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Hey Guys

i have just installed linux MCE 7.10 and have been trying to solve this problem for hours

I have a MSI n9600gt graphic card

After the cd has installed and reboots i see the kubuntu screen then it goes black. i have changed the xorg.conf file so the driver is vesa and it helped as i could see the av screen but after i set up the av screen i get this 'Orbiter failed to setup the transparency' problem that comes up and i cannot go anywhere. from what i can see it is a nividia issue and i need to update the driver.

i have downloaded the run driver to a usb on my computer that has net access (Linux computer dosent) and now i need to be able to get it to my root directory to run.

how do i find and copy this file and run it so i can get to the next step of my install? or are there any other thoughts on what my issue is?


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