannot successfully initiate the MD into going into AV wizard. Same reboot problem, I've changed the /usr/pluto/diskless/29/usr/pluto/bin/

I beleive the problem is that I did a build before I did the change to the file that made me able to start the AV wizard on the core/hybrid.

So .. any ideas? I will try to do the again.. and somehow rebuild the no 29 MD (dont know how yet though)

Cheers and good luck to you all.

I've tried numerous images including last december one. I've also tried the latest 3.2 gb one with the old repositories mentioned by attunezero. see the 'end of support breaks installer' thread in installation issues. I once succeeded to get an avwizard using the 3.2 gb latest disk but I did a mistake  (removed an md image and it wouldnt boot anymore) so I had to reinstall, but then I got the same problem again.

Process of endless reboot I have.
Kde boots with progress bar then screen goes into black mode with white text

then kde boot progress comes up again and goes into black mode with white text and says:
"Couldn't find resume image, doing normal boot".  And then I THINK it says: "couldn't connect to mysql database."

Any guesses? I didn't see any change with nvidia 'reboot' outcomments

Cheers. /Per

I 've had the same reboot problem. while booting it tries to install new graphic driver (in my case Nvidia-glx-260) using apt-get install but it cant. In /usr/pluto/bin/ comment out reboot.

I tried it that wasnt the problem though in the file it had a check that it only reebots if install successfull ( I tried commenting out reboot but that didnt help) .. i seen there has been some never shapshots one from 8th of jan so Ill try that one , if it doesn't work Ill try to go with the december issues :)


I installed according to

with one exception: I took the kde install from the dvd

I have tried:
1) Install pure from dvd and update accordingly + build MD before reboot , I didn't edit the sources.list and got lots of 404 errors..

2) Install kde from dvd (5'th of jan snapshot version) edit sources.list to resolve packages better, and do internet installation according to webpage above + reboot ( no MD build this time)

When kde starts I get a reeboot just at the end of the progressbar
I also saw some message about "..couldnt'.. .. proceeding with Normal boot."

I have had a working 810 installation before with an earlier version, think it was the first beta or so.

Anyone else had this issue?

Installation issues / Re: Ubuntu 8.10 end of life breaks installer
« on: January 05, 2011, 01:23:34 pm »
Hi guys, I have just installed the Dec.5 Snapshot. I did the apt-get update twice and apt-get dist-upgrade, everything seemed to go
fine. I went through the setup with Sara and when she gets to the software add on which I believe is the "libdvdcss" file that came in when installing ver 710, in fact I tried my copy of 710 and the software was there. my question is has this software been removed
from the 810 version. if it has then how do I get my dvd to play movies. Otherwise this snapshot appears to be working well
thanks for any help offered.

I installed the dec5 snapshot DVD but I also build the MD image. THEN I rebooted and got stuck in an endless reboot loop. I have had an earlier version of linuxmce 8.10 installed that worked just fine on this system. anyone had this problem and is there a solution to it? Also I got a lot of 404 errors... :/

Installation issues / Re: Dumb question for 8.10B dvd install
« on: November 09, 2009, 12:51:39 pm »

Go with the internet installation which is less buggy apparently:

I had 'LOT' of issues that I had to solve on the DVD installation
Core: Acer S290
MD: Zotac ION 330 board.

Cheers -Per

UPDATE:  After I got past the 'black screen with pointer' issue the system detected my internal HDD.. but there seems to be lot of bugs still... But I'll guess I'll go with this setup for now :)


Hmm.. I read a post about the DVD beta installation beeing a bit buggy! Yes it seems it is and that perhaps the web installation is a better option. I didn't realize that the 'black screen with a cursor' was not normal behaviour but I thought this was the way it is supposed to be for a 'core' installation.. but now I managed to regenerate the nvidia drivers by 'nvidia-xconfig' .. it said something was broken and created a new config file. then after rebooting the core I could enter the setup by holding the shif key.. lets see if it can detect my hdd now or else I'll just reinstall with the web based installer! I REALLY think they should make another post of the beta dvd on the blog .. THERE it faulty says that the hybrid is going to be installed.. but it isn't.. is it?. Also they should recommend the web installer (if that works better) instead of the DVD so people like me who are new to this don't have to fall into this pit of configuration "%"ยค. ;)

Cheers and thanks for the help so far! :)

Hi wombiroller! Thanks for the quick reply! :)

Ok, but if I have lots and lots of nice data that I want to keep??  ;)
I have tried linuxmce 710 - hybrid installation and that detected the harddrive correctly. (then 710 has other issues so that is why I choosed 810). One options is if I can get a hybrid working on 810, but as a newbie I don't know how to enable the MD on the core machine to make it into a hybrid.. :(


I have setup a core installation with

Core: Acer 290s 2gb ram 3ghz cpu
MD - Zotac ION 330 board

I installed linuxmce Core setup 810 BETA through dvd 'install linuxmce' dvd.
I have completed the A/V wizard and orbiter generation of the MD, everything seems to be ok except:

It doesn't detect my internal HDD inside the CORE!

It is a Hihatchi 1000GB drive, and I'm not sure what is the correct procedure to set this up? Should I mount it with ntfs-3g somewhere? or how?? I'm lost so help would be much appreciated! I've also checked the web interface 'add devices', but I'm not sure that is the way to go either..??

Could someone give me an example of this?  ???

Kindly, /Per

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