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ok, I've pushed everything I've had from the last year into the repo and brought bionic up to about the same point as xenial (build side anyways).  Check as I've touched a ton of tickets and commented on some things you've been commenting on as well. 

The master branch of build-scripts and the master branch of linuxmce are building on ubuntu 1204/1404/1604/1804 and raspbian wheezy/jessie/buster.  There are still some missing database incompatibilities for 1804 and buster but both are building.  GSD is broken post xenial/jessie due to ruby upgrades.  I can't get ruby 1.8 to build on the newer releases and the GSD implementation is completely broken with newer versions of ruby.

The pluto-database-settings package that sets up the database users and passwords is number one priority for installs from xenial onwards.  I haven't been able to setup any test systems yet, just builders.  Really need testing on that package as it sets up the database users and passwords.  Clearly it isn't working properly from the issues identified on gitlab.  If we can get that working then testing installs will be much easier!

We should try to connect and chat at some point.


Some notes:

chan-sccp have fixed some in the buildscripts and linuxmce but the /etc/asterisk/sccp.conf file still collides with lmce-asterisk on install
my vdr patches compile but probably break things, not tested yet
tried to fix most of the compile errors in autotagger, advanced_ip_camera/onvif and buildscripts so the build completes through
Switching from the orbiter and kde works great! :)

will be uploading it to git when I can

Very cool!!!  Some of these issues may be fixed from recent additions.  Be sure to grab any updates!  The majority of the system is building on ubuntu bionic and debian buster now too but ruby/gsd is dead and I'm not sure it can be resurrected.  Great to see xenial installed!  I don't remember when the last time I tried that was.  Awesome stuff!

When you go to push anything to git we should do it in a new branch so we can test the changes before dropping them in master.

PS Having trouble getting on IRC . Does anybody use XMPP by any chance please? it's lonely!

There are lots of web clients for IRC that you can also use.  Personally I use Quassel because I can run a single instance on my dcerouter and then use clients on any computer or android phone I have.


Users / Re: Adding zwave lights
« on: January 17, 2019, 04:00:47 pm »
What version of LMCE are you running?  32 bit or 64 bit, 1404?  If you want to test a newer openzwave I can send you the packages...


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Users / Re: Adding zwave lights
« on: January 16, 2019, 04:36:22 pm »
Try to add it.  I've been slowly working to update our openzwave so we have support for lots more devices and better security support.  Our version is before they released the protocol spec.  I've got it in the build just haven't had a chance to test it before deploying... 

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Users / Re: hdmi cec control player
« on: January 06, 2019, 12:50:37 am »
Very nice!  I also have mixed CEC and non CEC devices, it's great to control then all from a single remote!

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Users / Re: MediaType
« on: December 25, 2018, 03:23:26 pm »
While I haven't dug in to completely understand the issue I'm going to suggest that np_Cableradio is expecting to be an embedded device.  That is to say Cable Radio is an embedded feature of a cable box.  I'm not sure why the discrepancy between choice and device in LinuxMCE.  Without digging in further that's all I can suggest to look at right now.

Merry Christmas :)


Users / Re: Possible Q Orbitor Issues
« on: December 06, 2018, 04:36:19 pm »
I have no idea what the current state of qorbiter is myself.  I have one running in my house but haven't uploaded it in some time.  It mostly shows pictures on the kitchen.

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Users / Re: hdmi cec control player
« on: December 03, 2018, 09:27:24 pm »
Yes.  If you want to use CEC control you have to connect the AV Pipes to the HDMI CEC devices.  You shouldn't have the KDL template/device in use at all to properly utilize CEC control.

Users / Re: hdmi cec control player
« on: December 02, 2018, 07:31:13 pm »
Reset the pipes to connect to the generic HDMI TV at the correct ports, rather than the KDL device and I would expect input changes to work.  Be sure all the pets are set correctly on the generic HDMI devices as well.

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Users / Re: hdmi cec control player
« on: December 02, 2018, 05:10:35 pm »
What is the KDL device?  It's not in the tree with the RPI HDMI devices and would need to be.  If it's an AV receiver it would need to be added as a generic HDMI receiver for input switching to work.  Even if there is another device template for the receiver it has to be included as an HDMI device in the HDMI control chain under the HDMI TV.   Essentially if it's HDMI you use the generic HDMI template instead of any other device template for the device. 

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Users / Re: hdmi cec control player
« on: December 01, 2018, 02:01:35 am »
It's possible there's a conflict but I haven't tested multiple raspberry pi devices connected to a single TV.  If they're both acting properly they should coexist just fine.  Can you post a screenshot of the device tree of the devices and a screenshot of the connection wizard pipe setup?

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Users / Re: hdmi cec control player
« on: December 01, 2018, 01:09:27 am »
I noticed your using Kodi, if you're using HDMI CEC control on Kodi and it's the same PC that you're trying to do CEC control with then the CEC library software may conflict.  Can you been more specific about which system is doing what?  I'm a little confused about what you have and where.

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Users / Re: Adding zwave lights
« on: November 30, 2018, 03:40:53 am »
I have a lock but haven't successfully paired it with the open zwave library we have.  I'm going to update that but it's a matter of time available.  There 6 in 1 causes me problems where it floods the zwave network after LMCE requests confirmations.  Temp is reported alternately in F and C causing it to report different values everything failing the confirmation.

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Users / Re: hdmi cec control player
« on: November 30, 2018, 03:35:37 am »
The AV pipes are not automatically created for these devices.  For input switching to work you will also have to connect the AV pipes in the connection wizard.

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The way I have build LinuxMCE so far is through packer and vagrant

All my builds are in Virtual Box.  I have one builder with multiple chroots.  I also have an armhf builder (that I need to resurrect) as I need to get the RPi3+ booting.

Docker is probably the fastest method I have tried due to the least overhead

I'm very interested in exactly how you've got this setup and launching.

however compiling pthsem fails in the container.

Mhm.  Yup.

VirtualBox while working, is unusable in my opinion for the size of LinuxMCE. Qemu does work but takes a fair few hours to do a complete build on a quad core under kvm but does work great for compiling and providing a functional test environment in vagrant. To model a LinuxMCE network system, even OpenGL with virgl and networking between systems, netboot, disked md etc. I have found this invaluable tool to test LinuxMCE more. I have used lxc in the past but have not tested this path yet but will do so as these are lightweight like a chroot. VMWare and several others are possible.

QEmu == Ewww, I can agree with that.  Not sure if you're referring to automated 'modeling'/testing of distributed lmce network or the exact specifics.  All my 'live' testing has so far been done using VMWare or VirtualBox and snapshot systems to install/test/revert/repeat.

parallel building

Add 'NUM_JOBS=XX' to /etc/lmce-build/builder.custom.conf to set the number of cores used during the build.

There are obviously some packages that will need fixing due to this change too, some packages will fail when make is invoked as parallel. some linking methods are different, I think --as-needed flag, so some libs will need juggling around with the link ordering, this is where I stopped, I reverted it because I knew it would break trusty and time better spent elsewhere.

Using the above will avoid building anything that fails multi-core builds.

So anyway, back to the original answer a change like this would break pre bionic builds and the only way I see is another branch. Knowing how LinuxMCE deals with this would be useful to move foward.

This is something that needs to be looked into going forward, our current build system is outdated, but it's not as simple as in many projects due to the database system we rely on.

Another option was to look at way to remove pthsem with more updated software that depended on it but it looks like it's used by some core things I cannot test due to lack of knx/eib hardware so that isn't an option currently for me.

Most everything is sacred but the knx/eib stuff has to work.  Everything we do here is supported and enabled by someone that relies on knx and that must be maintained.  Oh... and VDR too ;)

can be made. At the moment I am looking at ways to get my database changes in using this method but I am not going to lie I am struggling with LinuxMCE as you can well imagine.

Right now database changes have to be made by one of a few devs, some that haven't been seen for a while.  Changes in mysql forced updates in sqlCVS that seem to have broken anonymous commits/approvals.  I can work with you to get things input if necessary.

I would like to know more about how you work and how this all fits because I do not want to interfere with current build methods, so I am trying to make this an extension if you like, a wrapper around the buildscripts. I would welcome and help with this I don't want to waste your time the only thing stopping me uploading at the moment is it being so rough and cutting corners but I hope to work these out.

Official builds are all produced on one machine for all i386 and X86_64 builds and all official armhf builds have been made on my armhf builder.  Essentially all our build scripts cater to this primary builder.  I've added lots of speed-ups and I skip many steps in the build process in my chroot environments but that depends on not destroying the environments and knowing how to reset those steps to occur, none of these things are documented anywhere.

P.S. While I think of it, I have just managed to install a hybrid in vagrant with the debs from, I got access the vm by disabling the firewall in /etc/pluto.conf with a hack in the Vagrantfile but this is hardly optimal so wondered if there was a way to enable ssh access by the cli after apt install lmce-mybrid. the firewall comes up and blocks access so i had to disable the firewall because I don't know how to enable programmatically, the outside ssh access in LinuxMCE settings to stick. Phew. Thanks!

The firewall is severely broken and you're best option is to disable it entirely.

Things are pretty quiet but you might try to join #linuxmce-devel on freenode irc.  I try to get on daily and if I'm around then it can be easier to converse and 'brain dump' ;)

Keep having fun!


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